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Company outing Zeeland

Are you looking for a versatile company outing in Zeeland that is sporty, challenging, educational and culinary? Look no further, because Flitz-Events is the right place for you! We offer an extensive range of activities and packages to make your company outing in Zeeland an unforgettable success. In collaboration with various locations, we can put together a tailor-made program for your team. From our home base in Scheveningen we can offer many unique activities throughout the Netherlands. For example, be enchanted by a day full of exciting beach activities in Zeeland, Gelderland, South Holland and Amsterdam! Followed by a delicious barbecue.

With us, everything is possible. We are ready to arrange a fully catered company outing for you, creating the perfect mix between fun and serious challenges. So if you want to organize company outings, choose Flitz-Events!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities and arrangements does Flitz-Events offer for company outings in Zeeland?
    Flitz-Events offers a wide range of activities and packages for company outings in Zeeland. From sporty outdoor activities such as Archery tag, Expedition Robinson and beach volleyball to creative workshops and culinary arrangements, there is something for every team. The activities are carefully designed to promote team building, collaboration and fun. In addition, the activities can be adapted to the specific wishes and needs of the team.
  • Can you also put together tailor-made programs for company outings in Zeeland?
    Of course! Flitz-Events can put together tailor-made programs for company outings in Zeeland. In collaboration with various locations in the province, they can draw up a program that perfectly matches the wishes and goals of the team. Whether it concerns a large group or a smaller group, Flitz-Events can design a program that fits the size of the team and the desired activities.
  • What are the advantages of organizing a company outing in Zeeland with Flitz-Events?
    Organizing a company outing in Zeeland with Flitz-Events has several advantages. Firstly, Zeeland offers an inspiring environment for company outings, with its beautiful coastal landscapes, atmospheric villages and rich maritime history. This contributes to a positive and productive atmosphere during company outings. Secondly, a company outing strengthens the mutual bond between colleagues, improves cooperation and communication in the workplace, increases employee happiness and motivation and promotes a positive corporate culture. This can ultimately lead to increased productivity and better team performance.
  • What are the popular team building activities and company outings offered by Flitz-Events in Zeeland?
    Flitz-Events offers a number of popular team building activities and company outings in Zeeland, including Archery tag, Expedition Robinson and beach volleyball. These activities are filled with challenging assignments and original activities, in which cooperation, communication and strategy are essential. In addition, they also offer other activities such as powerboat experience, painting workshops and the drink boat through The Hague, all of which contribute to an unforgettable in Zeeland for the team.

Team building activity in the province of Zeeland?

Organizing company outings in Zeeland? Then choose Flitz Events. From a sporty company outing to a culinary afternoon in a restaurant, we take care of everything for you!

Flitz-Events offers a wide range of team building activities and company outings that are perfect for your team in Zeeland. Whether you are looking for adventurous outdoor activities, creative workshops, sporting challenges or relaxing culinary arrangements, we have something for every team.

The charm of Zeeland

Zeeland, also known as the province with the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, has an unmistakable charm that enchants many visitors. This beautiful coastal province is known for its extensive beaches, picturesque dune landscapes and atmospheric villages. But there is so much more to discover in Zeeland.

The rich maritime history of Zeeland can be felt everywhere. With its many dikes, delta works and historic ports, Zeeland is closely connected to the sea. The province is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, where you can sail, kite surf, dive and of course enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes.

Zeeland is also an inspiring environment for arranging company outings and additional meetings. We know from experience that many companies like to organize their team building and meeting activities in this beautiful province. The relaxing environment, the fresh sea air and the many possibilities for activities all contribute to a positive and productive atmosphere during the company outings.

Challenging assignments and original activities at a surprising location

The Zeeland landscape offers numerous possibilities for a unique company outing. As far as we are concerned, Zeeland is the perfect location for sporting activities and outings with larger groups. At Flitz-Events we organize company outings that provide an unforgettable experience in Zeeland.

Our team building activities and company outings in Zeeland are filled with challenging assignments and original activities. Whether it concerns an exciting Expedition Robinson, an adrenaline-boosting Powerboat Experience or a sporty beach volleyball match, we ensure that your team has the best possible time and works together at a surprising location.

The benefits of a company outing

Strengthening the bond between colleagues

A company outing offers employees the opportunity to get to know each other in a completely different way. Outside the familiar working environment and work tasks, colleagues can relax together, have fun and share new experiences. This promotes mutual bonding and creates an informal atmosphere in which employees feel freer to communicate and work together.

Improving collaboration and communication in the workplace

Activities and assignments are often organized during a company outing in which cooperation and communication are essential. Solving challenges and problems together promotes team spirit and encourages effective communication. These skills can then be applied to the workplace, boosting collaboration and productivity.

Increase in job satisfaction and motivation of employees

A company outing provides a positive and enjoyable experience for employees. It offers a well-deserved break from daily work and can contribute to a sense of appreciation from the company. Employees who feel valued are generally more motivated and more enthusiastic to contribute to the company.

Promoting a positive company culture

A successful company outing contributes to the creation of a positive and healthy corporate culture. It stimulates team spirit, open communication and a sense of belonging within the company. A positive company culture promotes employee satisfaction and contributes to a pleasant working environment. This in turn can lead to higher productivity and a positive image to customers and partners.

Potential improvement in team productivity and performance

A well-organized company outing can improve team dynamics and cooperation. Employees who can collaborate and communicate effectively are better able to face challenges and achieve goals. As a result, the company outing can indirectly contribute to higher productivity and better performance of the team as a whole.

From a sporty company outing to a relaxing activity in Zeeland

Organize a team building activity in the province of Zeeland or Noord-Holland? With Flitz-Events that is no problem at all.

Our top 3 company outing activities in Zeeland

To provide you with some inspiration, we would like to share our top 3 company outings that you can do in the province of Zeeland:

archery tag

archery tag is a lot like paintball, archery and dodgeball, but with a bow and arrow! At Archery tag you fight each other in teams, the aim of which is to eliminate each other using bows and arrows. The game is easy to play on an open plain where there is enough space.

It is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping game where strategy, speed and precision are important. Don't worry though, the arrows are equipped with special soft tips, making the game safe and suitable for everyone.

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson is one of the best outdoor activities you can do in Zeeland. During a beautiful summer afternoon it is wonderful to get together on the beach or in a wooded area in the Zeeland landscape to experience this challenging and adventurous team building activity.

Just like in the well-known television program, the participants of Expedition Robinson are challenged to work together, join forces and come up with creative solutions to overcome the various challenges and obstacles.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a sporting activity that is perfect for a day at the beach in Zeeland. Playing beach volleyball on the sand adds an extra challenge to traditional volleyball. It is a great team building activity where cooperation, communication and strategy are essential to win the game. Whether you are an experienced player or have never played volleyball before, beach volleyball is suitable for everyone and provides a lot of fun and enjoyable competition.

End the company outing in Zeeland with a nice drink or delicious BBQ

End the company outing in Zeeland with a tasty dinner, a delicious BBQ or a pleasant lunch? We can arrange that too. With a wide range of networks in the area, we can ensure that you can put together a complete package. Regardless of the location and wishes, we are able to realize almost all possibilities.

Because let's face it, after an afternoon of toil along the coast of Zeeland, everyone deserves something delicious during a lunch, drink or dinner.

Organizing a company outing in Zeeland? Choose Flitz Events!

Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes, we are now well acquainted with the cities and surroundings of Zeeland. Where our own roots lie in South Holland, we can still be found regularly in the province below us! Whether you opt for your own location in beautiful nature, or for an outing in the city of Middelburg, we are happy to help you organize the company outing. Together we look at the possibilities and put together a fun, full program that is suitable for all colleagues.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can also immediately request a quote to make the costs transparent.