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Cheap Company Outings with Flitz Events

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
May 22, 2024
10 min

Organizing a memorable company outing does not have to be a major investment. Flitz Events offers a range of cheap company outings that are both fun and affordable. Whether you're looking for team building, adventure, or just a good time, we have options to suit every budget. Here are five of our most affordable and popular activities:


1. Old Dutch Games:

Old Dutch Games offer a nostalgic and enjoyable day of traditional Dutch games. It's a great and budget-friendly option that's both fun and competitive.

Cheap Company Outings - Old Dutch games

A journey to the past

Step back in time and experience a day full of traditional Dutch games. Think of games such as shuffleboard, can throwing, nail pooping and sack races. These games evoke a sense of nostalgia and take you back to the time when these games were widely played. It's a great chance to reminisce and enjoy the simple, yet entertaining games of the past.

Fun and competitive

Old Dutch Games are not only fun, but also competitive. You can participate in different games and test your skills against your colleagues. Whether you're a natural shuffler or a master sack racer, these games will foster healthy competition and team spirit. It's a great way to have fun and strengthen team bonding at the same time.

Suitable for every budget

One of the advantages of Old Dutch Games is that it is a budget-friendly option for company outings. You can enjoy a day full of fun and entertainment without having to make large investments. It's a cost-effective way to have a great time with your colleagues while building a sense of community and team spirit at the same time.

Suitable for all ages

Old Dutch Games are suitable for all ages. Whether you are young or old, everyone can join the games and have fun. It is an activity that connects generations and can be enjoyed by all. It brings a sense of cosiness and togetherness, regardless of age or background.

2. PubQuiz Show On Location:

Host an unforgettable evening of trivia and fun with our PubQuiz Show on location

Want to treat your team to an evening of fun and challenging trivia? Search no further! At Flitz Events we offer an exciting and entertaining activity that is perfect for company outings: the PubQuiz Show on location.

Cheap Company Outings - Pub Quiz Show on location

Affordable entertainment for everyone

What makes this activity so appealing is that it's affordable and your team can have a great time without breaking the bank. We understand that budget sometimes plays a role when organizing company outings, which is why we developed the PubQuiz Show on location as a cost-effective option that still guarantees a lot of fun.

Strengthen the bond between team members

The PubQuiz Show on location is not just entertainment; it's also a great way to build team spirit. During the quiz, team members are challenged to collaborate, brainstorm and share their knowledge. This promotes communication and collaboration within the team, which in turn can lead to closer bonds and better collaboration in the workplace.

A varied and interactive experience

Our on-site PubQuiz Show has been carefully curated to provide a diverse and interactive experience. We have a wide variety of trivia questions and challenging rounds including general knowledge, music, movie, sports and much more. With an enthusiastic quizmaster to ensure that the evening runs smoothly, everyone will be involved and have a great time.

3. GPS Tours:

Discover the city in a unique and budget-friendly way with our exciting GPS tours

If you're looking for a fun and active way to explore the area without breaking your budget, our GPS tours are the perfect choice. At Flitz Events we offer an exciting and adventurous activity where you can explore the city in a whole new way, armed with just a GPS device and a dose of curiosity.

Cheap Company Outings - GPS tours

Navigate the city using GPS technology

With our GPS tours you will have the chance to test your navigation skills while discovering the city's hidden treasures. Armed with a GPS device, you will be guided to various locations and points of interest that you may have never seen before. It is an adventurous quest where you and your team have to decipher clues, complete quests and take on challenges to reach the end goal.

An activity suitable for all budgets

At Flitz Events we understand that budget can sometimes be a limiting factor when organizing company outings. That's why we've made sure our GPS tours are affordable so you can enjoy a great experience without breaking the bank. Whether your budget is small or big, our GPS tours provide a worthwhile and unforgettable experience for everyone.

A unique team building experience

In addition to exploring the city and finding the right route, our GPS tours also provide a great opportunity to promote team building and collaboration. As you decipher clues and tackle the challenges together, you'll find that communication and collaboration are essential to success. It's a great way to build team spirit and strengthen the bond between team members.

4. Online Pub Quiz:

Discover the pleasure of one Online Pub Quiz – a budget-friendly alternative for a company outing

If you're looking for an affordable and easy company outing that you can do from the comfort of your office or home, our Online PubQuiz is just what you need. At Flitz Events, we provide an interactive and entertaining quiz experience that will engage, entertain and challenge your team, all through an online platform.

Online Quiz Show Company Outing

The advantages of an Online PubQuiz

One of the biggest advantages of our Online PubQuiz is its budget-friendliness. Compared to traditional company outings, where you often have to deal with high costs for location, catering and transport, our online variant offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on fun and team building.

The convenience of online participation

With our Online PubQuiz you don't have to worry about arranging transport or finding a suitable location. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. Your team members can participate from their own home or office, increasing convenience and flexibility.

Interactive and entertaining quiz experience

Our Online PubQuiz is designed to provide an interactive and entertaining experience for all participants. With a wide range of quiz questions, challenging puzzles and fun multimedia elements, such as images and videos, we keep your team engaged and engaged throughout the quiz.

Team spirit and cooperation

Although the quiz takes place online, our Online PubQuiz still offers the opportunity to promote team spirit and collaboration. Your team members can work together to answer questions, strategize and earn points. This strengthens the bond between colleagues, even at a distance, and creates a sense of belonging.

5. Beach Clean Up:

Contribute to a cleaner world with our Beach CleanUp – an affordable and socially responsible company outing

If you're looking for a budget-friendly activity that also has a positive impact on the environment, our Beach Clean Up is the perfect choice. At Flitz Events we believe in the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, and with our Beach Clean Up we offer a great opportunity to work together while taking care of our beautiful beaches.

Cheap Company Outings - Beach clean up

An environmentally friendly activity

Our Beach Clean Up is an environmentally friendly activity that raises awareness about the importance of maintaining clean and healthy beaches. By participating in this activity you directly contribute to reducing litter and protecting the flora and fauna in and around the coastline.

Working together for a better world

During the Beach Clean Up, you and your team work together to collect as much waste and plastic as possible. Not only does this create a sense of team spirit and collaboration, but it also shows how small efforts can add up to a bigger impact. Together we can make a positive change and keep our environment clean and healthy.

Educational experience

Our Beach Clean Up also offers an educational experience, where we share information about the impact of litter on the environment and oceans. We teach your team about sustainable practices, recycling and how we can collectively strive for a cleaner world. It is an opportunity to raise awareness and inspire positive action.


At Flitz Events we understand that company outings do not always require a large budget. That's why we offer a range of low-cost options that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your team's face.

Also your own cheap one company outing for large groups to organize? Learn more about our options here and start planning your next affordable company outing!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Flitz Events offer cheap company outings?
    Yes, Flitz Events has a range of budget-friendly options for company outings. They understand that cost can be an important factor and therefore offer different activities and packages to suit different budgets.
  • What activities are available for cheap company outings?
    Flitz Events offers various activities for cheap company outings. This includes fun team building games, sporting challenges, creative workshops and interactive treasure hunts. These activities are designed to provide a great experience without driving up the cost.
  • Do we have to make concessions on the quality of the company outing because of the low price?
    Absolutely not! Despite the affordable prices, Flitz Events is known for their high-quality company outings. They provide professional guidance, well-maintained equipment, and attention to detail, ensuring you get a high-quality experience, even on a budget.
  • Are there certain times or periods when cheap company outings are available?
    Flitz Events offers opportunities for cheap company outings all year round. They have flexible packages and can take into account the availability and budget of your company. It is best to contact them to discuss the possibilities.
  • Are there extra costs that we should take into account with cheap company outings?
    Flitz Events ensures transparency with their prices for cheap company outings. They will clearly communicate all costs, including any optional extras, so that you have a good overview of what is included and what may cost extra. That way you can stay within your budget and avoid surprises.