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Welcome to AAN DE KOOT in Scheveningen.

The name is a nod of course. To our Koot (d'Azur), our Scheveningen. 

Looking for an inspiring location with many possibilities on the beach? Aan de Koot is the location for meetings, presentations, lunch, drinks and dinner, company parties and mini festivals!

Aan de Koot has a separate room that can be arranged as desired for private parties or business meetings. With panoramic views over the beautiful harbor of Scheveningen. 

The beach of Scheveningen is home to many: the busy city dweller, the creative youth, the relaxed surfer, the business-inspired, all come together on this piece of sand. At the Koot we build a bridge between the many groups, everyone is welcome. Eating, drinking, meeting, relaxing and dancing together.

We like to keep things simple with us. In three colors to be exact. The primary colors (red, blue and yellow) symbolize simple perfectionism. In our food, the house style and the staff. These colors represent the power of simplicity and back to basics.

Aan de Koot is a loving bow to the French bistro, where products and flavors shine in simplicity. Classics in Koots style: Bon appétit.

At Aan de Koot you feel The Hague. From early morning to midnight. A stage without blasé.

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