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School outings

Want to do some fun activities with the whole class? Flitz events organizes the best school outings! Educational or sporty, fun, competitive and of course with something tasty. There are countless options to put together a perfect school outing, for all age groups. We specialize in organizing outings for (large) groups. In addition to class outings, we also organize outings for friends, companies, families and bachelor parties or children's parties. Check the website for detailed information about all our activities. We organize many activities on the beach because it is a perfect place to have fun. In the sand, on the water or in one of the cozy beach bars. You can of course also organize something in the city.

Especially for schools Flitz events uses cheap rates, ask for the quote for the special School rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are fun class outings?
    There are many fun options for a class outing, depending on what you and your classmates enjoy. If you are looking for something active, consider a beach day or laser tag.
  • What are school activities?
    There are many different school activities, depending on the subject and level of the class. Consider, for example, Power kiting, Robinson Crusui survival, hexathlon, beach day, wave surfing or a sports day

Introduction of School Outings

Great fun of course, doing something cool with the fellow students. You can choose from anything and everything: being sporty, super exciting experiences, making something fun during a workshop and of course fun and delicious food. We organize activities indoors and outdoors, so school outings can be organized all year round.

For all levels; from primary school to fun classes, secondary school outings or class outings at MBO, HBO, university. Working with the entire class towards the same goal or doing your favorite activity in smaller groups, it's all possible. We arrange everything from start to finish and all activities are always led by a professional. So safe!

School outings primary school

School outings are a fantastic way to encourage learning outside the classroom and provide primary school children with the opportunity to develop new skills and explore the world around them.

We offer a wide range of activities for primary schools that are both educational and extremely fun. These activities are specially designed to help children develop their social skills, cooperation and team spirit. Think of sporting games and creative workshops in which children learn and discover through play.

Above all, we ensure that the outings for primary schools are an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. The most beautiful memories often come from exciting adventures and pleasant moments with classmates and friends.

School outings Suitable for Secondary Schools

Our range of class outings offers a wide range of both active and less strenuous activities, meaning there is something fun for every secondary school student. It is almost inconceivable that a school outing is not successful and that not everyone goes home with a smile.

As you can read in the offer, there are sufficient active and less active activities possible during the school outing, so that there is something for every type of student that he or she can enjoy. Failing to pass a school outing where not everyone can go home with a smile is practically impossible.

These outings are suitable for all types of educational groups within secondary education. Whether it concerns bridging classes, final exam classes or even preparatory higher education, with us you can organize a school outing that perfectly suits the age and interests of the students.

An active and sporty introduction day, for example, is something else than a boring tour of the school building and a story about what the school year will look like.

School outings for MBO and HBO

School outing for secondary education, MBO and HBO? Going on an outing with your class or the whole school is always fun. But constantly going to the same amusement park or the same hall for a sports tournament also takes its toll at some point. Fortunately, you don't necessarily always have to do the same thing.

You can also have a specially tailored school outing organized at Flitz Events especially for secondary education, MBO and HBO. This school outing is put together exactly according to your wishes and because you can determine how it will look, it is different every time. This way you keep the school outing fun, active and above all unique.

MBO School outings

At Flitz Events we know how important it is to offer fascinating and enriching experiences outside the school walls for MBO students. Our range of MBO outings and MBO class outings is specially designed to match the practical and vocational learning style of MBO students. Whether it concerns team building activities that match their field of study, or simply a day full of fun and adventure, we provide an unforgettable experience that contributes to personal development and cohesion within the classroom.

HBO Class Outings

We offer HBO class outings for higher vocational education that are perfect for putting theory into practice or to stimulate creativity and innovation. These outings are not only a nice change from the regular curriculum, but also offer an opportunity to broaden the students' horizons. From challenging outdoor projects to educational workshops and networking events, our HBO class outings are designed to prepare students for a successful future in their field.

Top 3 School outings:

Kiting or Power kiting The Hague, v

NR1 School outing: Power kiting

powerkiting is the ultimate challenge for sporty students who love the beach and wind. Get a breath of fresh air for a day with kites of all shapes and sizes.
✔️ Theory and safety instructions
✔️Flyer practice, under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: 60 hours
Price: €15,- pp

Duration: 90 Hours
Price: €17,50 pp

Robinson Sports Day

NR2 School Outing: Be Robinson Crusoe Kids

Be Robinson Crusoe Experience is the ideal children's party on the beach! This unique children's party is all about sports, agility, creativity, competition, cooperation and above all a lot of fun!

Be Robinson crusoe Experience game components;

✔️ Create your own Team flag
✔️ Lia attract
✔️ Make giant slingshot
✔️ Jenga XL
✔️ Build bamboo tower or water race
✔️ Memory games and brain teasers
✔️ Make primitive fire in combination with Obstacle Course

Duration: 1,5 Hours
Price: €15 per person

NR3: Compile a tailor-made school outing

Looking for a competitive and spectacular School Outing? Then you don't have to look any further. A competition is organized for 2 teams, which all finish the 6 parts against different teams. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

We have a wide range of different games for a school outing. You can choose from 6 different games:

  • Beach soccer
  • Beach volleyball
  • Tjoekbal
  • Bun Hockey
  • Obstacle course + firing
  • Skippybalrace
  • Giant Jenga XL
  • Tug of war
  • Water race
  • Mega twister (5 × 5 meter)
  • Build catapult
  • Bamboo tower
  • Make fire
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Duration: 1,5 Hours
Price: €15 per person

Suitable activities for everyone

During a school outing organized by Flitz Events, you will come together at a fixed location that is specially reserved for the activities. At this place all activities are offered that you could want to have. Flitz Events organizes everything especially for you and according to your wishes, so you always get what you asked for.

The range of activities during a Flitz Events school outing is enormous. Enough sports and games have been thought of for every age group. So if you want to organize a school outing for the entire school, that is no problem here.

You can choose from various sports, such as club hockey, relay races and a football tournament, but other activities such as archery, climbing and scrambling and tubing are also possible. All activities are divided into age categories, so that there are just as many options for children from group 1 as for the upper years.

In addition, there are also special activities that you can only find here or almost nowhere else. Think for example of bumperball football or live table football. Treasure hunts, quad biking and simple trampolining are also possible.

Completely arranged school outing

The great thing about Flitz Events is that everything can be arranged for you. You only have to indicate how many students you are and which parts you want to add and Flitz Events will do the rest. Because Flitz Events is an expert in organizing outings, you can be sure that you can always get the best school outings without having to think about the organization yourself.

Just making sure that the students arrive at the right location may be something you have to arrange yourself, especially if you are organizing a school outing for primary school.

Flitz Events arranges everything from head to toe, and you can take this almost literally. Did you think that after a few hours of fun and entertainment the day was done? Then you are wrong, because you can also choose to add catering to your school outing. The students (and yourself) are then provided with the tastiest snacks and drinks that match a well-organized day.

If you prefer not to use this, that is of course no problem at all. During the preparation of the quotation, you will always be asked whether or not you want catering and of course you do not pay for the catering if you do not use it.

Have your perfectly fitting school outing organized

Are you also convinced and do you also like a school outing from Flitz Events? Request a quote by calling or filling out the form on the website. For each application, we look specifically at what you want and how this can be achieved in the best way. All this with the guarantee that you will not get such a good offer anywhere else and certainly not for the best price.

At Flitz Events we strive to give you the best school outing ever for the best price you can find.

Sporty school outings

Get a breath of fresh air by the sea, with your heels in the sand, enjoy the beach. Many activities are even more fun if you do them on the beach. Enjoy playing beach volleyball, play a game of football together in such a crazy bubble or play farmers Beach golf. Always plenty of fun. Play Archery Shoot Out, go kite flying or disc golf. Super fun to do together and exciting to let teams play against each other.

We organize school outings for all ages and adjust the rules and materials accordingly.

Do exciting things

Would you like to get the blood flowing? Then do something very exciting with the class. Surf rafting for example. Super chill and there are plenty of school outing ideas. Go trobranding the waves of the North Sea in a powerboat. You have to be able to work together very well to steer that boat through. Guaranteed very exciting.

Wave surfing and power kiting are also very exciting and of course great fun to do. These exciting activities are only suitable for boys and girls who are not afraid. Or just a little. Our professional instructors will assist you and ensure that everything is safe and streamlined.

Cozy workshops

Working together on a beautiful end goal is also very nice to do as a school outing. There is an extensive choice of workshops that are always led by a professional. You can follow a painting workshop, learn how to make jewelry, pimp slippers or clogs or learn to dance the salsa. All super fun and especially very pleasant workshops. Also fun: the graffiti workshop!

Working together on the beach on one or more beautiful sand sculptures is also great to do. There is a huge choice of great fun workshops. For example, you can also work with a large group on a mega kite. When the kite is ready it can really fly. How cool is that. We organize the workshops at various locations.

If you have a specific location in mind, we can always look at the possibilities.

Crazy with the Robinson Experience

One of our best outings is the Robinson Experience. Survive on a deserted island, compete in groups and do really crazy activities. Shooting coconuts, pulling liana, building a mega tower of Jenga, a water race, brainteasers, an obstacle course and afterwards a real award ceremony with a cup.

The nice thing is that the Robinson Experience is so versatile that all participants can excel at something. We count this event as one of the best school outings. Of course again under the guidance of a professional.

Good food and drink

During school outings, there must of course also be an opportunity to get together, talk and eat something delicious. We organize everything in the field of food and drinks. We can keep it simple but also go all out. An ice cream during the activities to cool down, an extensive brunch on arrival. A delicious high tea or enjoy a pizza.

Indicate what your wishes are and how high the budget is and we will take care of the rest.

GPS and boat trip

Do something fun in the city? A GPS tour is a very nice activity for school outings. See beautiful things along the way, get to know the city and solve riddles. Another great idea: take a boat trip. In a normal tour boat or in a sloop. View the city from the water, play games, enjoy good food, get out in Scheveningen, it's all possible.

Contact us if you want to know more about all the options for school outings.

School outings in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a unique and educational school outing in the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right place at Flitz events! We offer a wide range of school outings for groups of all ages and abilities.

Our team of experienced instructors will ensure that your school trip is safe, fun and educational. Whether you are looking for a sporting activity, a creative outing or something adventurous, we have something for everyone.

Our school outings are not only fun, but also educational. For example, you can come to us for a historic city walk through Amsterdam, a visit to a museum or a workshop on sustainability.

In addition, we also offer various outdoor activities, such as rafting, Robinson cruoe events and sports days. This way you and your class can explore nature and the environment in a different way.

Come by and be surprised by our range of school outings in the Netherlands. There is always something fun to do at Flitz events!

Class outings in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a fun and educational school outing in Rotterdam? Then you have come to the right place at Flitz events! We offer a wide range of school outings for groups of all ages and abilities.

Our team of experienced instructors will ensure that your school trip is safe, fun and educational. Whether you are looking for a sporting activity, a creative outing or something adventurous, we have something for everyone.

One of our popular school outings in Rotterdam is a historic city walk. During this walk you will learn all about the rich history of Rotterdam and visit famous sights such as the Markthal and the Erasmus Bridge.

We also offer various outdoor activities, such as kayaking on the Maas and mountain climbing in the Kralingse Plas. This way you and your class can explore nature and the environment in a different way.

Come by and be surprised by our range of school outings in Rotterdam. There is always something fun to do at Flitz events!

Cheap outing with the class

Are you looking for a fun and affordable outing for your class? At Flitz events we have a wide range of cheap activities for groups of all ages.

Our experienced instructors will make sure your outing is safe, fun and educational. One of our popular and affordable outings is a city game or kite flying or sand sculptures or hexathlon. During this city game you will learn all about the rich history of your city and visit famous sights.

Class outing Utrecht

A class trip to Utrecht can be a fun and educational activity for a class. Utrecht is a historic city with many cultural sights and attractions, which is the ideal setting for a class outing.

During the outing, the students can, for example, visit the Domtoren, the highest church tower in the Netherlands. From the tower they have a beautiful view of the city. They can also visit the Central Museum, where they can become acquainted with the rich history of Utrecht and Dutch art.

Utrecht also offers many outdoor activities for the sportier students, such as canoeing on the canals or a bike ride through the city. This can be a fun way to explore the city and get active at the same time.

In addition to these cultural and outdoor activities, Utrecht also offers many opportunities for fun class activities. For example, the students can try an escape room, follow a workshop or do a treasure hunt through the city. These are fun ways to collaborate and learn at the same time.