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kite making workshop
Build mega kites
  • Teambuilding
  • loud cheers and cheers
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  • Result

Are you also one of those people who used to collect all kinds of materials such as twigs, newspapers and wool to make a kite? Then the kite making workshop is the ideal experience for you!

During this workshop you will learn to make a kite that, if all goes well, can actually take to the air at the end of the workshop. The kite making workshop is also great fun as a team building activity; you have a lot of materials and a lot of ideas that should lead to one beautiful kite. In addition to being a unique activity for children, adults can also design a homemade kite.

The sky is no longer the limit! Make your own kite and let it soar to lonely heights during this kite making workshop! Are you up to the challenge?

The sky is no longer the limit:

  • Collaborating has never been so much fun
  • Professional guidance
  • Free bad weather alternative
  • Custom organized


Group from 10 people€ 35,00 pp
Group from 25 people€ 32,50 pp
Group from 50 people€ 30,00 pp
Group from 100 people€ 27,50 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Build a mega kite + 3 consumption coupons35,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 27.50
After such a challenging activity it is of course extra fun to socialize with each other. You do that most pleasantly while enjoying a snack and drink. At Flitz events everything is possible: a BQQ on the beach, a lunch, an extensive dinner, pizza, sushi or an extensive drink. Ask about all options.


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception of guests
Welcome + explanation program
Divide into groups + build
Construction of the giant kite
the big moment
closure of the program
Subsequent drink hour
Start BBQ/dinner/buffet
End of program

Our way of working

Jose Pessers
November 12 2021
Icon check green
With the help of our host, we were able to really enjoy the end result
Heidi de Goeijen
November 12 2021
Icon check green
Highly recommended if you are looking for creativity, collaboration and lots of fun!
Nancy Vellekoop
November 12 2021
Icon check green
Fun way to get to know each other well! We worked well together and had a lot of fun! Not very difficult to do either.
"The moment the kite takes off, you know for sure that this day has been successful."

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  • Where can kite building take place?
    Kite building can take place at different locations! We already have a number of beautiful locations ready for you: Kites build Scheveningen, Kites build Kijkduin, Kites build Hoek van Holland. To make the workshop a success, we need a space where we have enough space to fly kites, because we conclude with a great Kite fight!
  • Is Kite Building suitable as a company outing?
    Building kites is extremely suitable for your company outing, together with your team you can get creative. We close in a fun way with our kite fight… so do your best to make a strong kite!

Build kites & mega kite

Een workshop vliegers maken is ontzettend leuk en zelf een mega vlieger bouwen nog leuker. Bij Flitz-events kan je met een groep bouwen aan een vlieger of aan een mega vlieger. Een geweldig teamuitje, ook voor grote groepen. Na een paar uur knutselen kunnen jullie de vlieger oplaten en kijken of de vlieger het ook echt doet. Natuurlijk doet jouw zelfgemaakte vlieger het, daar zorgen onze professionele begeleiders wel voor. Een geweldig gevoel geeft dat, om zelf een (mega) vlieger te bouwen en dan te zien dat deze het ook echt doet.

Workshop vliegers maken is een heel geschikte activiteit als je op zoek bent naar een teambuildingsuitje. Immers, hoe beter er wordt samengewerkt, hoe sneller je vlieger klaar is en hoe beter het resultaat.


powerkiting is kite flying with a power kite where you go into the air yourself so that you can make jumps. Or let yourself be carried away by the power kite and race across the beach. A great exciting outing and the ultimate challenge. You will receive instructions in advance on how to control the power kite. Very nice to do in a group and you can turn it into a real competition. Who makes the highest, craziest or furthest jump with the power kite? Who will reach the finish first by being dragged by the power kite? Power kiting is possible at locations in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin.

Prefer a different location? Request information without obligation from Flitz events.

How do you build a mega kite?

Het bouwen van een mega vlieger doe je in delen die later aan elkaar worden gekoppeld. Het is dan ook een heel geschikte activiteit voor grote groepen. De groep wordt in kleinere groepjes verdeeld die met elkaar aan de onderdelen van de workshop mega vliegers maken. Een bijzonder leuke activiteit om met het al het kantoorpersoneel te doen. Of nodig je klanten uit om deel te nemen aan deze bijzondere ervaring.
After each group has built an equal part, all parts are attached to each other.

This is how a huge kite comes about; a mega large 3-dimensional flying whole. Then all participants can still work with thick markers to decorate the mega kite. This way you give a personal touch to the kite. Then the mega kite can finally take to the air. Teamwork is also required for kite flying with a mega kite.

Why kite making workshop?

Kite flying is great fun. Using a large kite you experience the forces of the wind. Within a short time you can make beautiful shapes and you can enjoy an afternoon of fresh air on the beach. How nice is it if this is possible with your own kite?

Kiting is great fun and building a mega kite yourself is even more fun. At Flitz events you can build a kite or a mega kite with a group. A great team outing, also for large groups. After a few hours of tinkering, you can launch the kite and see if the kite really works. Of course your self-made kite will work, our professional supervisors will take care of that.

Een geweldig gevoel geeft dat, om zelf een (mega) vlieger te bouwen en dan te zien dat deze het ook echt doet. Een workshop vliegers maken is een heel geschikte activiteit als je op zoek bent naar een teambuildingsuitje. Immers, hoe beter er wordt samengewerkt, hoe sneller je vlieger klaar is en hoe beter het resultaat.

What does the kite making workshop look like?

During the kite making workshop you will be helped under professional guidance in putting together a beautiful kite that will stay in the air for a long time. The instructor will explain everything about the origin of the kite, and of course will give tips to make the best shape for the kite.

Workshop Vliegers maken was nog nooit zo leuk!

What does the ideal kite look like?

The ideal kite consists of a number of important requirements. In addition to strong rope, paper, sticks, glue and plastic, you also need the necessary creativity. This results in a beautiful and original kite that can be admired high in the air.

After making the kites, it's up to you to test whether it stays in the air for a long time. If everyone keeps their kite in the air, it produces a unique image of self-designed creations!

What do you need for the ideal kite?

  • A good and strong stick to build the heart;
  • Strong paper that can carry the wind;
  • Strong rope that does not collapse under the force;
  • Well-functioning glue to fix the sticks and thread together.

In addition to the different materials you need to make a unique kite, you must also have the necessary creativity to make a unique creation. The kite making workshop is a unique activity for both large and small groups

Other workshops at Flitz events

If you are looking for a fun activity for a day out, you can choose from all kinds of options at Flitz events. In addition to kite building, you can also learn to make sand sculptures, slippers or pimp clogs, learn to make cocktails or paint. Not everyone feels like or has the opportunity to help build the mega kite and they can then opt for another fun activity. Do you still want to be busy with team building?

Then the photo painting workshop make a very nice alternative. You may submit your own photo. From the company logo, a painting by a well-known painter or a nice photo, for example. Then the photo is cut into parts and each team gets a part. Then get to work to get the part of the photo on canvas.

At the end of the workshop, all parts are put together into one whole. Now a beautiful photo painting has been created. During the workshop there is professional guidance, explanation and help.

Kite building as part of a team building day

Zowel de workshop vliegers maken als de workshop mega vlieger bouwen kan onderdeel uitmaken van een volledig dag team builden. Of je nou met de hele afdeling of met het voltallige kantoorpersoneel komt, wij zorgen dat het een onvergetelijke dag wordt. Een dag waarin alle deelnemers elkaar beter leren kennen, tegen én met elkaar strijden. De dag kunnen jullie geheel naar wens invullen. Het kan gaan om een ochtend-, middag- en avondprogramma maar bijvoorbeeld ook alleen de middag en avond.

We offer a very large and varied range of activities so that there is always something suitable for every group. Even in winter or in bad weather.

For example, opt for a reception with coffee and cake, followed by an activity. Then a nice lunch can be on the program. Build the (mega) kite in the afternoon and then enjoy kite flying itself. We also offer all kinds of team building outings for the evening. The pub quiz, for example, where teams compete against each other. There are also all kinds of other workshops that are fun, challenging or educational.

Throwing a blast party in the evening? That is of course also possible, for example in a beach bar or on a party boat.

Choose the kite making workshop at Flitz-Events now!

Bij Flitz-Events ben je van harte welkom voor ene unieke activiteit in en nabij Scheveningen, workshop vliegers maken! Dit is een originele activiteit voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen. In groepen gaan jullie aan de slag om een mooie vlieger te bouwen die zich staande houdt in de stevige wind langs de kust. Aan de hand van diverse materialen en inlevingsvermogen maken jullie een vlieger die urenlang kan blijven zweven in de lucht.

Heb je vragen over de workshops vliegers maken? Neem dan gerust contact with us. In addition, you can also use a Request quote to find out more about the prices of the workshop. 

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