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  • 25 years of experience
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  • 6000+ trips per year
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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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Kiting beach
Powerkiting Scheveningen3
Powerkiten Kijkduin
  • Professional guidance
  • Get some fresh air on the beach
  • Fun, relaxation and challenge

Would you like to fly a kite on the beach? Kite flying on the beach is the ultimate challenge! Enjoy a day of fresh air on the beach Scheveningen, Kijkduin of Hoek van Holland with Nasawing kites and mattresses in all shapes and sizes.
Small kites for people who want to relax. And bigger for people who go for the extreme and want to experience the power of the wind for themselves. So his will for everyone! Kiting is also called power kiting named. Flitz events kites with controllable kites (2 line kites). We use high quality and the latest kite materials.
Before you arrive with your group, we ensure that the kites are ready for use. We start with some small kites for safety. So that everyone first learns to fly the kite properly. When things get better we will throw bigger kites into the air to start with the real work! And that will be fun!
Due to the different sizes of kites, we can already start from wind force 2 to wind force 7.
You don't have to constantly throw the kite into the air, when you crashed the kite, the kites will almost automatically go back into the air! That makes flying a lot of fun!


  • Professional guidance
  • Get some fresh air on the beach
  • Fun, relaxation and challenge
  • Kites of all shapes and sizes


Group from 2 people:20
Group from 25 people:17,50
Group from 50 people:15
Group from 100 people12,50
Prices are per person and include VAT


Kite flying + BBQ + 3 drinks50,- pp
Kite flying + Sand sculptures50,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 12.50 pp
Flitz events organizes an entire day entirely according to your wishes. Combine the challenging kite flying with a lunch, BBQ or dinner. Do you just want a drink afterwards, or just an activity? This is of course also possible.
Each location naturally has its own atmosphere and appearance. Thanks to our wide network of Beach clubs and catering locations, we find the right location that suits your needs. If you have specific wishes for the catering industry, we can put you in touch with the right person at the relevant location so that your day runs smoothly. Of course we can take into account your dietary wishes and allergies.

Sample program

(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception with optional snack and/or drink
Program explanation
Extensive instruction by our instructors
Pilot control or instructor guidance
Learn kite tricks
First jump with kite flying
BBQ or a drink afterwards

Method of operation

Annushka Aikman
November 17 2021
Icon check green
cool!! Was full of adrenaline as we raced over the waves!
Peter van Wallen
November 17 2021
Icon check green
Very nice, I never expected to do this!
Bas Koemelker
November 17 2021
Icon check green
It took me a while to get the hang of it but practice makes perfect! Despite the struggle, it was super entertaining and it gives you a confidence boost!
"Kites in all shapes and sizes, a challenge for everyone to defy the wind. Exciting, powerful and yet accessible."

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are they large or small kites?
    Both small and large kites are available. The small kites are for when you want to relax quietly, the large kites are for the real challengers who want to feel the power of the wind.
  • Are the kites for children or adults?
    We have many different sizes of kites, so the workshop is accessible for all ages.
  • What if there is no wind?
    Due to the different sizes of kites, we can start from wind force 2 to wind force 7. So it doesn't matter much.

We give the workshop at different locations:

- Kite flying Noordwijk

– Kite flying Katwijk

– Kite flying Wassenaar

- Kite flying in Scheveningen

- Kite watching Kijkduin

- Kite flying Hoek van Holland

Flying a kite

Kite flying has come over from China, but has also been a much practiced activity in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages. The most famous form of kite flying is the diamond-shaped kite with tail, which people fly, but it is also a sport. You can practice the kite sport in different ways, whereby different kites can be used.

You have people who fly kites with one line, who don't fly the kite and you have to enjoy the kite most of all. And you have kite flyers flying kites with more lines and doing stunts with their kite. It is also possible to practice sports with kites, such as kite surfing. An athlete stands on a small surfboard and is pulled forward by the kite. Power kiting is also possible with a large kite. This allows a buggy, mountainboard or person to be pulled forward.

Power kiting is very popular for a reason. Because of the strength of the wind, flying a kite for an hour feels like a real workout. A unique experience on the beach of Scheveningen. Here we welcome you and explain everything in the field of kite flying xxl.

Kite flying on the beach

Kite flying on the beach is a fun and relaxing activity for young and old. It is a way to breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when flying a kite on the beach. For example, it is important to choose a good kite that is suitable for the wind conditions on the beach. For example, kites with a large wing area are better suited to light winds, while smaller kites perform better in strong winds.

It is also advisable to choose an area on the beach that is free of obstacles, such as trees or lampposts. This makes it easier to keep the kite in the air and prevents the kite from bumping into obstacles.

Also remember to keep enough space between yourself and other people on the beach. This way you prevent someone from being accidentally hit by the kite.

Finally, it is important to enjoy kite flying and take the time to learn it. Try different techniques and keep practicing, because the better you get at kite flying, the more fun you will have. So grab that kite and go enjoy a beautiful day at the beach!

Kite flying beach, kite flying for beginners and for every age

Beach kite flying, also known as power kiting, is one of our most popular beach activities. And that is not without reason! Using large kites you will learn in no time to make beautiful shapes in the air. If you want to take a sportier approach, it is always possible to go for a larger kite. You will then notice that the wind can put quite a lot of force behind the kite. This allows you to drag yourself across the sand, but also to make jumps of up to 2 meters high!

It is not for nothing that kite flying is suitable for every age. For young or old, everyone experiences a unique day on the beach of Scheveningen. Enjoy a breath of fresh air! For this reason kite flying on the beach is often chosen as an activity for a family day party, friends outing or outings where the ages vary widely. Because our guides work with different pilots, there is something for everyone. For those who want to take it easy can opt for the smaller kite. Those who want to experience the rough power of the wind can opt for the large kite.

Our supervisors will indicate when you can go a step further, because you first have to learn to control the kite. You also have to learn the technique and know what to do and what not to do. You also have to be able to act when something could possibly go wrong. Have you mastered all that? Then it's up to you to fly a kite on the beach with the big kite!

Releasing the kite

If you want to take off the kite, you have to go to a place where there are no obstacles, such as buildings, that cause turbulence in air currents. The beach or an open field are good options. If the wind is blowing strongly, you can launch the kite. Make sure that the kite is always pointing into the wind. Hold the kite as high as possible with your back to the wind.

If you feel that the wind is blowing against the kite, you should release the kite slowly. If there is enough wind, the kite will go up. In that case you can relax the rope. If this causes the kite to descend, pull the rope tighter again, so that the kite rises again. Repeat the tightening and slackening of the rope a few times until the kite rises to high and more even winds.

Get to know the types of kites

You have different types of kites, including the 1 line, which is not steerable and is attached to 1 line. They mainly serve to look at while you hold the kite. In addition, you have the delta, a stick kite that is attached to two kite lines. By pulling on a line you can make sure the kite steers to the right or left, steers up or down, does somersaults or turns in circles.

You also have stick kites, which you can send with 1, 2 or 4 lines. They are widely used for trick kite flying, because you can fly the many beautiful figures with this stick kite. You also have a mattress kite, without sticks and with 2, 3 or 4 lines. The mattress kite with 2 lines is mainly intended for fun.

The four-line mattress kites have many brake lines, which gives you a lot of control. Ideal for buggies and mountainboarding. Finally, you also have a hybrid kite, which resembles a mattress kite. The difference is that this kite has no air chambers and has flexible sticks that keep the kite in shape.

At which locations can I fly a kite?

Kite flying is allowed almost anywhere on the beach. However, it is extremely important that you do this in a place where you will not be a nuisance to anyone. This way you prevent annoying injuries and other dangers in busy places. You are very welcome to come power kiting in Scheveningen. However, if this is not possible, it is often possible to move to another location. Hoek van Holland, Noordwijk, Ijmuiden, there are countless beautiful beaches where you can safely fly a kite.

If we may give you a tip, we still recommend choosing the beautiful Scheveningen. This is because you have a beautiful view over the well-known pier, the main attraction of The Hague and Scheveningen.

Will we see you soon on the beach of Scheveningen for a unique day of kite flying on the beach? Nice! Ask for a quote without obligation and find out what it costs to experience a fantastic day!

What does the kite flying beach look like?

Kite flying beach is great fun! This is because you can choose whether you want to take it easy or rather look for a bit more of a challenge. That is why it is often chosen for large groups of different ages! Whether you are young or old, everyone can kite beach.

Everyone starts with a small, compact kite. This way you learn the skills and you know exactly how to keep the kite in the air. Our supervisors will then explain everything to you, so that you can then get to work yourself to make beautiful shapes in the air.

When they see that you have full control over your kite flying, they will give you a bigger kite. Then you will notice that there is quite a lot of force on the kite. This is because it catches more wind. This makes it possible to let yourself be pulled over the beach of Scheveningen and make jumps of up to 2 meters high! You can also compete against your friends to see who can jump the highest or furthest.

Meet the wind!

You often don't realize the forces of the wind. Logical, thanks to all kinds of buildings and other properties, the wind is broken and the strength will decrease. When you hang out the kite, however, you will notice that the kite is very much influenced by the force of the wind. When there is a strong wind force you will notice that it becomes a lot more difficult to get the kite in a certain direction. You will then be dragged over the sand of Scheveningen.

The nice thing is that you can really turn the drag along into a competition, making it look like you are racing with each other. It is also possible to make big jumps. Sometimes you will notice that the wind is so strong that you make jumps of up to 2 meters high. That's great fun! You will notice that you get to know the wind better and better, so that you control the forces and can really use them.

Combine kite flying with a snack or drink

Kite flying is regularly combined with a beach snack or drink. After an hour full of challenge and fun, it is really nice to talk about the fantastic experience. We understand that like no other!

At Flitz-Events we have many contacts with our fellow restaurants Scheveningen. That is why it is possible to offer many options for an arrangement. Do you want to eat pizza, sushi or another culinary meal? Then you are very welcome! BBQing can also last for hours in the pleasant summer months!

De drink boat is a mix between the snack and the drink, and an activity. You come together on a cozy boat, with atmospheric music. While enjoying a bitterbal and a beer or wine, you can then chat about the exciting day.

Combine kite flying on the beach with another activity!

It is also always possible to organize activities with us to combine. This is ideal if you want to organize a full day for groups. A combination of activities is usually chosen for company parties, bachelor parties, family day outings and numerous other outings with large groups.

How about a combination of kite flying and expedition Robinson? This is a sporting activity where you compete against each other in two teams in various crazy tests. You will be coconut bumping, building rafts, tug of war and many other games. The team that performs all the tests best wins the activity. Who will be crowned the winner of Expedition Robinson?

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