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City games

Citygames: A Unique Experience in Dutch Cities

Imagine: a sunny day, a city full of hidden secrets and you, with an app in hand, ready to start an adventure. That's the magic of Citygames!? Then the City Games in The Hague are perfect for you! With a range of exciting and challenging activities, the City games offer an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Whether you are already familiar with the city, or want to explore the sights of The Hague as a new visitor, these games provide fun, team building and above all fun. Take on the challenge together with your friends, family members or colleagues and immerse yourself in the excitement of one of our exciting City games in The Hague!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can participate?
    The group size doesn't really matter to us. Whether you are with 5 people or with 1000 people, we adapt our offer to the group size.
  • Can I also participate if I have difficulty walking?
    It really depends on which game you choose. If you're going to walk through the city it could be easy. But if you want to walk through the dunes, we would strongly advise against that, the dune paths are a lot more difficult than the asphalt and stone paths in the city.
  • How much does it cost approximately per person?
    That depends a lot on how big the group is. Group from 10 persons: €30,00. Group from 25 persons: €27,50. Group from 50 persons: €25,00. Group from 80 people: €20,00.
  • How long does an average city game take?
    This varies, but most city games last between 2 and 4 hours.
  • Is there an age restriction for city games?
    Most city games are suitable for all ages, but it's always good to check beforehand.

City games

City Games: Adventurous City Exploration Discover cities in an innovative and interactive way with the City Games from Flitz-Events, available throughout the Netherlands. These exciting quests lead you and your team through hidden gems, historical monuments and offer challenging puzzles and riddles. Armed with a tablet or smartphone, you dive into an adventure where cooperation, speed and smartness are crucial. City games are an ideal mix of fun, team building and discovery, perfect for anyone looking for a unique outdoor experience. Choose from various themes, including escape games, and immerse yourself in a day full of discovery and competition.

escape-the-city, City games The Hague

Which City games are there?

City game: An Unforgettable Adventure!

A city game with your team is absolutely the perfect way to work together in a playful and interactive way and explore a city at the same time. Not only is it about solving puzzles and completing missions, but also about team building, communication and enjoying together. As the city's streets and squares transform into a playing field, team members have the opportunity to get to know each other in a distinctive way and precious memories are created.

Whether you are with colleagues, friends or family, a city game gives you the opportunity to have a unique experience that will be talked about for a long time! Don't wait any longer and contact us to discover which city game suits your group best. Our staff is ready to advise and help you plan your ideal City gaming experience.

City Games: Discover and experience Breda and the surrounding area!

City games can be a fantastic way to explore a city in a unique and interactive way. Whether you decide to explore the picturesque streets of Utrecht on an exciting adventure or choose to discover the historic splendor of Breda, there is always a city game that suits you exactly.

Discover Breda in a completely new and unique way. There are several city games to choose from to immerse yourself in the stories, mysteries and cultural heritage of the city. “Discover historic Breda” is not just a slogan; it invites you to see and experience the rich history of the city with your own eyes.

The City Games in Utrecht are absolutely enchanting. The canals, the Dom Tower and the hidden treasures of the city become the playing field where you and your teammates are challenged. A game with your friends, family or colleagues in Utrecht is not only a fantastic way to discover the city, but also to experience unforgettable moments.

However, why should we stop at Breda and Utrecht? The Netherlands is full of cities waiting to be discovered. There are so many different city games to choose from, so there's always an adventure waiting for you no matter what city you're in.

If you are thinking about planning a day out in the future, I would recommend that you think about organizing a city game. Whether you decide to participate in “Discover historic Breda”, continue a fascinating treasure hunt Utrecht, or whether you opt for another adventure in a Dutch city of your choice, one thing is certain – you are guaranteed an experience that will remain etched in your memory for a long time.

Introduction to City Games

City Games bring out the best in a city through challenging and exciting puzzles and missions. With an app in your hand, every corner of the city transforms into a playing field full of surprises.

How Flitz events transform the CityGame adventure
With years of experience in organizing the most memorable outings, Flitz events ensures that your city gaming experience becomes exceptional. From company outings to groups of friends, we make every experience unique!

Citygames Rotterdam: The bustling heart of the port

Immerse yourself in Rotterdam's dynamic culture.From the Erasmus Bridge to the modern Markthal, Flitz events will make sure you explore every bit of this fascinating city.

Citygame amsterdam: History meets modernity

Amsterdam, a city full of charm and history. Stroll through the ancient streets, solve the riddles and be surprised by what the capital has to offer.

Citygame breda: Taste the Brabant conviviality

Breda is more than just a city; it's a feeling. The cozy terraces, the historic buildings and of course the Brabant hospitality. Experience it all with Flitz events.

Citygame The Hague: The royal tour

Discover The Hague like you've never seen it before. From the Peace Palace to the cozy streets of the center; Flitz events provide a royal experience.

Urban city games versus traditional city games

While traditional city games focus on a city's history and culture, urban city games offer a modern twist. Whatever your preference, Flitz events has the perfect adventure for you.

Conclusion: Why Flitz events is your best choice for Citygames

Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure in your own country or abroad, Flitz events offers an unparalleled city gaming experience. Book your next adventure today!

Citygame The Hague

Explore the secrets of The Hague with the exciting City Game from Flitz-Events. Go on an adventure and unravel mysterious riddles as you discover the hidden corners of the city. This interactive tour is ideal for team building and offers an in-depth look at the rich history and culture of the Hofstad. Choose your favorite theme and dive into a world full of discoveries and challenges.

Discover the City Games

The Citygames are an enchanting way to discover The Hague and immerse yourself in adventure and fun. They combine the excitement of a scavenger hunt with the charm of cultural exploration. Whether you are a local who wants to rediscover the city center of The Hague, or a visitor who wants to explore new places, The Citygames offer a unique and fascinating experience for young and old.

The streets become your playing field and the landmarks your clues. With a team of fellow players you face challenging riddles, exciting assignments and mysterious puzzles. You will have to use your creativity, intelligence and cooperation skills to overcome the challenges and achieve victory.

As you cross the city, you will be immersed in the rich history, culture and architecture of The Hague. You'll discover hidden gems and well-known landmarks in a whole new way. Each step opens doors to new surprises and unexpected discoveries.

Who are the City games The Hague for?

The City games are extremely suitable for different target groups. Whether you are young or old, organizing a team building activity for your colleagues, celebrating a bachelor party or just want to have a fun day with friends and family, there is always a city game that suits your group.

For companies, city games offer a perfect opportunity to strengthen team spirit and promote cooperation. By jointly tackling challenges and achieving goals, a sense of belonging and togetherness is created within the team. In addition, it stimulates creativity, problem-solving skills and communication, which can be invaluable in the work environment.

For groups of friends and families, city games are an ideal way to spend quality time and share unforgettable moments. It brings together fun, competition and adventure, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm. In addition, city games can be adapted to the pace and interest of the participants, so that everyone can be involved, regardless of age or physical condition.

Escape the City The Hague

In this City Game you take on the dangerous Dr. Crypto. This master villain is holding a number of people hostage somewhere in the city. It is up to you to find and free the hostages. But Dr. Crypto likes booby traps. If you know how to neutralize these, you will earn money. But if you fail ...

City Hunt The Hague

In this game you play against each other in teams and each team has its own mission. Are you the top criminals who would like to make the final move for a well-deserved retirement on a tropical island? Or do you belong to the group of bounty hunters who are trying to track down this gang in a crazy race against the clock?

The Wedding Planner/The Hangover The Hague

Scary mothers-in-law and blackmailing strippers: the road to the altar is not a bed of roses for you in this exciting and hilarious City Game! The bachelor party was probably legendary judging by the strong hangover. But now everything has to be arranged before the wedding can take place.

You will receive the assignments via the tablet, which must be done to earn enough gold pieces to arrange everything.