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  • 25 years of experience
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  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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Suzie Q Bar
Suzie Q dining area
Suzie Q food
Suzie Q open space
  • Hospitable with all the dots and i's crossed
  • Years of experience in organization
  • Accessible with high-quality, recognizable dishes
  • Green connection between inside and outside
  • Conveniently located between beach and city

Bar & Restaurant Suzie Q is located at the Second Harbor of Scheveningen between the beach of Scheveningen and the city of The Hague. A botanical wilderness with its own atmosphere and character that serves as a restaurant and event location.

Bar & Restaurant Suzie Q

Suzie Q is a multifunctional location with various rooms and all the necessary facilities to organize successful, tailor-made events. Furthermore, the events team has built up enormous knowledge by facilitating more than 100 events per year.
The result of the combination between the experienced team and the carefully designed location leads to an unforgettable experience a unique event location in Scheveningen.

The restaurant

The restaurant is spacious with a large bar and many cozy corners. The restaurant has a large terrace at the front overlooking the harbor. Guests can go here for lunch, drinks and dinner during the sunny months. The menu is adorned with high-quality dishes that are recognizable to everyone.

The Loft

The private space, the Loft, on the first floor is completely closed off from the restaurant and offers 100% privacy. The space has a warm appearance and the use of a lot of glass provides a perfect link with the outside.
The space can be arranged as desired and with the help of individual tables, high tables, bar stools and plants, it is suitable for every occasion. The Loft has its own entrance on the harbor side and has a bar and a toilet group.
The maximum capacity of the Loft is 90 people for a seated event and 150 for a standing event. The use of mobile planters also makes it attractive for smaller groups.

The void

The loft overlooking the restaurant is suitable for a seated dinner for up to 32 people. A walking dinner or a nice drink is also possible for groups of up to 35 people!

Drinks square

The drinks square in front of the 11 meter long bar is the place for a relaxing drink. It is ideal for Friday evenings, birthdays, graduation drinks and other informal affairs with an atmospheric character. The maximum capacity is 35 people

At Suzie Q it's all about tasting. There is a wide range of wines, (special) beers and cocktails. The kitchen brigade cooks every day with a big smile for meat and fish lovers, but vegetarian guests also like to come here!
From a three-course menu, shared dining, walking dinner or well-decorated drinks, it's all possible.

Are there specific wishes that the arrangements need to be adapted to? Which can! The versatile team has the ability to customize any arrangement.


Three-course menu € 25,50 pp
Shared Dining menu -
With dessert € 29,95 pp
Without dessert€ 24,95 pp
Dutch Buffet |€ 27.50 pp
Worldly Cuisine | World cuisine€ 32.50 pp
Lunch -
Lunch A€12,90 pp
Lunch b € 16,90 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Pastry€5 each
Savory snack€ 4,50 each
Soup Thai coconut lime soup € 4,50 pp
Croquette with veal or vegetables € 4,50 pp
Croissant € 3 pp
Drinks -
Hot beverage€ 3,50 pp
Soft drink€ 3,50 pp

Prices Loft

Projector and screen €35
Microphone €35
Room rental with service €185 per half day
Unless there is a turnover of € 1500, in which case room rental will be canceled

Day part 1: 09:00 to 17:00
Day part 2: 18:00 to 00:00


Jan Dreef
April 2, 2024
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If you're looking for a venue that's both stylish and versatile, look no further than Suzie Q's loft. We celebrated our anniversary party here and it couldn't have been more perfect. The loft offered plenty of space for all our guests and the shared dining menu was a big hit. The flexibility of the staff made the planning process effortless, and the value for money was excellent. We will definitely recommend this place to friends and family!
Charlie Dun
April 2, 2024
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Suzie Q's loft exceeded all our expectations. The elegant decor, combined with the modern facilities, created the perfect ambiance for our corporate event. The staff was attentive and professional, and the food was absolutely delicious. Our guests were impressed and we received many compliments. An absolute must for anyone looking for a unique event location.
Marit de Luw
April 2, 2024
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A hidden gem on the harbour, Suzie Q's loft is the ultimate location for any event. With beautiful views and an extensive range of culinary options, we had a fantastic time here. The service was second to none and the atmosphere was magical. We will definitely return for more memorable moments!
"Bar & Restaurant Suzie Q: Where Style and Taste Come Together, in the middle of a botanical wilderness at the Second Harbor of Scheveningen. A unique location for unforgettable events and a culinary journey that stimulates all your senses."

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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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The Loft has its own entrance on the harbor side. Via the stairs you are directly in the Loft. We ensure that there is a sign at the main entrance to direct guests to the correct entrance.

The toilets are located on the first floor, next to the Loft. This toilet group is exclusively for guests of the Loft.

Light system (included)
The room is equipped with attractive lighting, which can be dimmed entirely according to your wishes. There are also disco lights, which are included in the room rental.

There is a wardrobe in the Loft.

Climate controller
The Loft has a climate controller. This allows us to both cool and heat the room.

A secure WIFI connection can be used during your stay.

AV materials:
Beamer screen
External sound amplifiers

Our location in the Netherlands and how to get there
The costs for parking on Dr. Lelykade differ per season. Parking here is often free until 18.00 p.m. Alternatively, you can park in the Gamma parking garage opposite Suzie Q. The surrounding streets have a 2-hour limit.

For current information:
Public transport
Suzie Q is easily accessible by tram and bus. For current travel advice and travel times, please contact: .

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