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Original Company outings with Flitz Events

Milan Laroes
June 1, 2023

Are you looking for a company outing that jumps out of the usual band? Do you want something different from the typical bowling night or a traditional dinner? Look no further! At Flitz Events we have an extensive range of original company outings that will captivate and entertain your team. Here are five of our most unique offerings:


1. AR City Game La Casa de Dinero:

Are you a fan of the hit show La Casa de Dinero? Then you'll love our first original company outing: the AR Citygame La Casa de Dinero. This unique activity combines Augmented Reality (AR) with team building and adventure as your team navigates the city, taking on challenges and racing against the clock to crack the safe.

Original Company Outings - La casa de dinero

An immersive AR adventure

Step into the world of La Casa de Dinero and experience an immersive AR adventure like never before. Armed with your smartphone and a special app, you set off through the city. As you walk through the streets, the characters and storylines come to life through AR technology. You will be fully immersed in the exciting story and challenging missions.

Navigate, solve puzzles and crack the vault

During the AR Citygame La Casa de Dinero, it's up to your team to navigate, solve puzzles and finally crack the safe. Work together to find clues, solve riddles and complete challenging quests. Each step brings you closer to the ultimate goal: get the loot and escape before time runs out.

Teamwork and communication are essential

To be successful in the AR Citygame La Casa de Dinero, teamwork is crucial. Collaborate with your colleagues, communicate effectively and leverage everyone's strengths. The challenges require creativity, problem-solving skills and good strategy. By working closely together, you increase the chance of success and strengthen team spirit.


2. Pimping Dicks:

We're going a little naughty with our second original company outing: Pimps Pimps! This is certainly not your typical company outing, but it's perfect for teams with a great sense of humour. It offers a unique opportunity to be creative, laugh a lot and create something special together.

Original Company Outings - Pimping Dicks

A hilarious and creative workshop

During the Dicks Pimping workshop, everyone in your team gets the chance to decorate a very special object: a dick! With paint, glitter, stickers and other decorative materials you can unleash your artistic talents on this fun canvas. It is an activity that creates a hilarious and relaxed atmosphere.

Laugh, relax and connect

Pimels Pimping is not only a fun workshop, but also a great way to relax and strengthen team bonds. While you're pimping together, you'll laugh a lot and enjoy each other's creative outbursts. It creates an open and playful atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

Creativity and expression

The workshop provides a platform for creativity and expression. It's not just about decorating a penis, but also about exploring your own artistic side and expressing your unique ideas. Let your imagination run wild and create something that suits you completely. The result will undoubtedly be hilarious and surprising!

A unique keepsake

After the workshop you can take your artworks home as a unique memento of this special experience. It will certainly create a lot of conversation and provide smiling memories within the team for a long time to come.


3. Puzzle Painting:

Our third original company outing is all about collaboration, creativity and creating a beautiful work of art: Puzzle Painting. This unique outing offers a great opportunity to work together as a team and ultimately create a masterpiece that can be proudly displayed in the office.

Original Company Outings - Puzzle painting

Cooperation and teamwork

During the Puzzle Painting company outing you work together with your colleagues on painting a large work of art. Each team member is assigned a piece of the painting and you must work closely together to ensure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly. It requires communication, coordination and the use of everyone's skills.

Creativity and expression

In addition to cooperation, it is also about creativity and expression. Each team member is given the freedom to paint their own piece of the painting as they see fit. Show your artistic side and give the painting a unique touch. The result will be a wonderful combination of individual expression and collective collaboration.


4. Ice Sculptures:

Our fourth original company outing is all about creativity and collaboration in a cool and unique activity: Ice sculptures. Show your artistic side as teams work together to create beautiful sculptures out of ice.

Original Company Outings - Ice Sculptures

A unique art form

Ice sculptures are a special art form that require precision, patience and creativity. During this company outing you will have the opportunity to participate in this fascinating activity. Armed with tools and blocks of ice, you get to work turning your ideas into amazing sculptures.

Collaboration and team spirit

Ice sculpture is an activity that promotes teamwork and team spirit. You work together in teams to achieve a common goal: creating beautiful ice artworks. By working together, exchanging ideas and supporting each other, a sense of cohesion and connection is created within the team.

Creativity and expression

This company outing offers an outlet for creativity and expression. You can bring your own unique ideas to life and turn them into ice art. Let your imagination run wild and use the ice blocks as your canvas to create beautiful shapes and figures. The result will be stunning and a reflection of your creative vision.


5. Escape the City:

Our fifth original company outing is Escape the City! This exciting outing combines the challenge of an escape room with an adventurous exploration of the city. You will race against the clock to solve puzzles and 'escape' from the city.

Original Company Outings - Escape the city

An urban escape experience

Escape the City offers a unique escape experience where you use the city as a playing field. You are given a mission with puzzles and challenging tasks to complete while navigating different locations in the city. It is an adventurous activity that tests your intellectual abilities and problem-solving skills.

Race against the clock

Time is of the essence during Escape the City. You will have to work with your team and think fast to solve the puzzles and follow the clues before the time runs out. It's a race against the clock that heightens the excitement and gets the adrenaline flowing.

Challenging puzzles and tasks

Escape the City is full of challenging puzzles and tasks that challenge your creativity and thinking skills. You will have to use your powers of observation, reason logically and communicate effectively with your team to overcome all obstacles. It's a mental challenge that makes for an immersive and exciting experience.

Discover the city in a new way

In addition to the exciting escape aspect, Escape the City offers you the opportunity to explore the city in a new way. As you move from location to location, you will encounter interesting sights and perhaps discover new places that you had not seen before. It's a great opportunity to explore your city and gain new experiences.


These five company outings are just the tip of the iceberg. Flitz Events offers a wide range of original and exciting company outings to choose from. Whether your team likes adventure, creativity, humor or challenge, we have something that's perfect for you.

Would you like to know more about our company outings in Scheveningen? Read here for more information and details. We look forward to helping you plan your next memorable corporate event!

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