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Family activities

Family activities

Fun family activities during a family weekend a few times a year are very popular nowadays. It's nice to be together with the whole family and catch up. Chances are that the family lives scattered all over the Netherlands or has even gone abroad, so you simply don't see each other that often anymore. In that case it is nice to get together for a day or a weekend a few times a year and see how everyone is doing. That real contact does not replace the updates via Whatsapp or the telephone. Of course you also want to do fun activities to make the day extra special. That is why at Flitz Events you can choose from a lot of different activities, for young and old. Here you will find sporty, creative, special, indoor and outdoor activities in various places in South Holland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Top 3 Activities in The Hague
    Robinson Crusoe (Our most popular program!), Kite flying / Power kiting (accessible to everyone), ⚽ Six-camp / Beach games (For an original outing tailor-made for your complete day)
  • Top 3 Winter Activities in The Hague
    1. Winter Wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig) 2. PubQuiz show (Sociability & battle with a drink) 3. Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)
  • Top 3 Family Winter Activities
    1. Winter Wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Winter Games! ) 2. PubQuiz show (Sociability & battle with a drink on location or in the pub) 3. Making ice sculptures workshop (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

Activities Family day

During a family day, chances are that several generations will participate in an activity. Grandpa and grandma probably prefer not to go powerkiting of Blokarting on the beach, while the smaller children prefer not to sit still during the activity. Fortunately, Flitz Events has outings that are suitable for the whole family. You can go for one of the many workshops that Flitz Events organizes on the beach. Then the children also have the opportunity to have fun on the beach or in the sea. There are several creative workshops to do on the beach, such as the painting workshop. You can choose to individually paint a true work of art, but it is also possible to try to make a beautiful painting together. It is also possible to pimp slippersspraying graffiti or om sand sculptures to make.

Family day at the beach

In good weather you prefer to be outside and the beach sounds very attractive. That is why Flitz Events also organizes many activities on the beach. During a family outing, collaboration is a fun element during an activity. Fortunately, you have many beach activities where cooperation is an important part. For example, go for the Robinson Crusoe Experience, where you have to carry out tests by working together. This is the only way to escape the cannibals on the island. Or go for one hexathlon where you compete on certain parts. Choose equivalent teams and choose parts that everyone likes to do. This way everyone can enjoy a fun activity on the beach. If the older generation is also perfectly happy to enjoy the beach, while the rest is busy bubble football also a fun activity to do. Everyone is wrapped in a bubble while trying to play football. In the meantime, you can also touch each other. A fun game where especially the younger generation can let off a lot of steam. The elderly can enjoy an ice cream and the youth.

Family weekend activities

It is of course also possible that you go for a family weekend and therefore stay somewhere nearby. In that case you can also easily choose multiple activities to fill in the weekend. For example, a very successful activity with family is one City Game. You will receive an iPad per group with which you have to carry out assignments. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to take a good look at the city. With a larger group you can divide the group into teams and compete against each other. Each City Game has a different storyline, so you can choose which theme suits you best. You can also play the game in different cities. Also the GPS tours are recommended as an activity during a family weekend. You will then be dropped in Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland and will receive GPS equipment and coordinates to find the final destination. Only by working well together will you reach the final destination. Here too, you can look for the final destination in a large group or you can go out in several groups.
many employees come from this neighborhood.

Combining activities

Whether you are looking for an activity for a family weekend or a family day, at Flitz Events you have a huge range of fun activities for the whole family. You can combine the activities and also choose to end the activity with a drink or dinner package. This way you can enjoy the activities with the whole family and finish your family day or family weekend in a perfect way. In the meantime, you immediately have time to discuss what you will do with the next outing.

Events Netherlands

If you are looking for fun activities in the Netherlands, you will soon find Flitz Events. Here you have a wide range of activities in South Holland. The distances in the Netherlands are very small and you will find the best activities in the Netherlands here. If you find it too far, you can always choose to book an overnight stay nearby. This way you ensure the best outing and you will certainly have a successful day.