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  • 25 years of experience
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Discover the unique combination of fun and environmental awareness with our Plastic Fishing activity. At Flitz-Events we believe that a day out should not only be fun, but also meaningful. Plastic Fishing offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful canals of The Hague with colleagues or friends, while making a direct contribution to a cleaner environment.
Get on board for an adventure where team building and sustainability go hand in hand. Whether you are looking for a unique company outing or just a special way to spend time together. Our Plastic Fishing activity is an experience that is both heartfelt and socially responsible for the Environment. With Flitz-Events you contribute to the protection of our nature, while making unforgettable memories.
Choose fun, awareness and action – all in one unforgettable experience at Plastic Fishing.

What is plastic fishing?

Plastic fishing is an emerging activity that is becoming increasingly common. Partly thanks to the increasing awareness for a better environment, this sustainable activity is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more people are fishing for plastic waste. And that's not surprising! While you make a great contribution to a cleaner city, you sail on the atmospheric canals of The Hague. With a view of the historic buildings and the cozy environment, you combine relaxation and awareness in a unique way. Great fun for a company outing, family day or friends activity!
Together you get on a boat, armed with landing nets and garbage bags. And while you sail on the waters of The Hague, you will look for litter floating on the water. Great for parents with kids, during a school outing, or as a unique company outing.
“Plastic fishing combines fun with awareness to tackle the plastic soup. An activity with a good purpose”


Amstel Sloop for 5 people€50 per hour*
Blue boat - Center for 6 people€50 per hour*
Blue boat - East for 6 people€50 per hour*
Prinsen Sloep for 6 people€50 per hour*

Men's sloop for 8 people€60 per hour*
Keizers Sloop for 10 people €60 per hour*
*All our boats can be rented for a minimum of 2 hours


Method of operation

27 September 2023
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Plastic fishing with Flitz-Events was really great. While sailing you can do something for the city. That's nice.
27 September 2023
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Everyone became fanatical! Everything that did not belong in the canal was taken away. Really fun to do together.
27 September 2023
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The children find it very interesting. Wonderful to see how they did their best and later told their parent why it is so important.
"Have fun on the canals of The Hague while working together towards a cleaner environment with our unique Plastic Fishing experience."

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Add a competitive element

To make plastic fishing even more fun, you can also add a competitive element to the activity. For example, you can choose to work in teams of two to see which team fills the most waste bags with plastic waste. Or choose to involve different tasks in the game, such as who finds the most unique piece of plastic or who retrieves a specific object from the water the fastest.
Be creative and discover the possibilities on board during an afternoon of collecting plastic on our sloop. Do you fish the most beautiful piece of plastic from the canal?

Why plastic fishing?

– Environmental awareness: Plastic fishing directly contributes to cleaning our waterways and reducing plastic pollution, which is essential for preserving the environment.
– Team building: It promotes teamwork and collaboration as participants can work in groups to collect as much plastic waste as possible.

- Unique experience: It offers the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective and at the same time be actively involved in preserving The Hague's natural beauty.

Combine plastic fishing with other activities

At Flitz-Events you have come to the right place for a unique day full of special activities in The Hague and Scheveningen. We can provide a fully catered day in the Hofstad with a wide range of options, both in the form of active outings and relaxing activities.
You can combine plastic fishing with one of our popular activities, such as Robinson expedition, power kiting, power boating and the highland games. You can also choose to relax and end the afternoon of plastic fishing with a nice drink, a nice drink or a tasty BBQ. The options vary widely and we can plan everything in consultation with you.

Choose Flitz Events

Getting to know the most beautiful places in The Hague and at the same time working to make our city's water cleaner and greener. With Flitz-Events you not only experience adventure and fun, but you also contribute to a better and more sustainable future for The Hague.
From cans to caps and from plastic bags to bottles, they all pass by during the afternoon plastic fishing. Contribute and choose this unique activity at Flitz-Events! We are happy to offer you a unique afternoon on the canal.
Find the action in the city center and hit the road on this unique outing!

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