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  • 25 years of experience
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Flitz Events Review
Vr strip club escape game
Strip Club Fr
Fri strip club
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Step into the exciting world of Virtual Reality and experience a unique and groundbreaking form of entertainment at our VR Strip Club! Are you looking for an unforgettable experience for your next friends outing or bachelor party? Look no further, because we offer an innovative and exclusive experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Leave the traditional ideas behind and immerse yourself in the futuristic ambiance of our VR Strip Club. Here entertainment, technology and fun come together in a revolutionary way. Step into the world of virtual reality, where you are not just a spectator, but participate in an unprecedented experience.

VR strip club in a team or against each other

The game can be played in two ways. On the one hand, it can be played as a team, where the players work together to overcome the challenges and reach the goal. On the other hand, it can also be played as a battle royale, where players compete against each other to determine who comes out victorious. Both options provide a unique gaming experience, in which teamwork and strategic thinking are central.

What is the VR strip club?

The main character of our game, the bachelor, has disappeared and was last seen in a strip club in Amsterdam. The police have so far been unsuccessful in finding the missing bachelor and time is running out.

You and your team are called in to help solve this mysterious disappearance. Unlike other games, this game was filmed in a real strip club, using 360 degree 3D images that we made interactive. Your team must find clues, solve puzzles and interrogate characters to find out exactly what happened to the missing bachelor. You only have an hour to find out the truth before it's too late!

Put on your sleuth and search for clues in this immersive game that introduces you to the dark and exciting world of Amsterdam's strip clubs. Do you dare?


From 10 people€ 30 pp
From 25 people€ 27,50 pp
From 50 people€ 25 pp
From 100 people€ 22,50 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!



Charlotte van Rooij
June 1, 2023
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Super challenging game in virtual reality! This isn't just gaming, this is a real experience!
Christel Bouma
June 1, 2023
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Booked this VR activity for my best friend's bachelor party, had a lot of fun with the great guidance!
Sandeep Adonijah
June 1, 2023
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I organized a VR gaming night for my group of friends and it was really fun and a lot of laughs too. The game was easy to understand and provided hours of entertainment thanks to the detailed explanation of the Flitz-Events supervisor.
"Experience a unique bachelor party together with Flitz-Events! Can you take on the exciting and unique challenge?"

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Make your friends outing or bachelor party even more fun

The VR strip club game is a great and hilarious way to make your friends outing or bachelorette party even more fun! Bee Flitz events we offer this unique game and we ensure that you experience a great day.

Ask for the possibilities without obligation if you are interested in the VR comic game!

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