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Company outing Kijkduin

Company outing in Kijkduin, Flitz has been organizing company outings in Kijkduin with pleasure and enthusiasm for many years. The beach of Kijkduin has recently been widened considerably. You can enjoy yourself in the quiet seaside resort of Kijkduin! After the meeting, get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Kijkduin, choose from the various options activities that suits you!

Advantages company outing Kijkduin:

  • Free Parking
  • Privacy and tranquility
  • Large parking lots
  • Unique beach tents

In addition to taking care of your company outing, we have selected a beach pavilions in Kijkduin that we are happy to work with. The restaurants and beach bars are unique and have proven themselves in recent years as an excellent partner and catering service. However, we are not location bound and we also regularly work from various other beach bars in Kijkduin.

In addition to taking care of your perfect company outing, have put together a number of beach pavilions in Kijkduin that we would like to work with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Organiseren Organize an original Company outing?
    Choose from more than 50 indoor or outdoor activities from €12,50 per person. Ask for a no-obligation quote or contact us by phone on 070-2501429
  • ⭐ Looking for top 3 company outing in Kijkduin?
    Below you will find the best activities for a company outing! 1. Robinson Crusoe Experience 2. Sand sculptures Kijkduin 3. Beach day Kijkduin
  • ⭐ A fully customized company outing?
    Looking for a fully catered beach day, an active company outing or a fully catered company party. Everything is possible. We listen to your wishes & discuss the possibilities, so that we can tailor your company outing completely. This is guaranteed to be the best company outing ever.
  • ⭐ Do you have a bad weather scenario?
    We do NOT have the weather in our own hands and since we want to give you a fantastic day, it is important that the weather conditions are good. If it looks like it will come out of the air all day, we can put an indoor activity as a back up.