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Organize a staff party?

Organizing a spectacular staff party is something you do together with an experienced and reliable partner. Flitz events is the leading player in the organization industry and therefore your partner you can rely on. If you want to organize a staff party, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your organization to thank your staff for their tireless efforts in the past period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Organizing an original staff party?
    Choose from more than 50 indoor or outdoor activities from €12,50 per person. Ask for a no-obligation quote or contact us by phone on 070-2501429.
  • Looking for a top 3 staff party in Kijkduin?
    Below you will find the best activities for a staff party! 1. Robinson Crusoe Experience 2. Sand sculptures Kijkduin 3. Beach day Kijkduin
  • A fully customized staff party?
    Looking for a fully catered beach day, an active staff party or a fully catered company party. Everything is possible. We listen to your wishes & discuss the possibilities, so that we can tailor your staff party. This is guaranteed to be the best staff party ever.

Perhaps a major project has been completed or business results have gone through the roof. Staff parties are always a good idea and have the additional advantage that they create a bond between the staff and the organization for which they work. With a well-organized staff party, your staff will feel greatly appreciated. Give your staff a relaxed evening full of music, food, drinks, entertainment and fun.

This party will be talked about for years to come. Do you have questions? Take here CONTACT without obligation.

Staff party at your location

If you want to have the staff party organized at your location, we can of course arrange that very well for you. After all, it is not always necessary to choose a different location for the party. Certainly not when your own office building or warehouse is ideal for such an event. An additional advantage of this is that you will save enormously on costs if you have the party organized at your location. When you engage us, we will examine all the options and discuss with you how we can and want to make the best use of the various areas of your building. In addition, we can decorate the areas that are familiar to you and your staff in such a way that it seems to your employees as if they are somewhere else than where they normally perform their work. With our professional partners, we ensure that you and your staff will lack nothing. The staff party will be a guaranteed success.

Staff party at a different location

If your building does not lend itself to a staff party or if you just want to organize the staff party at a different location with your organization, we can understand that very well. Here too we make use of the very extensive network that we have built up over the years. This allows us to organize your staff party anywhere you want. How about a party in the well-known Maassilo in Rotterdam with, for example, a casino or disco theme. But it can also just be the case that a staff party somewhere in a beautiful castle in Limburg, with a delicious gala dinner, suits your organization much better. Tell us and we will create a more than top event with our creativity, which is completely tailored to your wishes.

Staff party theme party

Almost all staff parties that we organize are also themed parties. This does not mean that your employees all have to show up dressed up straight away. Without a dress code, a beautiful and inspiring theme can also very well be devised. A theme party is a very good way to create a bond between your employees and your organization. This way you can have your newly developed product as a theme. Or maybe you would like to give your employees a dress code. Everything is possible and every theme is easy to organize. But even if you do not know exactly which theme will suit your staff well, we can estimate this well thanks to our many years of experience and help you with that.

Event creator

We at Flitz events are a true event creator and have years of experience in organizing various group events. Over the years we have been able to build a very professional network with various parties such as caterers, booking agencies for artists, interior decorators, animation teams and so on. Through these many years of collaborations and the perfect handling of the events organized by us, we have created a lot of confidence in the many organizations that have engaged us. It is therefore more than once that a client has several business events organized by us. It is precisely because we are transparent, reliable, discreet and caring that organizations come back to us. We do not damage confidence and we always keep our agreements with you.


Are you curious about what we can do for your organization? Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss all options with you directly. You can reach us both by telephone and by e-mail. Are you ready for the best and most beautiful staff party you have given in years? Don't wait any longer!

Staff party Scheveningen

A great location for a staff party: Scheveningen. You can do super fun activities on and on the beach! Follow workshops in one of the cozy beach bars, hold sporting competitions on the beach and of course go to sea. A staff party does require careful consideration of the interpretation. Sometimes it is a rather mixed group. You can organize a staff party Scheveningen with surf rafting, but not everyone will be enthusiastic about that. However, people who do not dare to do this can easily offer you another fun activity. For example, making a sand sculpture workshop, or a painting workshop. In between the activities and afterwards you can come together to chat while enjoying a drink and a snack.

Organize a staff party well?

If you want to organize a staff party, it is wise to first think carefully about a number of topics. Who all participate, how long can the staff party last, what budget is available? If you have an idea of ​​how long it will take and how much budget there is, you can go and see what is possible. And that is a lot, at Flitz events. That is super handy because you can offer your staff everything so that they can choose what they like to do. One is crazy about kiting and wave surfing, another prefers to take a puzzelfoto or jewelry.

Fancy a real party? You can also organize a blast at Flitz events. Or book a cocktail boat or a tour boat and enjoy delicious food while you sail from The Hague to Scheveningen.


Do something nice in the city? A GPS tour is also very nice as a staff outing. Excitement and adventure, collaboration and enjoyment. Along the way you solve riddles and you get closer to the finish. Also nice: play a dropping or Who is the Mole. One person is the saboteur of the game and the others must discover who it is. If you like to emphasize team building and teamwork, then an escape room is also very suitable. And very nice. There are also workshops that you can do in the city: the cocktail workshop for example. Learn with colleagues how to make delicious (also non-alcoholic) cocktails!

Sporting outings for a staff party

There is also a lot to experience in the sporting field at Flitz events. You can make it as exciting and competitive as you want. Branding rafting, wave surfing and kiting are exciting trips. Building a mega kite is an activity that requires cooperation and creativity and is also suitable for large groups. Very popular is the Robinson Experience. A true challenge and suitable for staff outings where competition and teamwork are central. The participants compete in groups against each other and start doing everything. From making fire to building Jenga, running obstacle courses, tug of war and puzzling. Of course you can also play all kinds of team games in Scheveningen (or Hoek van Holland, Kijkduin) such as beach ball, beach golf or organize a beach volleyball tournament.

Great food during your staff outing

We also like to take care of the inner person. Treat your staff to a delicious high tea, an extensive dinner, a buffet, lunch, anything is possible. From drinks to sandwiches, pizza, sushi or a great BBQ on the beach. Please contact us to discuss all options.

A great evening

Organize a great evening to conclude the staff party? The pub quiz is super fun. The pub quiz is led by an experienced game leader and guarantees an evening full of fun. The participants answer all kinds of (also playful) questions and there is also a lot of tension and competition. Who knows the most answers? Who is the fastest or always presses the button without knowing the correct answer? Hilarity assured. A large party, with or without dancing, is also possible. Feel free to ask for non-binding information and check the Flitz-events website for detailed information.