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Flitz Events Review

Hoek van Holland is the seaside resort of Rotterdam and “The Place to Be” for young and old. Lazing in the sand, bathing in the sea, playing sports on the water, enjoying a snack and a drink in one of the many beach bars and restaurants, watching boats on the Nieuwe Waterweg, walking through an unspoilt dune area: Hoek van Holland has it all. all. But even in bad weather it is a good place to be in Hoek van Holland with its various special museums. In addition, Hoek van Holland, as the number 1 event resort in the Netherlands, has a unique events offer.

Outings at beach bars Hoek van Holland

In addition to taking care of your company outing, we have selected a beach pavilion in the corner of Holland that we are happy to work with. The beach bars are unique and have proven themselves in recent years as an excellent partner and catering service. For a total day with a relaxed atmosphere, a nice menu and the best workshops.
However, we are not location bound and we also regularly work from various other beach pavilions.
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