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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
Flitz Events Review
Expedition robinson The Hague
Expedition robinson scheveningen The Hague
Expedition robinson scheveningen The Hague
Expedition robinson scheveningen The Hague
  • Competition oriented
  • Creative
  • Teambuilding
  • Sportive

Expedition Robinson The Hague is a true team building activity at the stand of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and The Hague. White beaches, coconuts, feet in the sand and friends around you, who wouldn't want that? But relaxing in your hammock is not an option! Because you are stranded on a tropical island, which at first appears to be uninhabited. But it soon turns out that cannibals live on the island! Do you dare to take up the challenge? Sign up now for expedition Robinson The Hague!

Expedition Robinson The Hague outing? Do it!

Through teamwork, cleverness and perseverance you must manage. Escape the cannibals by building a block tower, shoot coconuts with a homemade catapult, make a fire on the beach and much more. Do you have the strength to do everything you can to get off the island alive? Then Robinson Crusoe outing The Hague is the challenge you are looking for! During this team building activity, team building is central. Only by working together as a team can you leave the island as winners.

Through the combination of power and cleverness during the assignments, each team member is encouraged to get everything out to conquer together. That way nobody will be left behind and you will win as a team!

Perseverance, smartness and agility

The games from Robinson Crusoe outing have been developed by ourselves and are therefore unique in the Netherlands! We assure you that you will end the day as a closer team and better friends. And of course you can drink a drink (or two) to that!

Tasting Robinson Crusoe outing The Hague:

  • Team Flag
  • Construction Quest (XXL Jenga)
  • Shoot the Cannibal (Build XXL Catapult)
  • Water challenge or Bamboo tower building
  • Puzzle + mind games
  • Obstacle course in combination with making a fire
  • Draw Liaan
  • Including prize giving with a cup


From 10 people€ 22,50 pp
From 25 people€ 20,00 pp
From 50 people€ 17,50 pp
From 100 people€ 15,00 pp
More than 80 people?Request a quote!
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Robinson Games, BBQ, 2 Hour Beverage Package & 2 Drinksfrom 60,- pp
Robinson Games, BBQ & 3 Consumptionsfrom 50,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 15 pp
We help you put together your perfect day! Combine the Robinson Games with a lunch, BBQ or a nice drink. Do you want a longer program? If you combine the Robinson Games with another activity, we can put together a great offer for you. And of course: the perfect day!
Inquire about the possibilities!


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception on location
Introduction by instructor
Launch Robinson Games
Completion activity
Subsequent drink hour
Start Dinner/BBQ

Method of operation

Colin van der Heiden
November 19 2021
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Did Expedition Robinson with our girls football team yesterday with Flitz Events on the beach of Scheveningen at the end of the season. Was a direct hit. Cool activities, well organized and nice supervisors. Our girls thought it was amazing. An absolute must for a team outing for young and old!
Adam Woestenburg
November 19 2021
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Super cool start to our team outing. I was really very proud of the flag we made, we really felt like children again. Enough to tell the colleagues who were not there…
November 19 2021
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Had a nice afternoon with Robinson games with 180 students. Next year again!
"The outing with the perfect mix of passive and active. Suitable for young and old. Exceed all your expectations and get to know each other better!"

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  • Why Robinson Crusoe survival games as team building?
    Team building is, as it were, an investment in the team. The staff feels extra appreciated with an outing. Think of it as a reward, and who doesn't like rewards? During the Crusoe survival games you work closely together as a team, each team member can find and use his or her real talents in different parts.
  • What exactly does the Robinson Crusoe survival games mean?
    Team building and fun guarantee an unforgettable event. Do you dare to take on the challenge with your team? The Robinson Crusoe survival games consist of 7 different parts: Create team flag, Tug of war, XL Jenga, Catapult build, Water race or, Build bamboo tower, Brain breaking mind games and a cool obstacle course combined with primitive fire. Various collaboration skills and qualities are put to the test during the various components
  • How much does the Robinson Crusoe survival games cost?
    Group from 8 persons : € 20,00 Group from 25 persons : € 17,50 Group from 50 persons : € 15,00 Group from 75 persons : € 12,50 Prices are per person and including VAT

Expedition robinson The HagueWhy Expedition Robinson The Hague, Honor true Expedition

Become the hero of Robinson Crusoe in The Hague with Flitz Events! Our unique outdoor activity takes you on an adventure full of challenges and adventure. Together with your team you will have to overcome all obstacles and discover the most beautiful places in The Hague.

During Robinson outing in The Hague you will participate in various challenges, from survival techniques to team building activities. Our professional guides will make sure that you will never forget this expedition.

But Robinson outing is not the only thing that Flitz Events in The Hague has to offer. We also organize escape rooms and even fully catered trips to, for example, a wine tasting or cooking workshop.

Let yourself be taken on an adventure in The Hague and discover what Flitz Events can do for you and your team. Book your Robinson or other team building activity now and become the hero of the city. Flitz Events in The Hague, the perfect outing for an unforgettable expedition full of adventure.

Robinson Crusoe takes you on an expedition

An Expedition Robinson the hague outing is the ultimate way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy nature. Whether you're looking for an adventurous family getaway or just want to relax with a small group of friends, a Robinson getaway offers something for everyone.

On a Robinson outing you can enjoy a true expedition, while also getting the chance to learn new skills and discover how to survive with the environment.

There are countless locations where you can Robinson getaway can book, from The Hague to on location.

Organizing a Robinson outing can sometimes be a challenge, but Flitz events can help you plan your outing.

Whether you're looking for action or relaxation, a Robinson getaway offers a unique way to enjoy nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Find the best location for your outing and be guided by Flitz events to get the most out of your outing.

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