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Organize a unique company outing

Are you looking for an interesting activity for your annual company outing? At Flitz-Events we have various unique and exciting workshops, activities and relaxing boat trips. Every year we organize dozens of outings for companies ranging from 10 people to 1000 people. No wish is too crazy for us. Enjoy going out with colleagues. It is something that is often looked forward to for months. In addition, there is a lot of discussion about it. Because let's be honest, a company outing is always unique and creates a close bond between colleagues. It is logical that an annual company outing is organized to work on team building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a company outing cost per person?
    The costs for a company outing vary enormously. That's because there are so many options. You can keep it small by opting for a workshop, but you can also throw a great company party. The prices per person will logically differ. So ask for the prices pp without obligation, we will be happy to tell you more.
  • How many people can you be with?
    We organize annual company outings for groups of 10 to 1000 people. So we already have a lot of experience with guiding large groups.
  • What kind of clothing should I wear?
    That really depends on the activity you do. If you are going to do something active on the beach, it is best to wear comfortable clothes. Or if you are going to do a winter activity, it is best to put on something warm. There is always a possibility to change in the restaurant if, for example, you want to eat something afterwards.

The best company outings for every team

Discover the top 3 fun company outings at Flitz-Events, where original and active company outings come together for every budget. From cheap company outings on the beach to unique indoor activities, we offer it all. Choose from a wide range of adventurous and creative outings for an unforgettable experience. Our indoor company outings guarantee fun and team building, regardless of the weather. Experience the perfect mix of originality and affordability with an original company outing from Flitz-Events!

Top 3 best ideas for a company outing

Whether you come with 10 or 200 people, we have enough ideas available. You will work on team building and the bond will become a lot closer. To provide you with some more inspiration, we would like to share a top 3 of the best ideas on the beach. These are: 

  1. Robinson Crusoe: Robinson Crusoe is one of the most popular activities of 2024. And not without reason: It is a unique afternoon full of challenging and sporty tests that are played against each other in teams. Raft building, tug of war, archery tag, it all happens during an afternoon of Robinson Crusoe. You will be welcomed with a snack and drink, after which the supervisor will tell you everything about the tests. Then it is up to you to join forces and win as many of the 6 tests as possible. The team that wins the most tests comes out on top. The jury will then award you a worthy trophy.
  2. Powerkiting: As an event agency on the coast of Mag power kiting absolutely not missing. Power kiting is kite flying XXL, where you experience the forces of the wind using a larger kite. This allows you to make beautiful shapes in the air, but you can also let yourself be dragged over the sand. Ideal for large groups of different ages. For young and old, power kiting is for everyone. Do you take it easy or are you up for the challenge? A day full of action!
  3. The drink boat Don't feel like sporting activities, but just want to relax. Which can! The drink boat is a very relaxed activity where you sail together through the city of The Hague. You will get to know the Hofstad in a different way while enjoying a glass of wine, beer, soda and bitterballen. an ideal activity for a getaway. Whether it concerns a company outing for large or small groups, the drinks boat is ready for you.

Spectacular Company Outing: Top 3 Activities

Looking for a company outing that will remain in the memory of your team for a long time? Choose one of these top 3 activities that are guaranteed to provide adrenaline and fun.

  1. Powerboat Sailing: Experience the speed and power of the waves with a powerboat experience in Scheveningen. Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the water as you sail across the North Sea.
  2. laser gaming: Compete in a laser tag adventure. Armed with the latest laser tag weapons, you fight in teams for victory. This game requires cooperation, strategy and quick thinking, perfect for team building.
  3. Blokarting: Experience the thrill of blokarting. Feel the power of the wind as you fly over the sand in a blokart.

Team building Company outings

Team building is essential for building a strong group. These top 3 team building company outings not only provide fun, but also unforgettable moments.

  1. Pub quiz: The classic pub quiz is a great way to get teams competing against each other in a fun and competitive way. Test your team's general knowledge with questions on various topics. Collaboration and communication are the key to success here.
  2. Beach games: Combine fun with a physical challenge by choosing beach games. From tug-of-war and sack races to volleyball and soccer, these games strengthen team bonds through cheerful competition.
  3. Curling Clinic: A unique and lesser known sport, curling offers a fantastic team building experience. Learn the basics of this ice-cold game and work together to get the stones as close to the target as possible. A fun way to improve strategic thinking and team dynamics.

Unique Customized Company Outing: For Every Budget and Interest

Cheap Company Outing

A limited budget does not mean that your team cannot enjoy a fantastic company outing. Discover these top 3 activities that are both affordable and unforgettable.

  1.  Building Sand Sculptures: Dive into the creative world of sand sculptures.
  2. Beach Volleyball Tournament: Organize a beach volleyball tournament for a great day.
  3. Boerenbeachgolf: A variation on the traditional golf game, but on the beach.

Nice company outing

For a team day full of fun and unforgettable experiences, choose from one of these top 3 company outings. Perfect for teams looking for adventure and a good time together.

  1. Escape the City: Escape the hustle and bustle of the office with “Escape the City”. In this exciting city game you work together to follow clues, solve riddles and be the first to discover the secret location in the city. A perfect mix of adventure and team building!
  2. Beach games: Have fun with beach games. Choose 6 different games of your choice. After which the outing begins and provides hilarious moments.
  3. La Casa di Nero: Dive into the world of mystery and strategy with La Casa di Nero. Inspired by the popular series, you carry out assignments to crack the safe. Cooperation and smart strategies are essential in this immersive game full of excitement and thrills.

Company outing ideas

Looking for inspiration for your next company outing? These ideas offer something for every team, from adventurous to relaxed and everything in between.

– Indoor company outing 

Are you looking for activities that you can do all year round? Then you are also at the right place at Flitz-Events. While we offer many beach activities, we can also offer a indoor company outing to organize. How about our escape room? a unique activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Or do you opt for an interesting workshop? The possibilities vary widely during a team outing at Flitz-Events.

Are you looking for an active company outing that you can do indoors? How about an afternoon of games in one of our beach pavilions. Here we organize a challenging tournament with the best and most famous games in the Netherlands. The one who wins the most games is king board game!

– Winter company outing

You are also very welcome at Flitz-Events in winter. In the cold winter months we are happy to welcome you in the beautiful Winter Wonderland, where you play various winter games while enjoying a hot chocolate or gluhwein. A fantastic experience that will get you completely into the Christmas spirit. Highly recommended, in our opinion! 

Logically, the winter company outings popular. Therefore, make sure that you schedule an activity in time, so that you are assured of a great day full of action and fun.

– Online company outing

For companies with 200 people or more, it can be difficult to organize a company outing on location. Of course you want to make sure everyone is present. A online outing is then a suitable way to ensure that you are together. During the corona pandemic, we noticed that an online outing is just as much fun! You will all receive a drink package and each will turn on online via your own laptop screen.

For example, how about the online pub quiz? Or the online escape room? Various fun activities where you can spend some time together.

– A workshop as a company outing 

Yes, workshops, one of our most popular activities for company outings. With a wide range of workshops, we can always organize original company outings. How about the cocktail workshop, for example, where you learn everything about the mojito, margarita, sex on the beach, you name it. You can then make 3 cocktails. Choose your own cocktail, copy the mojito or go for the true Flitz cocktail. The choice is yours!

Another fun workshop is the sand sculpture workshop. This is a unique activity that can almost only be found along the coast. An experienced sand artist will tell you everything about sand art here. Using sand and water, you work in teams to make the most beautiful creations.

Are you a real music lover? Then the salsa workshop is also a great choice. Here you will learn everything about the famous dance. Challenge your favorite colleague to dance the salsa. Very nice!

– Company outing on location

Do you want to celebrate a company outing with your colleagues at the own location? Which can. We also offer many of our activities on location. Workshops, game activities, there are plenty of options for a great company outing. From Amsterdam to Eindhoven, no location is too crazy for us.

– Combine company outing

Do you need a company outing consisting of multiple activities? Which can! We combine many of our activities with each other, so that you can organize a whole day, as it were, for you and your colleagues. How about power kiting and Expedition Robinson, where you start with the former. After an hour of kiting around the beach, there will be a short break, after which we switch to Expedition Robinson. You will then be divided into teams and then you will be asked to win various tests. The person who wins the most tests is the winner of Expedition Robinson.

– Combine a company outing with a snack and drink

You can also easily combine activities with a snack and drink afterwards or beforehand. Enjoy chatting after a day full of humor and sportsmanship, it's possible! Let us know in advance, so that we can coordinate things with our partners along the beach. A dinner, lunch, BBQ, prom or drinks, we are able to arrange and combine everything.

Organizing the benefits of a company outing

There are many reasons why you should choose a company outing. A company outing is fun, unique, but above all: a company outing is conducive to team building. We can speak from experience that colleagues often have a great time during an afternoon full of fun activities.

Company outings strengthen cooperation

There are many reasons why you should choose a company outing. A company outing is fun, unique, but above all: a company outing is conducive to team building. We can speak from experience that colleagues often have a great time during an afternoon full of fun activities. Did you know that organizing a company outing has various advantages with regard to your staff? We will discuss a number of them with you. company outing with innovative team building exercise

  1. Good for productivity: The annual company outing has an indirect effect on labor productivity. This is because your employees are in a different setting and therefore get to know each other in a different way. In this way you create a positive atmosphere within the group and ultimately ensure that this leads to improved performance in the workplace.
  2. Colleagues build a bond: During a company outing you come together in a completely different setting. No work for a while, no targets for a while, sometimes nice! You get to know each other in a different way and from experience that results in the necessary friendships. This way you find out that that silent employee is actually very nice.
  3. Getting to know new characteristics: One of the most important reasons why an annual company outing is chosen. During the activities you experience new characteristics of employees. Where someone was usually quiet and closed off, a real social animal emerges during the activities. You also get to know people better in the field of tactical actions. Who doesn't buckle under pressure? Who takes the lead? And who is the fanatical player who wants and needs to win everything?