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Company outing Zandvoort

Company outing Zandvoort, Flitz events has been organizing company outings in Zandvoort with pleasure and enthusiasm for many years.
After the selected beach activities for the company outing, we can discuss the closing barbecue or buffet in Zandvoort. The price of your outing depends on the number of participants, desired catering and your choice of activities. If you have a specific budget for your company outing in Zandvoort or staff outing in Zandvoort and this does not match the prices, we can always arrange something for you!

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Company outing Zandvoort or surroundings

Flitz events regularly organizes company outings on the beach of Zandvoort. Zandvoort is a beautiful coastal town that is ideal for all kinds of company outings. Whether you are looking for one active outing, or are looking for something quieter and creative, at Flitz events we have something for everyone for your Zandvoort company outing.

The most popular activity for a company outing in Zandvoort that we offer is “the Robinson event”. We have professional facilities and guidance, so that you can fully enjoy this fun and active sport. However, we also have other activities in our range, such as beach volleyball, cocktail workshop and City games.

In addition, we can also take care of the catering and any overnight accommodation. This way you don't have to worry about logistics and you can fully focus on enjoying the company outing.

Are you looking for a successful company outing in Zandvoort? Please contact us directly for all options. We are ready to plan an unforgettable outing with you.

What to do in Zandvoort: A Paradise for Tourists and Businesses

Zandvoort, with its golden beaches and inviting atmosphere, is not only a magnet for tourists, but also a favorite destination for companies looking for a unique location for team outings and events. Whether you want to get some fresh air for a day or want to organize a business event, Zandvoort has it all.

Restaurants and Eateries

Zandvoort is a true paradise for gourmets. There are numerous restaurants serving both local delicacies and international dishes. From fresh fish dishes to tasty pastas, the choice is endless. Many of these restaurants also offer beautiful sea views, making your dining experience even more special.

Beach tents
The coast of Zandvoort is dotted with attractive beach bars that offer a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun. Here you can lounge on comfortable beds while enjoying a cocktail or a fresh fruit smoothie. Many beach bars also organize events such as live music or theme nights, making them ideal for both tourists and company outings.

Parking in Zandvoort

Zandvoort is easily accessible by car. There are various parking options in and around the center. It is advisable to check parking rates and times in advance, especially during high season. There are both paid parking spaces and some free parking options just outside the city center.

Beach activities Zandvoort for your company outing

Ordered before the best company outings the beach of Zandvoort is a popular beach. Zandvoort beach is loved by many people in summer and winter and ideal for company outings. Thanks to the wide beach, there is enough space to organize activities there, making it ideal for a company outing in Zandvoort. In collaboration with various restaurants and beach pavilions in Zandvoort, we can offer the right activities / packages for your company outing.

All beach pavilions and terraces with a spectacular sea view, so perfect for an extensive lunch, a delicious BBQ and a top party in combination with a company outing in Zandvoort. Below you will find various activities / packages that we can arrange for you in Zandvoort.

Zandvoort aan Zee is a popular seaside resort on the Dutch coast, and there are plenty of fun beach activities to do. Below I give some examples:

  1. Beach sailing: This is a fun activity for both beginners and experienced sailors. Special sailboats are used that are specifically designed for use on land.
  2. Beach volleyball: This is a popular sport to play where two teams of two players play against each other. The goal is to hit the ball over the net without the other team being able to bounce it back.
  3. Beach walking: There is nothing nicer than taking a long walk along the beach. Enjoy the fresh sea air and the beautiful views while stretching your legs.
  4. Swimming: Of course you can also just enjoy swimming in the sea. Zandvoort has a wide range of swimming options, from calm sea water to wild waves for the daredevils.
  5. Eating beach burgers: After all the sweating and swimming, it's time to eat something. Zandvoort has plenty of fun beach tents where you can go for a delicious beach burger or other delicacies.
  6. expedition Robinson Zandvoort: Expedition Robinson company outing in Zandvoort

Zandvoort therefore offers countless opportunities for fun beach activities. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time in the sand and the nice weather. Flitz events makes Zandvoort aan Zee the ideal location for your company outing. Experience unforgettable moments together as a team building activity in Zandvoort. From beach games to team building games, we make it unforgettable!

Beach activities Zandvoort

cocktail workshops-team building

Are you ready for an unforgettable day full of beach activities in Zandvoort? Flitz events makes it possible! Whether you choose our challenging Beach Challenge, a lively bootcamp on the sand, or want to explore the refreshing waves with activities such as stand-up paddling, surfing and bodyboarding; we have it all.

Zandvoort aan Zee is not only known for its active beach activities. Take a relaxing walk along the coastline, explore the natural dunes with a GPS tour, or show your creativity by making sand sculptures. Are you longing for a moment of zen? Then try one of our yoga sessions during sunset. For those who are more adventurous, we offer exciting speed boat trips.

Our wide range of beach activities in Zandvoort is specially designed to offer something for everyone. At Flitz events, the experience of Zandvoort is central, whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation. Contact us and discover the many beach activities we have to offer in Zandvoort!

Staff outing Zandvoort

A staff outing in Zandvoort aan Zee is a fun way to relax with your colleagues and strengthen the bond at the same time. There are countless fun activities to do in this popular seaside resort on the Dutch coast.

A popular activity during staff outings in Zandvoort is beach volleyball. This is a fun and active sport that you can practice together with your colleagues. Professional facilities and guidance are available so that you can enjoy this fun sport to the fullest.

Team outing Zandvoort

Expedition Robinson Zandvoort, company outing Zandvoort

There are countless others as well activities things to do, such as power kiting, hexathlon and beach volleyball. Or how about a long walk along the beach or a dip in the sea? There is something for everyone.

We can also take care of catering and overnight accommodation, so that you can fully focus on enjoying the staff outing. We are ready to put together the ideal staff outing for your company.

Looking for a fun and original team outing in Zandvoort? Flitz events presents various options for great team outings along the beautiful Zandvoort beach.

One of our most popular activities is the Robinson getaway, an exciting and challenging activity in Zandvoort. With various exercises and games we provide an unforgettable workout in the fresh sea air, and the Beach Challenge is ideal to strengthen team bonding and make the team closer.

We also offer various water sports, such as stand-up paddling, surfing and bodyboarding. Our professional instructors will make sure you enjoy these fun activities in a safe way, and it's a great way to relax and enjoy nature with the team.

And if you want to take it a bit easier, you can also opt for a nice yoga session in the sand or a relaxing massage for the whole team.