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Company outings on location

Looking for a unique and personalized experience for you company outing? At Flitz-Events we offer the perfect solution with our on-site company outings. Whether you are organizing a large corporate event or want to experience an intimate team outing, our flexible and creative approach ensures that we can tailor your company outing exactly to your needs.

From vibrant Groningen to Limburg, we bring the activities and fun to the place that best suits your needs. Discover the freedom and possibilities of company outings on location and let us help you create an unforgettable day that is all about your team and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a nice company outing?
    The most important thing when choosing a fun company outing is that it matches the interests and needs of the team and that it offers the opportunity to relax while strengthening bonds.
  • What's fun as a team outing?
    Top 5 ideas for fun team outings
    1 - Robinson Crusoe . Imagine yourself in a place where survival.
    2 - Hexathlon. Put together your own activity 3 - Pub quiz - WAre show

From the beach of Scheveningen to Friesland and Limburg!

Our home base is located in the atmospheric Scheveningen, South Holland, where we can be found every day on the beach or in the bar.Cheap Company Outings - Pub Quiz Show as a company outing on locationboulevard of the seaside resort. Naturally, we can offer almost all our activities in The Hague and Scheveningen. After all, we are known here by various partner restaurants and have the correct permit to offer our activities at various locations.

However, thanks to our many years of experience, we can also operate throughout the country. In consultation with our customers, we can offer a large part of our activities in all provinces in the Netherlands. We cannot bring our escape room, which is located in Scheveningen, to location, but we can of course bring almost all our sporting and active activities!

“The best outings can be found at Flitz-Events!”

Company outings on location: Both for large and small groups

From large groups to small groups, a team outing on location at Flitz-Events is suitable for any size and composition of teams. We understand that companies vary in size and that each team has its own dynamics. That's why we've designed a diverse range of company outings that can be tailored to both large and small groups, aiming to provide an optimal experience for every team member, regardless of group size.

For large groups, we make sure all activities are well coordinated, with enough equipment and facilitators to engage and entertain everyone. Our professional event planners ensure smooth organization and logistics so that all attendees can enjoy a seamless and fun experience.

Organizing an outing with colleagues? Together with Flitz-Events you can organize an original company outing on location that you will never forget!

Combine the company outing with additional catering arrangements

Would you like to combine a company outing at your own location with an additional lunch, drink or dinner? Which can! At Flitz-Events we offer the possibility to enrich your team outing with delicious catering arrangements, so that you can also enjoy culinary indulgence in addition to the fun activities.

Whether you opt for a tasty lunch during the company outing, a cozy drink to end the day, or an extensive dinner to crown the team building, our professional catering partners are ready to spoil you and your team with delicious dishes and drinks. With attention to detail and quality, we ensure that the catering package fits seamlessly with the atmosphere and goals of the team outing.

Get started with your colleagues with the best team building assignments and then finish with a well-deserved drink, lunch or dinner!

The benefits of team building

Team building during a company outing has numerous advantages. We would like to mention these for you below:

Improved Communication: Team building promotes open communication and effective interaction between team members. It encourages the sharing of ideas, feedback and information, leading to better collaboration and understanding.

Development of Leadership: Team building provides opportunities for individuals to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills. Dividing tasks, making decisions, and supporting others can help potential leaders emerge.

Creative Thinking: Many team building activities require out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. This stimulates team members' creativity and encourages them to explore innovative approaches.

Trust and Cooperation: Collaborating on challenges and goals builds trust between team members. It teaches them to appreciate each other's strengths and skills and increases the sense of interdependence.

With Flitz-Events you are assured of:

– Expert guidance

– Additional catering arrangements for a large or small group

– Company and fun assignments in the outdoors or indoors

– Guaranteed a unique day full of fun outings

You can discover the best company outings on location at Flitz-Events

Winter wonderland / Apres ski Games ScheveningenCompany outing on location

You go through the agreements and wishes in consultation with Flitz-Events. You also choose the desired location with us. We then take care of the correct preparations and take the necessities to the location to be able to complete the fun activity as desired.

What is the right company outing for your group? Our experienced team will go through all the details with you, from logistics planning to activity selection, so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. We take the necessary materials and equipment to the chosen location, so that you and your team can fully enjoy the fun activities without any worries. From a workshop to an outing with a closing dinner, nothing is too crazy for us.

Company outing on location? No problem with Flitz Events!


What are the advantages of choosing a company outing on location?

Organizing a company outing on location offers various advantages. It gives you the freedom to create a unique and personalized experience that fits your company's vision and goals.

In addition, you can seamlessly tailor the activities and program to the location, ensuring a special and memorable day for your team.

Can I choose my own location for the company outing?

Of course! At Flitz-Events we give you the freedom to choose your own location for the company outing. Whether it concerns your own office, a specific event space or another place, we adapt the activities and program to the location of your choice.

Are the company outings on location suitable for both small and large groups?

Absolute. We understand that companies can vary in size and that every team is unique. Our company outings on location are designed to suit both small and large groups. We can tailor activities and programs to the size of your team so everyone has a great experience.

Can you also arrange additional catering arrangements?

Yes for sure! At Flitz-Events we offer the possibility to combine your company outing on location with additional catering arrangements, such as lunches, drinks and dinners.

Our professional catering partners ensure that the culinary aspect fits seamlessly with the atmosphere of the event, so that your team can not only enjoy fun activities, but also delicious dishes and drinks.

The Ultimate Guide to Activities at Your Location

The power of a fun company outing is often enhanced by the right location. We would like to guide you in choosing the perfect activity to rent on location.

What is Activity on Location? It means participating in an activity at a specific location of your choice. This can vary from team building at your own location to festive family gatherings.

The Magic of Activities at Your Own Location: Organizing events at your chosen location can be both team building-oriented and inspiring.

Tips for Choosing Your Activity

  • Availability of facilities: Make sure your location is equipped for the activity you have in mind.
  • Opening hours office Is the place accessible to everyone?
  • Realm: Does the ambiance of the location match the purpose of your activity? Whether you go for bad bingo at your own location or a family day at your own location, the feeling has to be right.

Whether it concerns business meetings, friendly outings or... outdoor activities at your own location, we are ready to help you realize the perfect activity.