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A cozy Escape box with your family
An escape box with your team
  • Completely movable
  • For young and old
  • 90 minutes of action
  • Super exciting

Are you a big fan of escape rooms? Then the escape box is really something for you! Bring the mind-bending riddles and ticking time bomb to the dinner table and play this unique game together with your friends, relatives or colleagues!

Are you eager to solve riddles? Do you like challenges? And don't you succumb to time pressure? Then renting an escape box is an absolute must! Flitz-Events has different escape boxes, varying in level and age. Whether it's your first escape room, or you already have years of experience in solving puzzles, this escape room box is a must!

What is the escape room box?

An escape box is a special game that you can play with your group of friends, family or colleagues. The brain-bending game is based on the well-known escape rooms, where you have to escape from a room within a certain time by solving puzzles and riddles. With the escape box, the goal is to open a chest or box by solving various assignments. The escape box is ideal for a pleasant evening with friends or during a team building activity for companies.

With the escape box you get a box with different puzzles and riddles. Each puzzle or riddle takes you one step closer to opening the chest. The puzzles can vary in difficulty, making the game challenging for all participants. The nice thing about the escape box is that you have to work together to open the box. You have to help each other, consult and work together to solve the assignments. This not only makes the game fun, but also a good way to strengthen team spirit.

The benefits of the escape room at home

  • Just as exciting as the well-known escape rooms
  • Teamwork and communication contribute to a stronger bond
  • Challenging puzzles and riddles
  • Creative interpretation of a day out!


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Be Robinson Crusoe
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The benefits of the escape room at home

  • Just as exciting as the well-known escape rooms
  • Teamwork and communication contribute to a stronger bond
  • Challenging puzzles and riddles
  • Creative interpretation of a day out!

Escape room box at home or at the office

The escape box is ideal to rent during a fun family day, children's party or a Friday afternoon drink at work. The box full of riddles and puzzles brings a new dimension to a pleasant afternoon with friends, family or colleagues. Teamwork comes first! Use each other's strengths and make sure you solve all riddles as quickly as possible to open the box!

Rent the escape room box at Flitz-Events

Does playing an escape box really appeal to you? Rent it quickly at Flitz-Events! We have several unique escape room boxes for all ages! We have a challenging box full of mind-bending questions and mysterious riddles for both young and old.

Will you manage to solve all solutions within the time? Find out during the escape room box! Take without obligation contact Contact us to discuss rental options. 

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