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Cocktail Workshop Scheveningen

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Do you want to learn everything about shaking and stirring the traditional cocktail? Then the cocktail making workshop is a must! Bee Flitz events we offer the best workshop in the Netherlands. Here you will learn everything about the origin of the cocktail, get tips on how to make the tastiest and get to work yourself as a true bartender! After the two-hour workshop you will know everything about the Mojito, Margarita, Pornstar Martini and all the other classics. Or would you rather go for a new taste and create your own unique cocktail? Everything can shake during this awesome cocktail workshop!

If the weather permits, we would like to welcome you on the beach of Scheveningen. We prefer to give the spectacular cocktail workshop in one of our partners beach pavilions. There we have access to a large space and we can get to work! If you prefer to move to another location, that is no problem. We can offer our workshop anywhere! The minimum group size for participation is 5 people and you can already participate from 25 per person! Will we see you soon to make the most delicious cocktails? Request one without obligation quote to!

Shake and stir like a real pro during the cocktail workshop

A real bartender teaches you the basic techniques for stirring & shaking the most delicious cocktails. You get great tips and facts - and then you get to work yourself with your friends or colleagues. Taste each other, get ideas and go home with your exclusive, self-created cocktail recipe. A more fun outing for one bachelor party, company outing of team outing isn't there!

The workshop is great fun for young and old! There are countless cocktails without alcohol, the so-called mocktail! This means that anyone can join the workshop and make the most delicious drinks. Our accompanying bartender knows exactly what the perfect proportions of the classic cocktails are and is happy to help you make a delicious (non-) alcoholic snack!

Cocktail workshop prices:

Group from 10 people€ 35 pp
Group from 25 people€ 32,50 pp
Group from 50 people€ 30 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!

Parts Cocktail Workshop

  • 3 cocktails
  • Alcohol free cocktails available
  • Professional bartender + Equipment
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Cocktails of your choice possible!

Example program:

  • 14:00 - 14:30

    Reception of guests on location/beach bar
  • 14:30 - 15:30

    Start of Cocktail Workshop Scheveningen
  • 15:30 - 15:45

    Short break
  • 15:45 - 16:45

    Start of part 2 of Cocktail Workshop Scheveningen
  • 16:45 - 17:00

    Awards ceremony + closing program
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Nadia SinghNadia Singh
12: 38 16 May 24
Chloe KuipersChloe Kuipers
17: 04 11 May 24
Had a very nice cocktail workshop today, nice recipes, can also be made virgin for alcohol-free people! The cocktail master Sandor was very enthusiastic and explained everything well and in a fun way! Definitely recommended for a fun outing with friends!
Tamar GroenewegTamar Groeneweg
16: 58 11 May 24
We did a super fun cocktail workshop! Nj stole our hearts and Berend ended it with a bang. Berend keep radiating, stay strong, so that you never forget that you have fun work. Danke schön (oh no, not Germans).
Joyce LubbersJoyce Lubbers
15: 04 08 May 24
We had a really fun team activity with a lot of banter and laughter. Robin is a nice instructor who helps you to master kitesurfing.
Bert KrelingBert Kreling
15: 03 08 May 24
Very fun activity! We did this with a group of 18 people. Attention was paid to everyone. Fun team building activity. Robin helped us great, clear explanation and a nice guy!
Simone DijkhuizenSimone Dijkhuizen
18: 06 20 April 24
Great outing for our football team! Very nice staff and we had a super fun day!
Simon ArtsSimon Arts
11: 31 30 Oct 23
Power kiting was great fun! Clear explanation and very friendly and helpful instructor. With 0 experience, everyone eventually managed to fly the kite. And even those who didn't dare do it eventually did it with extra help from the instructor. Definitely recommended for a fun weekend activity with friends. The fact that we had to hold each other so that you didn't fly into the air created hilarious moments and immediately created a good atmosphere for the rest of our weekend!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can you follow the cocktail workshop?
    Always wanted to learn how to make your favorite cocktail? Then you have come to the right place at Flitz events. Our cocktail workshop can be given at almost any location. Come to the unique location in Scheveningen or we will visit your desired location? It is all possible with us to provide the perfect workshop for you.
  • Are there alcohol-free cocktails available during the workshop?
    Are you the BOB? Or not yet 18 years old? Then don't worry. At Flitz events you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails together. Everyone can participate, because YES we also offer alcohol-free alternatives. After all, you learn from a professional bartender how to use the best quality materials!
  • Who do you offer the cocktail workshops for?
    A Cocktail workshop is a unique activity together with your friends or colleagues! A cocktail is certainly deserved after all the hard work. Or is a family member/friend getting married? Then start your bachelorette night off right with homemade cocktails.
  • Where is the workshop given?
    A Cocktail workshop is a unique activity together with your friends! It is also a super fun company outing for you and your colleagues. A cocktail is certainly deserved after all the hard work. Or is a family member/friend getting married? Then start your bachelorette night off right with homemade cocktails. In short, the cocktail workshop is suitable for team outings, company outings, friends days and bachelor parties!

What does the cocktail making workshop look like?

Our professional bartender is happy to welcome you to experience a unique day full of delicious cocktails. Thanks to his experiences, he knows exactly what the proportions of the cocktails are, what the origin of the cocktail is and how best to shake it. Then it's your turn to get started. Here you learn to mix, shake and of course garnish beautifully in beautiful cocktail glasses. Are you a lover of cocktails? And if you want to know everything about the cocktail, this workshop is a must! Find out what the first ever cocktail is, why it's called a cocktail and how to make the best one!

You can enjoy your cocktail party even when the weather turns bad. The cocktail workshop is indoors anyway and good food is of course always possible indoors. Have you discussed an outdoor activity and is it going to rain? We don't care about that with a little rain. Showers usually blow over quickly. If the weather is really bad and angry, we always offer one appropriate alternative. For example, we organize a interactive quiz or you go the escape room .

If possible, you can also cancel the activity free of charge and move it to another time.

Making delicious cocktails during the best cocktail workshops!

We can imagine that your mouth is watering at the idea of ​​making delicious cocktails. Logical, because the cocktail is incredibly tasty and can be made entirely according to your own wishes. That makes the workshop very interesting!

We are happy to welcome you on the beach of Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland of Kijkduin. Would you prefer a cocktail workshop on location? No problem, we discuss the possibilities and eventually come to a practical solution.  

A cocktail course on location or a cocktail course at home is also possible. The cocktail workshop takes about 2 hours, so there is enough time left to eat together, for example. Flitz events also offers many more relaxing, exciting and sporty outings. Think of one BBQ or a GPS tour through the city.

Cocktail workshop The Hague

You can also book a cocktail workshop The Hague with us by appointment. Handy if you want to take a cocktail making course outside the beach season. We provide a beautiful location, an expert bartender, tasty drinks and professional shakers. After this cocktail making course you can impress family and friends forever.

Let them also enjoy your unique cocktails. The cocktail workshop in The Hague can only be booked in consultation. Please indicate in time that you are interested in cocktail workshops on location.

Cocktail workshop The Hague on location

Do you live in or around The Hague and would you like to organize a cocktail making course in The Hague? That is also possible! By appointment we arrange the cocktail workshop for you at a beautiful location in The Hague, including a bartender. Then take the tram or bicycle home. Or do you first step into the tour boat to view The Hague from the water?

The cocktail making course in The Hague can also be booked at home or on location.

Will you become the true bartender?

Learn how to shake and stir like a pro during the best cocktail workshop in Scheveningen of the year. A professional will teach you everything about shaking and serving. This is very good if you work in the hospitality industry, for example. You get to know the ingredients, master the skills and know exactly what the right proportions are in the cocktail.

One thing is certain, after the cocktail workshop Scheveningen you are a real cocktail or mocktail fan! The sweet, alcoholic delicacy has been extremely popular for years and not without reason. Are you going for the fresh mint-tasting mojito? Or do you opt for the sweet pornstar Martini, popular among the young? It's all up to you!

Will we see you soon for the best cocktail workshop Scheveningen?

You will be welcomed in a summery atmosphere on the beach during the Cocktail workshop Scheveningen & The Hague. Our Bartender will briefly tell you something about mixing and shaking cocktails. He also takes you along the origin of the cocktail, and he will do one for you.

You don't have to be a professional bartender to mix the most delicious drinks during a cocktail workshop. The experience you gain during the beginners cocktail workshop can be the start of a real hobby, for the real fanatics perhaps the start of a new unexpected career in the hospitality industry. During the two hours you will be taught the art of "cocktail shaking". This makes you the bartender yourself! The cocktail workshop Scheveningen starts with a short explanation by the professional bartender. After this, it's up to you to take a seat behind the bar and make the most colorful cocktails! Are you going for the Pina Colada or the Mojito?

With the right techniques and a beautiful decoration you serve the perfect cocktail, and then you can taste your cocktail yourself as soon as possible! You can make 3 delicious cocktails per person during the workshop. This means that you can vary in terms of flavors! In addition to learning how to mix, the workshop is of course mainly a social occasion. It promotes group spirit and togetherness within the group. So do!

For whom do we offer the cocktail workshops?

A Cocktail workshop Scheveningen is a unique activity together with you friends or girlfriends! Also it is a super nice company outing for you and your colleagues. A cocktail is certainly deserved after all the hard work. In addition, it is a social activity and you can catch up during the workshop. Or is a family member getting married soon? Then start your bachelorette night off right with homemade cocktails.

In short, the Scheveningen cocktail workshop is suitable for team outings, company outings, friends days and bachelor parties!

We would love to welcome you in and around Scheveningen. Does cocktail workshop Scheveningen sound like music to your ears? Then take it without obligation contact contact us to discuss the possibilities, or request one quote to find out more about your fun-filled day!

Do you want to know how to make delicious cocktails? Then come to our cocktail making workshop in Scheveningen! During this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the tricks of the cocktail trade. Our professional bartenders show you how to make the most delicious cocktails with different types of alcohol and mixers. You will also receive tips on how to make the perfect garnish and how to present your cocktail like a real bartender. Sign up quickly for this unique workshop and make your own delicious cocktails!