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  • 25 years of experience
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Flitz Events Review
laser tag indoor
laser tag indoor flash events
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  • Complete Experience
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Adrenaline, precision and thinking: Indoor laser gaming is a special activity that is growing enormously in popularity. From young to old, laser tag offers an exciting and interactive experience for everyone. At Flitz-Events we take laser tag to the next level by giving you the opportunity to play both indoors and outdoors, regardless of your age. Our indoor laser tag arena provides a unique environment for adventurous gamers, groups of friends, corporate teams and more. But you can also play laser tag at your office! Step into the world of laser tag and experience action, teamwork and excitement like never before.

Create your own dark laser tag arena

At Flitz-Events we can offer laser gaming on location. Regardless of the space and location, we are there for you. This means that we can transform your office into a true laser tag arena!
Using advanced equipment and professional guidance, we ensure that you can have an unforgettable laser tag experience wherever you want. This is the perfect way to teambuilding, fun and competition to your own location. Let us help you create a custom laser tag arena at your location and get ready for action!


From 10 people € 20 pp
From 25 people€ 17,50 pp
From 50 people€ 15 pp
More than 50 people?Request a quote!
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Senna Ham
13 September 2023
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During the introduction week of my new school year we did a really fun laser tag activity. The atmosphere was perfect and the instructors were enthusiastic. Highly recommended!!
Celine Burger
13 September 2023
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For Boris's children's party I booked laser tag activities at Flitz-Events. It was a really cool experience for the guests. The supervisor gets along well with the kids and explains everything clearly so that no time is wasted.
Merijn Folker
13 September 2023
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Never played laser tag in such a fun way before. The recoil while shooting made it feel like a real fight! Also great to experience it in a location in the woods. A truly great experience! :)
"Step into the Vision of Laser Gaming indoors with Flitz Events - Laser Gaming: Where every Corner Brings a New Challenge and every Beam Counts!"

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  • What are the requirements for setting up a laser tag arena at my location?
    To set up a laser tag arena at your location, we need sufficient space, both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preference. We provide all the necessary equipment and set up a suitable arena that suits your space. We are happy to discuss the specific requirements and options at your location.
  • Is laser gaming on location suitable for all ages?
    Yes, laser gaming on location is suitable for all ages. We can adjust the intensity of the game to suit the participants, so that both children and adults can enjoy the experience. It's a versatile and fun activity for family gatherings, corporate events, birthday parties and more. We make sure the game is safe and fun for everyone.

Indoor laser gaming: For all ages!

Laser tagging is an activity that is suitable for all ages and offers a great way to have fun with family and friends on a friends outing. Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure for adults or a fun activity for kids, indoor laser tag fits perfectly into both categories.

One of the great benefits of laser tag is that it is a safe and family-friendly activity. The participants wear special laser tag vests and weapons that use infrared beams to shoot at each other. There is no physical contact or projectiles involved, which minimizes the risk of injury. This makes it ideal for families, as both children and adults can enjoy the game without any worries. Will you beat your opponents during a game of laser tag? You will find out at Flitz-Events!

Combine indoor laser gaming with other activities or packages

Laser tag is an exciting and fun activity in itself, but you can make it even more special by combining it with other exciting activities. At Flitz-Events we offer various options to integrate laser tag into a day full of adventure and fun. Whether you choose a combination with a escape room for a mix of action and thinking, an Expedition Robinson-like challenge for an adventurous day in nature, or a cocktail making workshop on location for some relaxation and enjoyment after the effort, these curated experiences ensure an unforgettable and complete day of fun and team building.

We can also reserve a dinner, drinks or lunch at one of our partner restaurants in Scheveningen and the surrounding area. This way you can end the fun day together while enjoying a snack and a drink!

Choose Flitz Events

Come play laser tag at Flitz-Events or organize a real tournament at your own location! Indoor laser tag is the activity of the moment.

You are very welcome at Flitz-Events, where we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities with laser gaming on location. Whether it concerns children's parties or a company outing, we are ready for you. Who will get the highest score and shoot the sharpest with their laser gun?

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