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wintry GPS dropping
winter gps dropping
  • Any location of your choice
  • Bad weather scenario
  • Outdoor
  • With assignments

Are you adventurous? Or do you like a magical quest in ice-cold winter atmospheres? Then this winter GPS dropping is just the thing for you. freezing temperatures, icy trails and a snowball fight along the way? It's all possible during this adventure.
After the tour, delicious homemade mulled wine is enjoyed.

What does the winter GPS drop look like?

The new form of an ice cold winter walk with adventure is one GPS tour and is suitable for young and old, large and small. After everyone has arrived at the reception location, teams are made. Each team receives an explanation of how to use the GPS equipment.
To fully adapt the adventure in a winter atmosphere, the aim is to earn all the ingredients for a delicious mulled wine during the ice-cold walk. With this you make your own mulled wine. Then you can enjoy this.
Which team will reach the final destination fastest and has scored the most points after answering the questions? Of course there is a reward for the winners!

Dropping by night

Which can! Make your trip more exciting by performing a GPS dropping in the evening at dusk or sunset in the dark. Navigation will become more difficult. Now try to find your way back!

Parts GPS dropping:

  • Explanation of using GPS
  • Adventure trails


From 10 people20,- pp
From 25 people17,50 pp
From 50 people15,- pp
From 100 people10,- pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


GPS dropping + BBQ + 3 drinks50,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 10 pp
After your winter GPS tour, it is of course wonderful to relax at the most beautiful beach clubs. Complete your day with a nice course dinner or BBQ! And maybe even a drink afterwards!

The possibilities for our packages are endless, something for everyone!

Inquire about the possibilities!


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception on location
Introduction GPS tour
End of GPS tour
Subsequent drink hour
Course dinner
End of program

Our way of working

Frederic Ranier
November 19 2021
Icon check green
- Never done a GPS drop. With this winter theme and the enthusiastic guidance, it was really a great trip! The evening ended with a delicious mulled wine.
Yuki Li
November 19 2021
Icon check green
Very nice that you have to pick the ingredients for your own wine. This way you can warm up nicely after the drop.
Rashid Singh
November 19 2021
Icon check green
Organized the winter drop as a celebration of our 30th anniversary. It was great fun for the whole family. Deliciously closed with a buffet. Everything well arranged by Flitz Events, thanks!
"The GPS tour was very cool! Very nice route on Scheveningen!"

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