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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
Flitz Events Review
Escape room Scheveningen sports day The pirates of the northsea
Escape room Scheveningen sports day The Mummys tomb
Escape room Scheveningen sports day Mission Impossible
  • High and medium difficulty
  • Complete experience
  • For young and old!

This Escape Room Scheveningen is surreal, intense, hilarious and super challenging! In an 'escape game' (or: Escape Room Scheveningen) you go on an adventure with a group in a closed space, consisting of 7 different rooms. Through logical thinking and teamwork, you must solve the issues and be back outside within 1 hour. Sharpen all your senses to discover clues. The team will have to brave puzzles, riddles and other mysteries to escape, while the pressure increases by the minute. You forget time and reality…
An exciting but above all unique activity for a university, HBO or MBO introduction day, or of course for primary and secondary school students! Something for everyone. This way you get to know the different classmates and discover each other's strengths.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a kind of advanced game where players are locked in a room together and must try to escape within a certain time. The aim of the game is to find the exit through logical thinking, cooperation and solving riddles and puzzles. The rooms are usually themed and have a storyline that the players follow. It is a popular form of team building and entertainment, where players must use their skills and cooperation to escape. During the escape room you can of course ask for hints if you get stuck.
This is how you work towards solving the mystery, to ensure that you are out of space within an hour.
Our escape room is for:

  • Elementary school students
  • High school students
  • MBO/HBO/University students
  • And of course for teachers

Escape Room: The Mission Impossible

For this almost impossible mission, we are looking for a team of excellent spies. It is necessary to break into the lab to steal the virus. You encounter many obstacles in the lab. If you succeed in completing the mission, a nice reward is ready.
Do you accept the mission?

Escape room: The Mummy's Tomb

Experience ancient Egypt in our very realistic escape room Scheveningen. You, as a top team of archaeologists, discover the secret tomb of Akhenaten. But be warned! This place is closed for a reason..

Escape room: The Pirates of the North Sea

Your team of landlubbers will have to prove you on this journey. Discover the world of pirates and come aboard the ship of notorious pirates! This magical journey will change your life!

Our Escape Rooms

  • Original rooms
  • Handmade rooms
  • High and medium difficulty
  • Complete experience


2 persons€70 per room
4 persons€90 per room
6 persons€100 per room
8 persons€120 per room
With more than 8 people?Request a quote!
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Activity + BBQ€50 per room

Combining an escape room with a catering package

From € 70 per room
An escape room is an interactive experience in which you work together as a group to escape from a room within a limited time. This makes it not only a fun and challenging activity, but also a great way to build team spirit and communication skills.
But why limit yourself to just an escape room? By combining this activity with a delicious lunch or drink, you not only create a full day out, but also an opportunity to further strengthen the bond between team members and to network.
After a challenging escape room, there is nothing better than relaxing together and enjoying a nice meal or drink. This provides the perfect opportunity to talk about the escape room experience and reflect on how the team has worked together.
Moreover, it is also a way to exchange new ideas and make plans for the future.


Elvira van Dyke
January 31 2023
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Fantastic escape room. Nice staff and with his funny commentary really made our escape room great. We'll be right back to do the pirates again or the mummy.
Marianne M
January 31 2023
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What a great fun escape room. Due to the large group, we split up. One group did the pirates, the other group the mummy. The last one was also very exciting, the beginning was very difficult and cost us a lot of time, we finished just too late, we will come back so that we can exchange the rooms again as a group. It was really great.
Martin van Buren
January 31 2023
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Played The mummy's tomb with the two of us! It was so cool! Completely included in the story, and when entering the tomb it really got serious! Contact was very good, and in between a tip was very nice!. Girlfriend was pregnant and this was taken into account! We would love to come back!
"You forget time and reality... do you dare to take the challenge?"

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  • What is the minimum age for the Escape Room in Scheveningen?
    The Escape Rooms of Unlock Scheveningen are suitable for participants from 16 years.
  • What does the escape room in Scheveningen cost?
    120 euros per room
  • My team is bigger, what now?
    A maximum of 8 people can be in one Escape Room at the same time. So if you are with more people, we can split the group into two sessions. We also offer other activities, so there are plenty of options to do in combination with the Escape Room.

Team building and getting to know each other are central

During the escape room you will work with various issues and riddles. Of course it's all about working together and thinking logically about the challenging puzzles.

Because you have to consult, collaborate and communicate a lot, team building is strengthened and you get to know each other in a pleasant way. This will make the first week of school feel a lot more pleasant than when you arrive at the school without any knowledge.

Benefits escape room

- Team building: Escape rooms are a great way to work on team building and working together as a team to solve problems.

- Challenge: Escape rooms are challenging and require participants to use their thinking and logic skills to solve assignments.

- Preader: Escape rooms offer a fun and unforgettable experience that you can share with friends, family or colleagues.

- Stress reduction: Escape rooms are a way to relax and reduce stress by allowing the participants to fully concentrate on the assignments.

- Improving Memory: Due to the challenges and assignments offered in an escape room, the memory of the participants improves.

- An alternative form of entertainment: Escape rooms offer an alternative form of entertainment that deviates from the usual movies or restaurant visits.

- Common experience: Escape rooms are a communal experience that participants will remember and remember as an unforgettable event.

Combine escape room with other activities

The escape room is an hour full of exciting puzzles and time stress. A unique activity that is often chosen as an introduction day for HBO and MBO students for good reason. After the escape rooms there is of course a lot to discuss. How nice is it that you can then combine the activity with a delicious lunch or drink? Or of course a new activity!

At Flitz-Events it is possible to combine the escape room with another activity. For example, choose a different escape room, or take a more sporty approach with the Expedition Robinson Experience. Plenty of choice!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help you with the implementation of a full-day program.

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