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Company outing Utrecht

Looking for a unique and unforgettable company outing in Utrecht? At Flitz-Events we are ready to offer you and your team an extraordinary experience. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht offers a vibrant and versatile environment for a successful team outing. Whether you are looking for adventurous team building, creative workshops or relaxing activities, our extensive selection of company outings in Utrecht ensures that there is something for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities does Flitz-Events offer for company outings in Utrecht?
    Our extensive offer includes a diverse selection of activities, ranging from team building games and workshops to adventurous outdoor challenges. Whether you're looking for creative team activities, active games or relaxing experiences, we have something for every type of team outing.
  • Can you tailor company outings to our specific wishes?
    Absolute! At Flitz-Events we believe in customization. We are happy to discuss your needs and goals, and tailor the program to meet your expectations. Whether it's team building, time schedules or themes, we strive to tailor-make your company outing in Utrecht perfectly.
  • Do you also offer culinary arrangements during company outings in Utrecht?
    Sure! At Flitz-Events we have the option to combine your company outing with delicious culinary arrangements, such as lunches, dinners or drinks. We work with professional catering partners to deliver tasty dishes and drinks so that you can enjoy a complete and unforgettable experience.
  • Can you also organize activities for both large and small groups?
    Certainly, our company outings in Utrecht are suitable for both large and small groups. We understand that teams can have different sizes and dynamics, and our diverse offering is flexible enough to meet the needs of every team member. Our experienced team ensures smooth coordination, regardless of the size of the group.

Why a company outing in Utrecht is unique and fun!

At Flitz-Events you are assured of professional and experienced guidance, a varied and original range of activities, customization and flexibility for your specific wishes, high-quality and well-maintained materials, and a seamless organization from start to finish. This is how we guarantee an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for you and your team.

A company outing with colleagues is fun and also a good way to get to know each other in a different way. Where you normally only see each other on the work floor, you now see each other in a freer setting.

Our top 3 activities

Flitz-Events offers a wide range of unique team building activities. We are happy to share our top 3 activities:

Escape rooms: The perfect team building activity

Escape rooms offer a unique and challenging team building experience. You and your colleagues are locked in an exciting environment and must work together to solve puzzles and decipher riddles in order to escape. This activity requires close collaboration, communication and leveraging everyone's unique skills. It's a great way to improve team dynamics and see how well you can perform as a team under pressure.

Expedition Robinson: Discover the natural division of rolesExpedition Robinson company outing

Step out of your comfort zone and experience an adventurous team building activity such as Expeditie Robinson. In teams you take on the challenge with different tests inspired by the popular television program. This activity challenges participants to leverage their strengths and discover natural leadership and collaboration skills.

As you navigate physical and mental challenges, you get to know each other in a new way and develop healthy and balanced roles. The team with the most points is the winning team.

The drinks boat: Look up the conversation

Combine relaxation, fun and team building with a drinks boat trip. While enjoying the beautiful surroundings on the water, you have the opportunity to talk and network informally with your colleagues. The relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect opportunity to engage in deep conversations, share ideas and get to know each other better outside the work environment. A drinks boat is not only a fun way to be together, but also promotes positive and open communication between team members.

Discover Utrecht

A day in Utrecht is a day of ultimate enjoyment. From fun activities to different restaurants, this city has everything to organize a great company outing.

From the central museum to the cozy restaurants in the city, Utrecht has it all. In addition, there are many beautiful buildings to admire. Think, for example, of the Domtoren or the modern Hoogh Catharijne. Or visit De Haar Castle. This enormous castle, located in the Utrecht village of Haarzuilens, is the largest castle in the Netherlands.

Organizing a successful company outing in Utrecht? Flitz-Events is happy to assist you in beautiful Utrecht!

The benefits of a company outing

A company outing offers numerous benefits for both employees and employers. Here are the 3 biggest benefits:

Team Building and Collaboration

A company outing promotes team building and improves cooperation between colleagues. By participating together in activities outside the work environment, team members get to know each other in a different way and develop better communication and collaboration skills. This leads to a tighter and more effective working group.

Motivation and Engagement

Organizing a company outing shows appreciation for employees' hard work and increases their commitment to the company. It gives employees something to look forward to and motivates them to put their best foot forward. A joint fun experience creates a positive working atmosphere and strengthens the sense of pride and connection with the company.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

A company outing offers the opportunity to disconnect from the daily work stress and relax. It gives employees the chance to relax, have fun and recharge their batteries. A day full of laughter and relaxation contributes to the overall well-being and satisfaction of employees, which in turn has positive effects on their long-term performance.

The benefits for the employer

For the employer, a company outing at Flitz-Events offers various benefits. Showing concern for staff well-being strengthens the relationship and can lead to a more positive work environment. Team building activities improve collaboration and communication within the team, which can increase overall performance and productivity.

In addition, company outings boost employee motivation and satisfaction, which in turn can contribute to lower turnover and a positive company culture.

Combine the company outing in Utrecht with lunch, dinner or drinks

Combine the company outing in Utrecht with a delicious lunch, tasty dinner or cozy drink and turn your day into a complete and unforgettable experience. At Flitz-Events we offer the possibility to enrich your team outing with culinary arrangements that perfectly match the atmosphere and goals of the event.

Whether it's an energetic start with an extensive lunch, a festive conclusion with a cozy drink or a relaxed get-together over a delicious dinner, our professional catering partners are ready to spoil you with tasty dishes and drinks. Enjoy the combination of team building and gastronomy and make your company outing in Utrecht extra special.

At Flitz-Events you are assured of:

– Professional and experienced guidance

– A varied and original range of activities

– Customization and flexibility for your specific wishes

– High-quality and well-maintained materials

– A seamless organization from start to finish

Choose Flitz Events

Looking for the ideal company outing? Flitz-Events is happy to help you! With our years of experience in organizing outings, we can of course help you organize the best company outings along the canals of Utrecht. On the road with colleagues, there is no more fun!

Do you have special wishes for the outing in Utrecht? As an events agency, we can offer you a wide range of activities in and outside the center of the Utrecht city. Together we will experience a great day!