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Team building is a process that groups helps people to learn to work together. It can be used in businesses, schools and other organizations. Team building activities help people communicate better, collaborate more effectively and resolve conflicts more constructively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which original/special team building activities do you offer?
    Coming up with a fun and special team building activity is quite difficult! Fortunately, Flitz events offers a wide range of team building activities. For example, consider the Blokarten outing. Blokarten is exciting, challenging and for real daredevils! Or are you already familiar with the Crusoe survival games? An active and sporty day
  • Are the team building activities possible on location?
    Yes ! team building activities are certainly possible at your own location. Think of activities such as the pub quiz, ice sculptures and the cocktail workshop. But they are by no means all of them, on the Flitz events website you can find all the possibilities about activities at your own location.
  • What is the importance of team building?
    Team building brings many benefits. But what exactly are those benefits? By organizing a team outing on the beach, for example, you bring staff closer together. After all, a day full of fun and pleasure promotes collegiality. Team building also ensures that mutual communication improves, which of course also has a positive effect on the work floor.
  • What does a team building activity cost
    A team building activity varies widely in terms of costs. This way you can opt for a day full of unique activities, but you can also keep it a bit quieter. It is entirely up to you here. Flitz-Events can help you determine an activity that fits the desired budget.

Team building can also help people develop a sense of trust and understanding with each other. The benefits of team building are well documented, and there is a growing body of research supporting its effectiveness. Team building is an important tool for any organization that wants to promote a positive, productive work environment.

Unique team building activities

Team building is important for any work environment. It helps colleagues to get to know each other better and to work together more efficiently. At Flitz events we specialize in organizing unique team building activities, such as a cocktail workshop. This is a great way for colleagues to bond while learning a new skill. The workshop is led by a professional mixologist who will teach participants how to make some of the most popular cocktails. This is a great activity for groups of all sizes and can be adapted to the needs of your team. Take today contact contact us for more information about our team building services.

What are the benefits of team building?

There are many benefits of team building, including:

– Communication: Team building can help people learn to communicate better with each other. This is especially important in work environments where communication is essential for success.

– Collaboration: Team building activities can help people learn to work together more effectively. This is useful in any situation where people need to work together to achieve a goal.

– Conflict resolution: Team building can also help people resolve conflicts more constructively. This is an important skill in any work environment where conflict is inevitable.

– Trust: One of the main benefits of team building is that it can help people develop a sense of trust and understanding.

Team building activity also interesting for the employer

Are you a manager, employer or supervisor? Even then it is very interesting to see how colleagues behave in a different setting. This is how you find out who doesn't succumb to the pressure, who takes the lead and who is the fanatic of the group. As a manager or employer you can participate yourself, but you can also watch from the side.

An effective way to get to know your colleagues in a different way.

Team building activities outdoor

Team building outing to budget

We can act according to any budget. Whether it's a big company party, or a cozy drink cruise, we always keep the budget in mind. Thanks to our diverse services, we have different activities according to price. For example, you can keep it small by opting for a drinks boat or workshop, but you can also opt for an extensive company party with all the trimmings. It is up to you! We help you organize a team building day in its entirety and together we ensure that it becomes a unique day, taking into account the set budget.

Do you want to know the possibilities for the established budget? Please pass this on to us. We will then share a list of the possible activities you could do for the desired budget. At Flitz-Events we are happy to help you find a team building outing that will be talked about for a long time to come. Experience the benefits by choosing Flitz Events.

Flitz events, your partner in team building activities.

Team building games

Team building games are not only fun, but they also add value to the team. A escape room is a unique, exciting and fun experience, from which you and your colleagues learn a lot. You have to communicate well with each other, trust each other, think out-of-the box and your stress resistance is tested. These are all aspects that you also have to deal with in the workplace.

We also have super fun ones combination programs for the escape rooms. Different programs can be composed, consisting of one or several others activities as powerkiting, Powerboat Sailing, The Big Quiz Show, pub quiz and more!


Building your team, that's team building. Make your team stronger, have it work better together and achieve higher results as a result. A very suitable time to do team building is during an activity. Team building outings strengthen the group feeling! An important factor for good cooperation between people is 'knowing each other'.

Of course, colleagues usually know each other, but usually only in a certain way. As they are at work. People often behave differently at work than during an activity or when they are at home. Flitz events knows best how important team building is and therefore organizes a lot of great events team outings.

Be sporty

Being sporty with each other is always good for team building. There are of course many sports that are played in teams. Flitz events organizes great fun sporty team building outings with a little more. Not just volleyball, no beach volleyball. Not just playing golf but farming beach golf.

Not sailing a bit in a boat, but defying the waves of the North Sea in a powerboat. Surf raften also requires incredibly good cooperation, strengthens the team spirit and is an activity to remember. Scheveningen team building, Hoek van Holland, Kijkduin and other team building activities in South Holland and surroundings? Turn on Flitz events!

Ideas for team building and outings

The choice of a teambuilding outing of course depends on several factors. Is it also meant as a fun outing and team building comes second? Or do you really organize the outing with the aim of working on team building? Consult with Flitz events to book the most suitable outing. We understand it, know what an outing exactly entails and whether it will meet your goals.

For example, there are outings for team building that are mainly aimed at working together. Building one mega flyer, the making of a photo painting or a race with the powerboat. And of course the escape room, the outing for which good cooperation cannot be missed. Without good cooperation, no good end result will be achieved.

Team building company

Good food and lots of laughs

Also important for all outings and therefore also for team building outings: fun and good food. We organize everything in the field of food and drink. From BBQ to pizza, sushi, eating during one boat trip or a luxurious 3-course dinner. If you want to do something fun in the evening, the pub quiz is a great activity for team building.

Answer fun quiz questions, played in teams and led by a professional quizmaster. Definitely cause for a lot of laughter and a lot of enjoyment. Contact Flitz events for advice and non-binding information if you want to organize a team building outing.

The best team building outing

Are you looking for a team building outing for large groups or small groups? Welcome to Flitz-Events, where we organize a daily team building outing for both large and small companies. Whether it's one workshop, sporting activity, educational activity or unique cruise, at Flitz-Events we are ready for you. We offer dozens every year indoor en outdoor team building activities.

During a team building outing it is important to get to know each other. In this way you speak to your colleagues in a different setting and a unique and cozy atmosphere is created, which is ultimately conducive to general productivity in the workplace.

Goals of team building

A team building outing is a real group outing. For example for the entire department, for a project team or even for the entire company. The noses should be in the same direction and there should be good cooperation. During a teambuilding outing you can pursue all kinds of goals:

  • Improving the cooperation
  • Make better use of the existing talents
  • Better tuning between multiple teams
  • Improving the communication
  • More peace and balance achieve in a team
  • The team more independent to make
  • Leadership promote.
  • Indirectly the increase labor productivity

Flitz events organizes outings for team building The Hague and surroundings that pursue these goals. Your team will come back to the office stronger after such a team outing. And of course it is also super fun, very cozy and an event that will be talked about for a long time. You can combine the annual team outing with goals for team building without making the outing less fun.

Team building outing

The best team building ideas at a glance

Do you want to get back to work sporty, creative or relaxed? It's all possible at Flitz events. There is something fun for everyone. We organize many different workshops for the creative among us. Think of sand sculptures, painting workshop or shake things up during the interactive cocktail workshop. For the real sports enthusiasts we offer team building activities such as: beach volleyball tournaments, hexathlons and with Crusoe survival games.

But that's not all! To take it a step further, it is also possible, for example, to power kiting or blocking. Both an ultimate challenge if you like a breath of fresh air on the beach. Work can be quite hectic and stressful. How nice is it to relax during a cruise through The Hague. Get on the together drink boat and discover The Hague while enjoying a snack and a drink. 

We also provide tours on other types of boats, such as the picnic boat, party boat and the luxury sloop 'roasted peanut'. Enough choice for a fun fully catered team building activity.

Active team building activities

Being sporty with each other is always good for team building. There are of course many sports that are played in teams. Flitz events organizes great fun sporty team building outings with a little more.

Not just volleyball, no beach volleyball. Not just playing golf but farmers beach golf. Not sailing a bit in a boat, but defying the waves of the North Sea in a powerboat. Surf rafting also requires incredibly good cooperation, strengthens the team spirit and is an activity to remember.

beach volleyball team building

Creative or sporty

Team building is usually about cooperation but also about competition. By entering into a battle with each other, the various participants can discover each other's strengths and weaknesses even better. Discovering new skills can of course bring great benefits in the workplace. Group activities team building can be both creative and sporty or a combination of both.

Many of our outings contain both components. For example, a workshop can ask for cooperation, but at the same time also have a competitive character. For example, by awarding a prize for the best end result. Sporting outings are often competitive in nature. However, if you let teams compete against each other, the necessary cooperation will again take place within the teams.

Both sporty and creative team building activities we offer in abundance. This way you can get creative with making jewelry, pimping slippers, pimp clogs, make sand sculptures or make a photo painting with the whole group. Sporting outings Are available in different degrees of difficulty. For example, we can organize a volleyball tournament that everyone can participate in, regardless of age or condition, but you can also learn to kitesurf or go surf rafting. Super exciting!

We organize your team building activity from A to Z.

A pleasant day where team building is done also includes the care of the inner person. Flitz events organizes your team building activities from A to Z, including food and drinks, of course fully tailored to your wishes and available budget. A lot is possible.

We can organize a pancake party, eat sushi somewhere, and have pizza, eat on a boat during a boat trip, organize a barbecue on the beach, and provide lunch or brunch or organize a high tea or high wine. Knowing more? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for team building activities. We are happy to organize everything according to your wishes and take everything off your hands.

Why you should choose Flitz Events:

  • Specialist in team building activities
  • Pleasant and knowledgeable staff
  • Possibility to combine activity with a snack or a drink
  • Plenty of choice of unique activities in and around Scheveningen
  • Flexible partner who likes to think along
  • Competitive prices thanks to network in the Scheveningen area

Outdoor team building

Work on the strength of your team in the open air: outdoor team building outings are great fun. Outdoor team building activities can take place almost all year round. In the Netherlands it is almost never so cold that you cannot be outside to do fun things. You can dress up in it and playing sporting games will automatically warm you up. Flitz events organizes the best outings for everyone, also for team building. Would you like to organize team building assignments outside? Contact us, we will be happy to arrange it for you. Our choice of outdoor team building activities is wide and has something fun for everyone. 

Team building on the beach

Team building outside

Outdoor team building, or team building outside, is available in all kinds of variants at Flitz events. You can on the beach sand sculptures or work with the whole group on the construction of a mega kite. Who can then really fly. These are very suitable team building activities if you want to learn how to work together better. You can also discover new strengths in yourself and the other team members during team building activities.

You can then use these skills within your team at work. Being active in sports is of course also great fun: organizing a volleyball tournament, taking to the water in a powerboat (working together!) or playing the Robinson Experience: the activity for team building! In addition to team building outside, we also organize all kinds of fun activities indoors. Of course you can also combine them perfectly.

Combine outdoor team building with indoor activities

Do you want to do several activities during your team building outing? Then you can of course also combine your outdoor team building activities with indoor activities. This way the cold colors don't get too cold. And if it is still too fresh or if it rains all day, then the water will not fall all day.

We organize super fun creative workshops as Paint, make jewelry, pimp clogs or slippers or learn to shake a cocktail. There is something for everyone, for young and old and for men and women. There are also sports workshops such as building the mega kite, but also learning to kite on the beach. Those are team building outside activities.

Company outing team building

A team building company outing is good for the atmosphere within the team, the department and the entire office. You can have an outing organized by Flitz events in all shapes and sizes. We have a lot of experience with company outings, both for large and small groups. In consultation with you, we put together the perfect day. This can be part of a day or several parts of the day, but also a whole day or just an evening. Of course we are also happy to provide food and drinks during the company outing team building, too at location.

Large choice of company outings team building

What do you want to do? What is the budget, how large is the group and how long will the company outing last? Team building often consists of two parts: collaboration and competition. Many of our outings are competitive, educational and/or focused on collaboration. We organize team building company outings at various locations, both on the coast and in the city.

There are nice and cozy workshops, exciting games and sports activities. You can view all the outings on our website, but we are of course also happy to inform you about all the possibilities by telephone. Flitz events has a large network and can, for example, organize very nice dinners in the beach bars on the coast.

Team building beach large groups

Organizing team building beach outings? Flitz events has an extensive choice of all kinds of great fun outings for team building beach and surroundings. We organize outings Scheveningen, Hook of Holland and Kijkduin but in consultation also at other locations on the coast. There are creative team building outings and sporty team building outings and combinations of these are also possible. You can go out with your team for a day or more, but a whole day is also possible. Including delicious food and a lot of fun. You can do one activity or combine different activities.

Team building beach active and challenging

Sporting activities are also excellent for team building. A game of volleyball or farmers beach wave to play. There are also sporty workshops: for example, learn to kite on the beach of Scheveningen and see which team member can make the most beautiful jumps. By being creative and/or sporty with each other, you get to know each other better.

New talents may surface that can be utilized later at work. Colleagues also often gain more appreciation for each other's talents and there is more mutual respect. Fancy something super exciting? For a trip with the powerboat good cooperation is required on the waves of the North Sea!

Do something really special? Watch the Robinson Experience, a great team building beach getaway. Also very nice and suitable for large groups: build a mega kite.

Team building on the beach of Scheveningen

Book the next team building outing at Flitz-Events

Flitz-Events is an experienced event agency and knows exactly what it takes to organize an activity that stimulates team building. Whether you come with a large or small group, we provide a unique day full of team building activities and games. In this way we ensure that new friendships arise and we indirectly ensure that productivity in the workplace increases.

Are you curious about the possibilities or do you want to know more about the team building activities? please contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. In addition, you can always request a no-obligation quote to see if a team building activity meets your requirements. As a result, you also know what you can expect from a day full of team building games.