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Team building ideas

Teambuilding outings contribute to the strength of a team. If you are looking for team building ideas, you will find all kinds of super fun activities on the Flitz events website. Sporty and active outings, exciting activities on the beach or in the city. Working on team building with the entire department, with a permanent team or with a project team during fun and fun activities. All our outings are professionally set up and workshops, for example, are always led by a professional. We organize the team building activities according to your wishes, in consultation, down to the last detail. You can work with the team for part of a day, but also for a whole day. Combine creative and sporting activities to get the most out of the team building outing. Of course also with good food and drinks to catch up and enjoy our great activities.


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Team building activity ideas

We have a lot of super fun team building ideas, both sporty and creative. Choose from all kinds of cool workshops such as make sand sculptures, making a kite, making jewelry or pimp wooden shoes or make a photo painting with the whole group. Very nice to take a picture of the whole team! There is also plenty to do in the sporting field. Playing sports in a team, having teams compete against each other, sailing in a boat that requires cooperation and many other possibilities. On our site you will find lots of great ideas for team building outings and you can always call for consultation. We often organize the outings on the beach, but a different location is also possible.

A good team building idea

The good team building ideas takes into account several factors. The age of the participants, the composition of the group and of course the intended goal in terms of team building. When it comes to a very mixed group, you make different choices than when it comes to a group of young men or women.

The latter group may be in for exciting activities such as wave surfing or braving the waves in a powerboat. For teambuilding in mixed groups in terms of age, a workshop or a team sport is often chosen in which everyone can participate. Boeren beach golf for example. We organize many outings on the beach of Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin, but also in The Hague, for example. Other team building ideas: Robinson Experience, building a mega kite, GPS tours, a cruise with a quiz along the way or a volleyball tournament.

Sports outings are also plentiful. In a team or competitive. Exciting are kiting, surf rafting and wave surfing. Or a trip with the powerboat. You can work on team building in groups during a game of beach volleyball, farmer's beach golf or during the fun bubble footbal. All great ideas for team building & outings, and a lot more is possible.

It is also possible for small group team building activities

There are many opportunities for team building activities. Here are some team building ideas for adults:

  1. escape rooms: These are interactive games where teams work together to solve riddles and escape from a room.
  2. Outdoor activities: For example, go power kiting together, Robinson Suvival games or surf rafting. These activities require cooperation and trust in each other.
  3. Cooking workshops: Make a meal together or learn a new cooking technique. This can lead to new social connections and the sharing of cultural backgrounds.

It is important to choose activities that match the interests and skills of the team so that everyone can benefit from the team building experience.

team building ideas workshops

Team building workshops are a great way to help team members get closer, communicate and learn to work together. There are countless workshop ideas suitable for teams of all sizes and in all industries. Here are some of the most popular team building workshop options for Flitz-Events;

  1. Creative workshops: Give employees the opportunity to express their creativity through an art, music or writing workshop. This is a good way to relax employees and help them discover their creative side.
  2. Games: Organize a games afternoon with games for employees to play together, such as strategy games or role-playing games. This is a fun way to relax employees and improve their social skills.
  3. Survival skills training: With this workshop, team members learn how to survive in difficult circumstances and how to work together to survive.
  4. Team building games: There are countless team building games that team members can play to learn how to work together and get closer to each other. This can be of indoor or outdoor activities, depending on the team's preferences and the space available.
  5. Workshop on communication This workshop is where team members can learn how to communicate better with each other and how to solve problems using effective communication skills.
  6. Yoga or Meditation: These workshops allow team members to learn how to relax and improve their mental health through yoga or meditation. This can help reduce stress and strengthen bonds between team members.

It is important to choose an activity that suits the team and that everyone feels comfortable with. Through team building you can not only strengthen the team feeling, but also improve communication and cooperation.

ideas for team building, collaborating or competing

Teambuilding consists of collaboration and competition. Many of our outings carry both components. For example, the Robinson Experience is played in two teams that compete against each other. Collaboration is required within the team. A very exciting and very popular team building outing. Logical because it is also a lot of fun: shooting coconuts, pulling liana, solving brain breakers, a water race and other activities. They sweat, but also laugh a lot.

During a workshop collaboration is often also necessary, for example when making a photo painting, but it is also an undertone of competition. You can increase this component by making prices available. Our instructor or professional at the workshops is also a game leader and jury member. We provide all necessary materials to make the workshop a success.

Professional guidance

Professional support is available at all our outings. The use of materials is included and of course there is instruction and help available. The supervisor also acts as a jury member if this applies to the chosen activity.

Eat Drink

Of course, good food and drinks should not be missed during an outing. Via our website you can search for ideas for team building and outings and we will arrange everything. Also the food and drinks. Of course after consultation with you about your wishes and available budget. Everything is possible: brunch, high tea, high wine, sushi, pizza, a bbq on the beach, eating during a boat trip or extensive dining in a restaurant.