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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
Flitz Events Review
Who Is The Rat (Mole)
  • Game parts with dropping
  • Teambuilding
  • Bad weather alternative
  • active

Get to know your colleagues in a different way. In this event, anyone can lie and cheat with impunity. First we gather at the beach bar. Then you will receive a short but concise explanation about the game 'who is the rat (mole).

After the explanation of the game, the teams set off. There are several challenging assignments to be found, where points can be earned for the team. Each team will try to collect as many points as possible. Only “the rat” will try to sabotage things and try to keep the number of points as low as possible.


  • Coordinates
  • Challenge and fun
  • Professional instructors
  • Free prize cup


Group from 10 people:€ 30,00 pp
Group from 25 people:€ 27,50 pp
Group from 50 people:€ 25,00 pp
Group from 100 people:€ 22,50 pp
More than 100 personsRequest a quote
Prices are per person and include VAT


Who is the rat? (GPS) + BBQ + 3 drinks50,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 22.50 pp
You and your team will receive a GPS and a booklet with coordinates so that you know exactly where the road leads.
Make sure you complete the exciting challenging assignments without anyone noticing and earn the most points from each player!
Together with you we put together this exciting game. We can well imagine that a drink is very welcome after 2 hours of intensive play. There are plenty of catering options at the relevant locations for a perfect day out!

Are you ready for this exciting adventure? Book who is the rat directly! A game to remember.

Sample program

The program can be self-classified

Reception with possibly a snack and a drink
Explanation game rules
Start GPS tour
Award ceremony
Subsequent drink hour
Start Dinner/BBQ

Method of operation

Florian Pieste
November 21 2021
Icon check green
Still fun to lie to everyone with this game. Unnoticed throughout the game the rat has been really nice to see those faces full of amazement. The games were fun and challenging. Had a lot of fun!
John Zimmersen
November 21 2021
Icon check green
Had great fun with my friends with whom is playing the mole. We were given a tablet with all the assignments on it and this was clear and handy! At the end I was suspicious, but it turns out that the rat had outsmarted us. Nice experience and a super chill atmosphere. Thnx flash!
Sander Marshale
November 21 2021
Icon check green
On the corner of Holland who is the rat done. Just received with a drink and then played with the department for 3 hours. I had no idea what to expect but in the end I had a really great outing! Really hilarious to be lied to like that by your friends.
"A super fun way to explore Scheveningen in an interactive way."

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Program who is the rat (mole):

After each part, everyone has to indicate who "the mole" could be. And here too you can earn points. At the start, each team receives the coordinates. After this, the game can begin. Team building, communication and a little creativity are among the skills needed to successfully complete the trek.

Along the way, the instructors will meet you for 2 to 3 teambuilding assignments. As a final game we will end with Farmers Beach Golf (farmers' golf or clog golf). This game is very popular and consists of a large 5-hole course on the beach or in a dune pan, where the farmer's golf course must be completed in as few strokes as possible. Of course there is a reward for the winners (or rather the rat)!!

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