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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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Hexathlon activities Scheveningen
hexathlon activities
Hexathlon ideas
Hexathlon activities Scheveningen
  • Free prize cup
  • 6 games of your choice
  • Teambuilding
  • Bad Weather Scenario

Are you looking for a competitive and spectacular outing for your colleagues or staff, going back in time to the well-known Star Battle. Then you don't have to look any further. A competition is organized in teams of 8 people, all of whom finish the 6 parts against different opponents. A team can only win if they work well together, fully go for it and have the right tactics. The team that is always the best collaborates, communicates and determines the best strategy will collect the most points and at the end of the hexathlon / beach camp with the Master cup cup to go home. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

A nice outing for groups, bachelor party or sports day for schools. In the afternoon you will compete on the beach and in the evening you will finish with a cozy barbecue. We have a wide range of various games, so that the hexathlon can easily adapt to the weather, environment and target group.

The nice thing about this hexathlon is that you can choose which parts you want to perform. This way you can adjust the parts to the target group, the weather conditions and the environment. There is plenty of choice, so there is always something fun for everyone. You can choose from no less than 16 parts, from which you can choose 6. Items you can choose from are, for example, beach volleyball, beach soccer, club hockey la crosse and beach tennis. In addition to these sports, you can also choose from an obstacle course and making a fire, a water race, building a bamboo tower, shooting catapult and a six-person skippy ball race. Ask Flitz Events for more information to determine which parts are suitable for the group.

Hexathlon events (Choice):

  • Beachvolley
  • beach soccer
  • Tjoekbal
  • Bun Hockey
  • Obstacle course and make fire
  • Six-person skippyball race
  • Giant jenga XL
  • Flingo
  • Rope
  • Water race
  • Mega Twister 5×5 Meters
  • Shooting Catapult
  • La Crosse
  • Bamboo Tower Building
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Beach Tennis


From 10 people€ 25 pp
From 25 people€ 22,50 pp
From 50 people€ 20 pp
From 100 people€ 17,50 pp
Competition-oriented, creative, team building and sporty!
Including: guidance. competition schedule and prize cup!
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Hexathlon with barbecue?

From € 17.50 pp
If you choose a hexathlon on the beach in Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland or any other desired location, you can end the day well with a barbecue. This way you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach just a little longer. It is also an ideal way to talk about everything that happened that day. You also have time to catch up. During the hexathlon you will mainly be busy with performing the parts as well as possible and you will have little time to chat. You want to do everything in that moment to win that cup and beat the other teams.


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception on location
Short introduction
Start Hexathlon
Short break
End Hexathlon
Snack and drink
Launch barbeque
End of program


Vera Jonker
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Super fun all those different games in a row! You get a new chance to win every time. During the tug of war we had a stomach ache from laughing.
Elizabeth Short
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Instead of organizing a regular sports day, we have booked the hexathlon at flitz events. The students thought it was the best sports day so far! Well organized and something for everyone. Super awesome!
Pascal Rodenberg
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Our attendant was incredibly friendly and helpful. The best 2 hours of my life! When I got my hands on the cup, it felt like I was getting the championship scale of the premier league with my team. I LIVE FOR THIS KIND OF THINGS!
"The tailor-made outing with a perfect mix of passive and active, suitable for young and old. Exceed all your expectations and get to know each other better!"

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  • ⭐ What is a hexathlon?
    Zeskamp is a true competitive and spectacular getaway. A competition is organized in teams of 5 to 8 people, who all finish the 6 parts against different opponents.
  • ⭐ Which games can I choose from?
    You can choose from 6 different & diverse games, so that we can adapt the hexathlon to the weather, environment and target group.
  • ⭐ Why is the hex camp good for team building?
    Zeskamp is very suitable as a unique outing and ideal for team building. Different collaboration skills and qualities are put to the test during the various components. During the Hexathlon, the following skills will emerge during the various activities: Strength, agility, confidence, insight and memory.

Heptathlon activities

If you are looking for a sporting activity that is suitable for large groups, in a unique location and with different parts, then the hexathlon activity of Flitz Events is a suitable activity to do. It is a suitable activity for an outing with a group of friends, with family, as a company outing or as a children's party. It is an activity that is suitable for young and old and where cooperation and communication is important to win. You compete in several areas and the winner takes home the prestigious Master cup cup and the honor.


Who wouldn't want to stand barefoot in the sand and play a game of volleyball with friends or colleagues on the beach of Scheveningen? Beach volleyball is a game where the aim is to get the ball on the ground within the lines of the opponent. Beach volleyball is accessible to everyone and is definitely an activity that many people enjoy.

beach soccer
Beach soccer is a real summer activity, where team spirit is very important. Playing on sand increases the level of difficulty compared to playing on grass. The ball sometimes makes strange jumps with the result that playing football is not as easy as it may seem.

It is played with a handball and a frame with a stretched elastic net as a goal. It can be played with one goal, but is usually played with two goals. The playing field is rectangular, there are two teams of 7 to 9 players. A team can score by throwing the ball from outside a circle around the goal against the goal and bouncing it back in such a way that the opponent cannot catch it, but the ball does come back inside the field. Sometimes an extra requirement is that the ball must be caught by a teammate again. If the game has two goals, the ball must first be placed in a center area before another goal can be scored.

Bun Hockey
Knot hockey is a fantastic beach game with a high fun content. Knot hockey is a form of hockey, but not fast and not dangerous. The rules of the game have been simplified, scoring is possible from the whole field, less attention is paid to playing the ball with the body and knot hockey has no penalty corner. Everyone gets a plastic club, with a thick foam layer at the end. Unpredictable reactions from ball, club and fellow player and great showers of laughter among the participants.

Obstacle course
The obstacle course that will be set out here is unlike any other. It is a cross between an obstacle course and an attribute race. At the start of the track, a number of objects will be given to the team. These attributes will be taken with them throughout the course by the teams. They use these objects to move forward. The teams are not allowed to touch the ground.

Six-person skippyball race
With the six of us on the gym ball, the team that reaches the finish line first is the winner. A fun guaranteed part of every sports day or hexathlon. Together with your teammates you complete a course on the Skippy hose. It takes good cooperation to be able to beat the opponent and it guarantees a lot of fun and pleasure!

XXL Jenga
Giant jenga XL, also known as stacking. Teams pull a block out of the tower and put it on top again. If the tower remains 10 for seconds then the next player may do the same. This is how they play until the tower falls, the player whose turn it is is the loser.

Beach flingo
Flingo is a new beach event with a high fun content! You attach the Flingo mats around your neck and hold it with 2 hands. The mega resilience of this mat ensures that the special flingo ball bounces up with a unique bouncing effect and flies over the net! Play this game with your team and make sure you get the ball over the net and score with the opposing team! After some exercises with your team to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, you compete with the opponent. Now just wait and see if your opponents get the ball back. A fantastic beach event to play and provides lots of hilarious moments.

Tug of war / Tug of War
In which two teams try to pull as hard as possible on both ends of a strong and thick rope. The team that pulls the other team so far that the 4 meter tape crosses the center line has won. Are you the strongest of them all? Prove it with 4 of your colleagues and compete against the others.

Water race
Who works best with his team? The team spirit is central to this activity. If people from the team don't participate or aren't actively involved in the game, they can hardly win anymore. Everyone has to do their best to win! The idea is to move the water from one place to a container. This happens, as mentioned before, through team spirit. A bucket of water is poured into the gutters that the team members are holding. By means of smart thinking, as much water as possible must be guided to a container a little further away. Hands should not be placed on the ends of the gutters to hold back the water. Do you think you can come up with the best strategy with you? Come show it.

Mega Twister 5 × 5 Meters
The crazy game where you can get tangled up. Mega twister is an original party game for indoors and outdoors, for young and old. The guarantee here is; everyone is having fun. Join the crazy struggle to get hands and feet in the best place, making the opponents tumble.

Shooting Catapult
During the “catapult shooting” part, the aim is to assemble a nice, solid catapult with your group in as short a time as possible from a set of wooden poles, slingshot and ropes. Then the moment of truth arrives: Which catapult is able to shoot a ball as far as possible and which team gets the most catches? After 5 official attempts, the winner is known! A fun activity for a staff outing, bachelor parties, company outings or as a team building activity.

La Crosse
La Crosse is a spectacular combination of basketball, football and hockey. This new and challenging beach sport is ideal for team building as it involves insight, skill and communication. Lacrosse is known as the fastest game on two feet. So if you are looking for a real group challenge, Beach-Lacrosse is the sport for you! Each player carries a stick (crosse) with a net at the end, in which he/she holds the ball. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal using the stick, where 1 goal scores 1 point. Which team can handle the crosse best and score the most points?

Bamboo Tower Building
At Bamboestiek you will use bamboo stakes and wide postman rubber bands to build the highest possible tower! Building these bamboo towers is a real team building activity! It comes down to consultation, tactics and of course the right techniques. The goal - the highest possible tower - can only be achieved within the time if there is good cooperation. There are groups that build a tower of more than 15 meters high!!! Building bamboo towers can be booked separately or as part of a larger program. Also very suitable for team building!

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is the beach game for young and old! Two teams compete for the victory by scoring with a Frisbee. A team of at least 5 players plays on a field of approximately 40 at 20 meters. There is an 'end zone' on both sides of the field (scoring box) like with American football. Scoring is achieved by bringing the Frisbee to the end zone of the other party through good teamwork and catching it there. Which team can work best together and win the prize?

Beach Tennis
Beachtennis is actually a combination of beach volleyball and tennis. There is played on a beach volleyball court of 16 at 8 meters with a beagle tennis racket and the net is tensioned at an altitude of 1m70. The ball, a slightly lighter tennis ball, may not bounce and the scoring is done as in the traditional tennis game, but with 40-40 only one point has to be played.

Indoor hexathlon

Are you looking for a winter indoor outing. Go into battle during the indoor hexathlon. A competitive and spectacular outing in which fun and team building are central.

A competition is organized for teams (each from 6 to 8 people), all of which finish the 6 parts against different opponents. Musical support during the activities make the indoor hexathlon a show for the participants.

A team can only win if they work well together, go for it completely and have the right tactics. The team that always works best together, communicates and determines the best strategy will win the most points and go home with the Cup at the end of the hexathlon. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

We take care of your indoor hexathlon at any desired location. You put together your own small or large hexathlon. After this indoor hexathlon you can take a nice warm shower and enjoy a drink in the canteen.

We have a wide range of different games, so that the hexathlon can easily adapt to the weather, environment or target group.

Indoor hexathlon Scheveningen

Hexathlon is the classic battle of team building games! Looking for a challenging hexathlon for your family day, bachelor party or company outing that is suitable for young and old? Do you want to be sure that your hexathlon can always continue? Then go for the indoor hexathlon of Flitz events. The indoor hexathlon is a competitive and spectacular outing in which team building and fun are central.

What is a Hexathlon?

A hexathlon consists of 6 different activities in which cooperation, speed, concentration and dexterity are important.
You choose the simple hexathlon game that best suits you and your colleagues, friends or family.

You will work under the guidance of our professional enthusiastic instructors.
Different teams compete against each other alternately and can score points with each game in order to gain the profit for your team. We divide you into 2 or more teams (depending on the number of participants), after this division the battle will start.

The team that has gained the most points during this indoor hexathlon will take home the prize cup.

You can put together your own hexathlon entirely according to your wishes, a combination of sports and non-sports or do you prefer a challenge and opt for only sports games? Everything is possible at our indoor hexathlon.

Would you prefer that the indoor hexathlon be a surprise for you and your colleagues?

No problem, we will put together the most popular program where you have a combination of sporty and non-sporty, we do this so that everyone of you can participate in the famous indoor hexathlon.

Would you like to combine our indoor hexathlon with one of our other challenging events?

No problem! We can organize a fantastic team building day, bachelor party or family party from A to Z.

Hexathlon for large and small groups

The hexathlon is suitable for larger and smaller groups. You will be divided into a group between 4 and 8 people, who will perform the six parts. If you have a larger group then it is possible to split the group into smaller groups and let them compete on the parts. In this way, competitiveness comes into play in addition to cooperation, communication and strategy. By looking at the size of the group you can divide the teams in the most equal way possible. You can organize the groups in advance, so that you prevent the same people from sitting together again. In this way they also get to know each other better when it comes to a company outing. It matters less to people who know each other better, but it is good to ensure that not all strong men are together, for example. By classifying the groups in an equal way, you ensure a fair fight.

Hexathlon location

The hexathlon is performed on the beach, so you can also enjoy the weather. But it is also possible to opt for an indoor hexathlon, so that you can also do this activity in the winter. The hexathlon on the beach can be done in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. But it is also possible to propose a suitable location for a hexathlon yourself. In consultation with Flitz Events, it will then be determined whether the location meets all requirements. That way you can make a hexathlon completely personal. This also happens because you can assemble the parts yourself.

Hexathlon as a company outing or children's party

The hexathlon is an outing that is very suitable for a company outing or a sports day for schools. The employees and children learn to work well together, to communicate and to determine the right strategy. That makes the outing not only fun, but also educational. For the employees, the collaboration in the office will also improve, making projects smoother and better. Determining the strategy will only do the job well. In addition, a fun activity outside working hours ensures that everyone gets to know each other better, which will improve the atmosphere at work. It is also very educational for children and a good way to lose their energy. During the hexathlon, the children will have to be active in order to properly perform the parts.

Hexathlon Ideas 

Organizing a hexathlon is a fun way to enjoy a day of fun and competition with friends, family or colleagues. If you're looking for ideas for fun hexathlon games for adults, you've come to the right place. We have a number of suggestions for both adults and children, so there is something for everyone. Do you want to organize a hexathlon yourself? No problem! We give tips for making a great hexathlon course and collecting fun games. Let the competition begin!

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