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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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workshop sand sculptures scheveningen
workshop sand sculptures
sand sculpture workshop
  • Including guidance
  • Teambuilding
  • Bad Weather Scenario

Always wanted to know how those beautiful sand sculptures are made along the coast? Learn how to make sand sculptures yourself during the workshop! An incredibly fun and educational workshop where you are taken along the art of sand sculptures.
During the sand sculpture workshop you will be guided by a professional sand artist, who will tell you everything about the origin of sand sculptures and the precise method. After an extensive explanation, it is your turn to make an original creation. You often do this in teams, against another team. The goal is to create the most beautiful creation!
Does this sound like music to your ears? Then ask for one without obligation quote to view the possibilities!

What is a sand sculpture workshop?

A sand sculpture is, as it were, an adult sand castle, which dates from the time of the Egyptians. We know better than anyone how much fun it used to be to build a fantastic large castle. During the sand sculpture workshop you go back to the old times and make unique creations using sand and water.
A sand sculpture is made with wet sand, so that it is extremely suitable against the wind and other weather influences. By tamping sand, also called “compacts”, you ensure that the sand can harden and cannot move in any direction.
The necessary toolbox for an experienced sand artist consists of a handful of materials. For example, you need a plant sprayer, brush, shovel and special knife to make a beautiful sand sculpture.


  • Traditional sand sculptures
  • Extensive explanation
  • Well-trained instructors
  • Possible on location
  • Professional materials


From 8 people€ 20 pp
From 25 people€ 17,50 pp
From 50 people€ 15 pp
From 100 people€ 12,50 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Put together your own package!

From € 12.50 pp
Of course you can also opt for multiple activities or other creative workshops. Or maybe you even want to end your day with a delicious dinner or BBQ! Did you already know that Flitz-Events works at many different locations?
That means: The possibilities for our arrangements are endless!
A cool beach day? For example, combine the sand sculpture workshop with the spectacular power kiting!
Inquire about the possibilities!

Example program Sand sculptures

No idea what a day of making sand sculptures looks like? Below we give an example of what a day can look like for you:

Reception with drinks or lunch (option)
Reception on the beach / beach pavilion
Explanation by sand artist / possibility to change clothes
Start workshop Making sand sculptures
Short break
Part 2 of the workshop Making sand sculptures
End of the workshop
The award ceremony by jury panel

Combination arrangement

It is of course also possible to combine several activities with each other. Combining it with a snack or drink afterwards is also possible! Please let us know in advance, so we can make a sharp offer quote drawing up a clear example plan, so that you gain insight into what the day can look like for you!

To provide you with more clarity, we give you an example of a day with the activities power kiting and the workshop Making Sand Sculptures:

From 10 persons: €25,-

From 25 persons: €22,50

From 50 persons: €20,-


Joey Koomen
November 4 2021
Icon check green
What a great activity for young and old! We really put our creativity to the test with sand. Very entertaining!
November 4 2021
Icon check green
As a staff outing we did a workshop making sand sculptures in Scheveningen. The contact beforehand was very pleasant, I received a quick answer and the activity was arranged in no time. We were well received by Flitz events. There was also some decoration which gave the whole thing that extra atmosphere.
Lotte de Bruyn
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Not difficult at all. We have made a large squid out of sand. We are very proud of it and also want ice sculptures to compare.
"Building with sand is also a super fun and creative team building activity, in which everyone can participate. Be amazed by your own creativity!"

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a sand sculpture?
    A sand sculpture is something you make yourself with some water and sand. Using a plant sprayer. Brush, shovel and knife you make your own unique creation!
  • How does the workshop work?
    How does the workshop work? The Scheveningen sand sculpture workshop takes about two hours. In the beginning you are mainly busy with the preparatory tasks. You cannot make sculptures from the unprocessed sand on the beach, because it does not stick together. You and your team will first prepare the sand to make the most beautiful creations, by adding water, kneading and mashing the whole into a solid substance with which you can start building. When the sand is ready, you start working more focused. Before the course you will receive a subject in which your sand sculpture must fall. This topic can be determined by the trainers, but you as a student can also determine this. You and your team will determine which design you want to make and who will do what within the creation. Together with your team, you will create a sand sculpture that will surprise the whole of Scheveningen.
  • How long does the workshop take?
    The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • What happens in winter?
    In winter we have an appropriate alternative, namely making ice sculptures! In it you get to work yourself and make the most beautiful creations from a block of ice.

What does a day sand sculpture workshop look like?

You are welcomed on the beach of Scheveningen. On request, this could be possible during the lunch or drink which you (possibly) have pre-booked. Accompanied by a sand artist, you will be given a tour through time, where he will tell you everything about the origin of sand sculptures.

He then goes into more detail about the workshop and two teams are made that will compete against each other. The sand artist explains in detail what making sand sculptures looks like and what material you need. Then it's your turn to get started. A subject is chosen and based on that it is up to you what will be made.

Making sand sculptures takes about an hour and a half, after which the jury needs time to assess and admire the works of art. Then a jury verdict follows and it is known which team has made the most beautiful sand sculpture.

Combine the sand sculpture workshop with other activities!

Workshop Sand sculptures are beautiful creations that are at least as beautiful as statues and other forms of art. It is not for nothing that more and more sand artists have found the love for making sculptures. They now want to transfer that love to you. Flitz events therefore also offers a unique way to possibly find your new hobby!

Do you prefer the workshop to combine? Which can! With us it is possible to bundle different activities together, to organize a whole day full of fun for you. How about a mix between creativity and activity, for example, where you first follow the workshop and then go power kiting? Or do you combine the sand sculpture workshop with a delicious lunch or dinner afterwards? The ball is in your court! Let us know where your interests lie and we will draw up a sample plan so that you know exactly what to expect.

Interested in making next level sand castles by the sea? Nice! We are happy to welcome you on the beach of Scheveningen for a fantastic afternoon full of creativity and fun!

Making sculptures in winter?

In winter it can get quite cold, so that the harsh wind on the beach can be experienced as very unpleasant. Workshop Making sand sculptures is not the first thing you think of. Fortunately, at Flitz-Events we offer an atmospheric and winter alternative, namely make ice sculptures. At least as fun and creative.

Would you be interested in making an ice sculpture workshop? Then visit the page and read all about the winter alternative of making sand sculptures workshop!

Making sand sculptures in Scheveningen

Maybe making sand sculptures is your hidden talent. Being creative in the open air, it sounds wonderful. How nice is it that you get a professional course by an experienced sand artist, who knows exactly how to set up the most beautiful creations.

Scheveningen Sand Sculpture Workshop

If you've ever seen someone make sand sculptures and thought to yourself “I want to learn that too”, now is your chance. In Scheveningen you can follow a workshop to make your own sand sculptures. You do this course in a group and you can sign up with a minimum of eight people at the same time. The more the merrier! The group is then divided into smaller teams to create a competition effect. 

The sand sculpture workshop is a unique and original activity that is extremely suitable as a company outing. This is because a lot is asked of cooperation and mutual communication. You also get to know the underlying qualities of your colleagues. How nice is that!

What is sand sculpture

Sand sculptures are works of art created by molding sand using various tools. These works of art are often created on beaches, but they can also be created in other locations, such as parks or fairs.

Sand sculptures can be very diverse, from small, simple shapes to large, more complex sculptures. Some artists make sand sculptures of animals, people, buildings or abstract shapes. Others create realistic depictions of famous figures or historical events.

Making a sand sculpture is a time consuming process that requires a lot of patience and precision. The artist starts by choosing the right sand and removing any impurities. The sand is then moistened and pressed into the desired shape. Some artists use molds or molds to shape the sand, while others shape the sand entirely by hand.

Once completed, sand sculptures are often impressive works of art that garner much admiration from the public. Unfortunately, they are temporary, as they will eventually disappear when exposed to the elements. Yet they remain a popular form of art that is appreciated and admired by many people.

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