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Flitz Events Review
workshop painting creative team building
painting workshop Scheveningen
  • No experience necessary
  • For everyone accessible
  • Relaxation and creativity
  • Professional guidance

Are you the new Picasso?

Making 1 large painting together with your colleagues, friends or family is one of our creative activities. Good cooperation is a requirement for this and therefore the perfect way to get started teambuilding.

It is of course possible to determine in advance which theme the painting must meet since you may take this painting with you. As described above, it is possible to make a large painting with a large group of 1, but it is of course also possible to work in small groups.

Together with an instructor who graduated from the art academy you will work with brushes and various colors to create your own artwork. And if you can't solve it, our instructor will of course help you on your way!

Program components:

  • Reception
  • Introduction instructor
  • Sketches and designs
  • To work!


From 10 people€ 27,50 pp
From 25 people€ 25,00 pp
From 50 people€ 22,50 pp
From 100 peopleRequest a Quote
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Workshop Painting + BBQfrom 55,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 22.50 pp
Fancy a completely creative afternoon? Flitz-Events has a wide range of creative activities! Combine the painting workshop with our trendy graffiti workshop! Or maybe a cocktail shaking workshop to round off your program!
The possibilities are endless!
You can also combine your activity with a delicious lunch or dinner.
Inquire about the possibilities!


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception on location
Start workshop
End workshop
Subsequent drink hour
Start Dinner/BBQ

Our way of working

Maxime de Rotten
November 4 2021
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Surprisingly fun. The concept (merging the artworks into a beautiful poster) is really cool.
Suzy Barrett
November 4 2021
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Incredibly fun activities in which you have to work well together for a great end result. We really enjoyed it and had a delicious barbecue afterwards!
Josine Ubink
November 4 2021
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We were completely in the creative atmosphere because of the sand sculptures. The poster we made hangs nicely in the office & goes in the yearbook.
"Turn a blank canvas into a true masterpiece. Work together on 1 large unique painting or create your own work of art!"

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  • What does the workshop look like?
    The photo is cut into pieces, each gets a piece and will paint it on canvas. Before we start painting, we put the canvases together and ensure that the different canvases connect. Everyone works individually at a table on his or her painting. Then we put the cloths together into 1 whole. Another option is that a sketch is put on the small canvases in advance by the artist and each person gets a part of the puzzle to paint it in, then it's puzzle time to put them all together in the correct order. Before and during the workshop explanation, guidance and help with painting.

Workshop painting Puzzle

Creating a large painting together consisting of small paintings is a fun activity and team building in one.

Prior to the workshop we discuss how many paintings the painting will consist of, the size of the painting and the subject.
You can use your own theme, a picture, a photo, a well-known painter or the logo of your company as a starting point or be surprised.

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