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Ladies night

Ladiesnight themed party organized by Flitz-Events.

It is of course possible that you have a company in which only women are employed. Or perhaps that is not the case, but you still want to organize a business event with the theme 'ladies night'. We fully understand that you are looking for an experienced, reliable and discreet partner who can organize this for you. We can devise, organize and execute a completely cutomized ladies night theme party for you and your organization.

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Goodie bags or goodie boxes

When you organize a ladies night, you do so for a reason. Whatever the reason, fun, relevant and special gifts can always be made up to hand out for free. What the ladies really like are goodie bags or goodie boxes with things that really help them. So nice and useful gifts in a bag or a box, with which you treat the ladies to this evening specially organized for them.

We can take care of the contents of the goodie bags, but you can of course also help to fill the bags or boxes. You may have business partners who would like to participate in these promotional activities. But of course you can also just hand out beautiful gifts whenever you want.


Of course the entertainment should not be missed. Perhaps you have a beautiful gala dinner in mind with a performance by a famous Dutchman? Or maybe you prefer a DJ where the women can go crazy. Of course we can arrange all this for you. Not only do we arrange the catering, but we also book the artists and other entertainment. We ensure that we arrange everything exactly so that it is according to your wishes.


In addition to the entertainment that the women can listen to and watch on the evening itself, we can also offer incredibly fun and interesting workshops. How about one workshop making cocktails or a salsa dancing workshop? Experience has taught us that the ladies appreciate this enormously and enjoy it a lot.

It might be a nice idea to put a cocktail shaker in the goodie bag at the cocktail workshop. But you may have very different ideas about workshops or other activities. We would of course be very happy to discuss these with you.

Ladies night organize by Flitz events

Would you like to have your ladies night organized by the leading event agency in the Netherlands? Do not hesitate any longer and contact us immediately. We at Flitz events are happy to discuss the extensive possibilities with you. Don't wait and call or email us.