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city ​​games shootout ipad
city ​​games shootout ipad challenge
  • Feeling tense
  • Challenge
  • Teambuilding
  • Free prize cup

The ultimate battle between the criminals from The Hague. How well can you keep an eye on your opponents? And are you also outsmarting them by using various cunning tricks? Who will win this battle and get the biggest loot ever? Compete in this GPS tour city games shoot out, but hurry! The clock keeps ticking and before you know it you're too late!

Experience the unique city game! Flitz-Events regularly organizes unique activities in the city centre. Together you will make it an exciting competition in the city. The Shoot out game can be done easily through the smartphone. That makes it a super accessible outing that everyone can participate in. Both young and old!

How does city games shoot out work?

City Games Shoot out is played using tablets on which you can see the opponents walking around. You can also perform various actions via this tablet. Ultimately, it's about making as much money as possible for your team within the time.

You can earn money by blowing up safes, for example. But for that you need dynamite. So make sure you collect enough of this as well. But besides your team and your opponents, there are other virtual players in the game. Be especially careful of the police, because they can ask you for money just like that.

The game lasts about 2 hours and the winning team will receive a prize. Enter the battle and make sure you outsmart the opponents! Do you dare to play this game?


  • Feeling tense
  • Challenge
  • Teambuilding
  • Free prize cup


Group from 10 people:€ 30,00 pp
Group from 25 people:€ 27,50 pp
Group from 50 people:€ 25,00 pp
Group from 100 people:€ 20,00 pp
Prices are per person and include VAT


Shoot out, BBQ, 2 hour Drink Package & 2 Drinksfrom 65,- pp
Shoot out, BBQ & 3 Drinksfrom 55,- pp

Put together your package yourself!

From € 20.00 pp
The Shoot out game is perfect for company outings. But a company outing is of course not possible without a super cozy drink!

For after the end of your activity, we have special drinks and/or drinks packages! Of course you can also dine here or have a nice BBQ.

Inquire about the possibilities!

Sample program

The program can be put together yourself

Reception with possibly a snack and a drink
Explanation game rules
Launch Shootout
Award ceremony
Possibly BBQ or a drink

Our way of working

iPad Tour
November 22 2021
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Play the exciting city game with Augmented Reality! With an iPad in your hand you will tour the city. Be surprised by the assignments that pop up in different places.
November 22 2021
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Sail over the beach, play the wind and whiz over the beach at full speed. Adrenaline & spectacle guaranteed
Colonel Wuyts
November 22 2021
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Of course you don't do this every day. Relaxed atmosphere!
"Play the exciting city game with Augmented Reality! With an iPad in your hand, you can tour the city. Be surprised by the assignments that pop up in different places."

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Choose the best city game in The Hague

At Flitz-Events you are at the right address for a wide range of unique activities, including the city games. An exciting and original activity, which can be done in different cities. The goal remains the same, collect as much money as possible and beat the opponents!

Will you crown yourself the winner of the city? Experience it yourself during the city game: ShootOut! Request a quote without obligation to get more information about the unique activity. Of course you can always contact us. We are happy to talk to you!

Combine City Games shoot out with another activity?

Flitz-Events guarantees a day full of fun and unique memories. We provide daily creative outings inside and outside the city! In addition to the shoot out activity, there is of course plenty of fun to be found. From workshops to sporting activities, and from hexathlons to well-groomed drinks packages. With us you have come to the right place for a day full of experience!

Are you curious about the possibilities of combining different activities? Please feel free to ask our employees. We ensure that together we come to a unique day full of activities.

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