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  • 25 years of experience
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  • Free backup rain program
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Robinson city city games
  • Versatile Team Challenges
  • Flexible and Playable Anywhere
  • Promotes Team Spirit and Collaboration
  • Adaptable Day Program

Step into the world of Robinson City, an exciting city game inspired by the popular television program Expeditie Robinson. This adventure game is specially designed for colleagues during company outings, schools during class outings, bachelors during bachelorette outings and friends during friends outings.

Robinson City: An active city game full of challenges

Robinson City is an active one city ​​game where teams compete against each other to earn as many points as possible and lose as few as possible. In six different rounds, various skills are tested, including communication, spatial awareness, endurance and brain power. Each team tries to weaken the other teams and prove their own strength during the challenging assignments.


From 10 people € 25, -
From 25 people € 22,50
From 50 people € 20, -
From 100 people € 17,50
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Tristan Roelofs
June 22, 2023
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Received the city games as a gift with our department. There were various assignments in the game, such as brain teasers and endurance, so you can really discover everyone's strengths. Perfect for team building in our department!
John malone
June 22, 2023
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During our company outing we played the city game. It was great to go around the city in teams and carry out assignments. It created a lot of laughter and good team spirit.
Nicky Wiersma
June 22, 2023
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I played the city game with my family and it was a great success. It was an adventurous way to work together and learn something new about the city at the same time. A perfect activity for all ages.
"Discover your survival instincts in the city with Robinson City – where every game offers a new adventure and an opportunity for team building!"

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Team building at its best

Robinson City's activities are not only fun and exciting, but also ideal for team building. Cooperation, trust, perseverance and team spirit are central to this game. By jointly tackling the challenges and overcoming obstacles, the bonds between the team members are strengthened.

Play anywhere in the Netherlands

Whether you are in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, or any other city in the Netherlands, Robinson City can be played at any location. Flitz-Events organizes this adventurous game throughout the Netherlands, so you can enjoy this exciting city outing anywhere.

Combine with other activities

Do you want to put together a full day-filling program? Robinson City can be perfectly combined with other activities. For example, add a city tour, a boat trip, or a culinary experience to your day full of adventure. Flitz-Events is happy to help you put together a program that meets all your wishes.

Choose Flitz Events

Robinson City offers a unique experience for colleagues, schools, singles and friends looking for adventure, team building and fun. Step into the world of Expedition Robinson and find out how you and your team take on challenges, earn points and emerge victorious.

Book the activity now and experience an unforgettable adventure full of teamwork and excitement in Robinson City.

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