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Summer camp

Unforgettable summer camps, you will find them in South Holland! You are close to The Hague and Scheveningen Flitz events at the right place when it comes to unforgettable summer camps! Attention to the children is central. In an unforgettable camp week they experience various sporting activities. The children can fully enjoy themselves in the open air. surfing, quests, workshops, power kiting, skimboarding and other beach games, you definitely don't want to miss this camp at Flitz-Events!

In a week full of fun activities, the children learn all about popular beach sports such as surfing and power kiting† Fun is number one here. Do not hesitate and register your child for the summer camp of Flitz-Events. We assure you, it will be a week to remember!

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Program summer camp The Hague

The summer camp consists of a number of sporty and summery days in which the children learn all about beach sports such as power kiting and beach volleyball together. They also do various quests here and eat together during lunch. The nice thing about the summer camp is that after a day full of sports, the children can sleep in their own bed at night. The next day they report again for another day full of great activities and games. A unique and above all unforgettable week full of fun and conviviality. One thing is certain, your child will make a lot of new friends! 

The daily program consists of a selection of various sports. Think about power kiting, bubble football, knot hockey and skimboarding. Around noon, the children have lunch together. This is also provided by Flitz-Events. At the end of the afternoon, around 16:30 pm, the children can be picked up again to sleep in their own beds in the evening.

Benefits of summer camp The Hague

Summer camp The Hague is not just a fun camp. It is the nicest camp in the Netherlands. We know from experience that children really enjoy enjoying great activities on the beach with peers. The advantages: 

-Make friends and girlfriends;

-The children just sleep at home;

-Educational and social way to be with peers; 

Adventure activities in and around Scheveningen? A great camp week full of unique activities during the summer or autumn holidays. The best camp during the summer holidays!

The best holiday camp of the year!

Looking for the best summer camp for kids? At Flitz-Events we organize camps for various age groups. The camp 14–16 years is one of the most popular camps, where many children come together to perform different sports and games. The unique thing about a summer camp at Flitz-Events is that all sports are performed on the beach or in the dunes. This allows us to offer different activities than many other camps. This is how the children learn everything about power kiting, where they experience the forces of the wind using large kites. They also compete against each other in various team games. Think of bumper football and club hockey. These are sports that resemble the traditional, but differ in the lack of rules. This makes it accessible to everyone!

At Flitz-Events we are happy to help you answer all your questions. We understand that a camp in the summer is exciting for your child, and can sometimes raise some questions. You can therefore always reach us by telephone or e-mail for additional information.

 Do not hesitate and sign up for the best holiday camp in the Netherlands!

Summer camp kids

A summer camp, also known as children's camps or youth camps, are great camps full of unique and unforgettable activities. At Flitz-Events we organize summer camps for both juniors and children over 16 years old. Of course we adapt our activities to this! The different age groups come together in an adventurous week, with activities such as: power kiting, canoeing, swimming, climbing and a great dropping. In short, a top holiday! 

Like no other we understand that children do not like to sleep outside. That is why the activities only take place in the afternoon and the kids can sleep at home every day. How nice!

Summer camp 16 years and older

For children older than 16 years, the lake is equipped for challenging water sports. It is a super fun camp where young people learn everything in the open air. A real outdoor experience!

Many children see it as a surf camp, but with various other activities. You don't have to go to the Ardennes or the Spanish coast for this. The summer camp of Flitz-Events simply takes place in the always cozy Scheveningen!

In addition to water sports such as power kiting and canoeing, the kids also play Robinson Crusoe! This is a unique activity full of challenge! The tests consist of different assignments in which the true nature of the participants is tested. The game resembles the real Robinson from TV! 

Who will be crowned the real Robinson? 

What to do during the camp? 

From the colorful evening to cozy breakfasts and from archery to survival, all kinds of great and unique activities during a unique and fun youth camp. 

You don't have to worry about the overnight stay! The kids just sleep at home! It is not for nothing that the summer camp of Flitz-Events is one of the nicest youth camps in the Netherlands. The kids have a great time and make new friends in no time. Because let's face it, making new friends is the best thing there is!

Organizing summer camp? 

Are you planning to organize a camp? That is no longer necessary! At Flitz-Events we have the best summer camps in the country. This youth camp has it all! Swimming, climbing, laughing, entertainment. One thing is certain, your child will be talking about the unforgettable week for months and years to come! 

We make a cozy campfire, play different adventure games full of challenges, and have a nice meal together. An unforgettable experience for every age group. 

Come along and discover the best summer camp in the Netherlands!

Example program day 1 The Hague:

  • 09:00 collect at agreed location
  • 09:30 – 11:30 power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen
  • 11:30 – 12:30 Knot hockey in teams of 8
  • 12:30 – 13:30 lunch together
  • 13:30 – 15:30 Treasure hunt through the Hague Dunes
  • 15:30 – 16:30 Closing day 1

At Flitz-Events it is possible to choose between a 3-day or a 5-day summer camp. All in all a week to remember. The daily program consists of a selection of various sports. Think of power kiting, bubble football, club hockey and skimboarding. Around noon, the children have lunch together. This is also provided by Flitz-Events. At the end of the afternoon, around 16:30 pm, the children can be picked up again to sleep in their own beds in the evening.

Want to know more about the summer camp? 

The Flitz-Events summer camp is one of the nicest camps in the Netherlands. Of course we comply with the quality mark children's holiday. We think it is extremely important that the kids experience an unforgettable week. Whether you are 10 or 16 years old, a youth surf camp full of adventure and fun for everyone. 

If you want to know more about the activity, we advise you to contact us. Our employees are happy to talk to you to tell you more about it!