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Company outing Small Group: Make it Intimate and Interactive with Flitz Events

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 16, 2024
10 min

Whether you're a small business or just a small department within a larger company, a company outing with your colleagues can be a great way to strengthen team bonds and improve the working atmosphere. Flitz Events has a large number of options specially designed for smaller groups, making every outing a memorable and intimate experience. Here are five activities we recommend for small group company outings:


1.Cocktail Workshop:

Discover the world of cocktails with our interactive Cocktail Workshop – a unique team building activity that brings the art of cocktail making to life

Are you looking for a fun and interactive team building activity where everyone can show their creativity? Our Cocktail Workshop is the perfect choice! At Flitz Events we offer an engaging and hands-on experience where you and your team learn and discover the art of cocktail making.

Company outing Small Group - Cocktail Workshop

Learn from professional mixologists

Our Cocktail Workshop is led by experienced and passionate mixologists. They share their knowledge and skills with you and your team, so that you learn the tricks of the trade. They will guide you through how to make different types of cocktails and provide you with tips and tricks to make them perfect.

Creativity and teamwork

During the workshop you get the chance to let your creativity run wild. You can experiment with different ingredients, flavors and garnishes to create unique and delicious cocktails. This not only stimulates your creative thinking, but it also promotes collaboration and teamwork. You can exchange ideas, inspire each other and work together to make the most delicious drinks.

Discover new flavours

One of the highlights of our Cocktail Workshop is the opportunity to discover new flavors and combinations. You will learn about different types of spirits, liqueurs, syrups and fresh ingredients used in popular cocktails. This opens your horizons and gives you a broader view of the world of mixology.

A festive atmosphere

Our Cocktail Workshop also creates a festive and relaxed atmosphere. It's an opportunity to enjoy each other's company, relax and toast to success. Whether you are organizing a company outing, team building activity or staff party, this workshop creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease.


2. Escape Room:

Dive into the exciting world of Escape Rooms – a challenging team activity that tests teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills

Are you ready for an adventure full of excitement and challenge? Then step into an Escape Room and let your team experience the ultimate test of cooperation and intelligence. At Flitz Events we offer a wide range of Escape Rooms that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Company outing Small Group - Escape room

The ultimate team challenge

Escape Rooms are designed to bring teams together and test their skills in different areas. You will be locked in a room and given a limited time to solve puzzles, riddles and challenging quests to escape. Only by working well together, communicating effectively and using your problem-solving skills can you find the way out.

Communication and teamwork

One of the most important aspects of a successful Escape Room escape is communication. Your team must constantly share information, exchange ideas and discuss strategies to move forward. It is essential to listen carefully to each other, to communicate clearly and to allocate tasks efficiently. By working together and supporting each other, you can overcome the challenges and eventually escape.

Problem-solving way of thinking

Escape Rooms challenge your team to sharpen their problem-solving skills. You are faced with complex puzzles, cryptic clues and challenging riddles that require logical thinking and creativity. It is important to think out-of-the-box, to make connections between different elements and to explore new perspectives to arrive at the solutions.

Exitement and sensation

Escape Rooms provide an adrenaline pumping experience. As time ticks down, feel the pressure build and the excitement build as your team works their way through the puzzles. The feeling of satisfaction and relief when you finally leave the room is indescribable.


3. Salsa Dancing:

Let the rhythm flow through your veins and take the energy to the next level with a rousing one salsa dance workshop. This activity is not only fun, but also a great way to strengthen team spirit and create a positive atmosphere. At Flitz Events we provide a professional salsa dance instructor who will guide your team in learning the basic steps, discovering the sensuality of the dance and enjoying the joy of dancing together.

Company outing Small Group - Salsa dancing

A vibrant dance experience

Salsa is a lively dance style that originated in Latin America. It combines passion, rhythm and movement in an exciting dance experience. Our experienced dance instructor will take your team on a journey through the world of salsa, teaching them the basic steps and techniques. Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never danced salsa before, this workshop is suitable for all levels. It's all about having fun, letting yourself go to the music and feeling the energy of the group.

Team building through dance

Salsa dancing is more than just moving to music. It requires cooperation, trust and alignment with the partner. During the workshop you will find that your team members have to rely on each other, support each other and work together to master the dance routine. This promotes team spirit, improves communication skills and strengthens the bond between colleagues.

Increased energy and positive mood

Salsa dancing brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm. The exciting rhythm, the fast movements and the interaction with your dance partner provide increased energy and a positive atmosphere. Dancing and having fun together creates a sense of togetherness and eases any tension or stress from work. It's a great way to break the daily routine and let team members relax and enjoy themselves.

Creative self-expression

Salsa dancing also offers an opportunity for creative self-expression. As you learn the basic steps, you can put your own personality and style into the dance. This encourages individual expression and gives team members room to express themselves on the dance floor. It promotes self-confidence, stimulates creativity and creates a sense of empowerment.


4. Workshop Pimping Clogs:

Step into the colorful world of the Workshop Pimpen Clogs, where creativity and tradition come together. This unique and fun activity is a great way to let your team explore their artistic skills and experience a piece of Dutch culture at the same time. At Flitz Events we offer a special workshop where your team gets the chance to pimp authentic clogs and go home with a personalized work of art at the end of the day.

Company outing Small Group - Workshop clogs pimping

Tradition meets creativity

Wooden shoes have been a characteristic symbol of the Netherlands for centuries. They not only have a rich historical background, but are also functional and durable. During the Workshop Clogs Pimping we combine these traditional shoes with a creative twist. Your team members will have the chance to transform the raw clogs into unique works of art that reflect their personality and style.

Discover your creative side

The workshop starts with a short introduction about the history and significance of wooden shoes in the Netherlands. Then we immediately start pimping the clogs. We offer different colors of paint, brushes, stencils and other decorative materials for your team to personalize their clogs. Whether it's painting with colorful patterns, adding personal text or creating detailed images, the possibilities are endless.

Teamwork and cooperation

Collaboration is essential during the Wooden Shoes Pimping Workshop. Your team members can inspire each other, share ideas and help each other create their masterpiece. It is a great opportunity to strengthen team spirit and experience how a joint effort can lead to great results. Plus, working toward a common goal can improve your team's communication and problem-solving skills.

A personal keepsake

At the end of the workshop, each team member will take home his or her personalized clogs. This unique souvenir will serve as a lasting reminder of the shared creative experience and strengthen the team bond. It can be displayed as a decoration, worn on special occasions or even serve as a practical and unique gift.

A bridge between tradition and modernity

The Wooden Shoes Pimping Workshop is not only a fun activity, but also an opportunity to experience the rich traditions of the Netherlands while exploring modern artistic expression. It is a bridge between the past and the present, combining the old craft of clog making with contemporary creativity.

Show your team their creative side and enjoy a unique experience with the Workshop



Discover the healing power of yoga and bring a sense of calm, relaxation and well-being to your team's life. With a yoga session you offer a great activity that not only promotes physical and mental health, but also relieves work-related stress. At Flitz Events, we provide professional yoga instructors to guide your team through an invigorating and rejuvenating yoga experience.

Company Outing Small Group - Yoga

A moment of rest and relaxation

For centuries, yoga has been a practice aimed at balancing the mind and body. It combines gentle movements, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve a deep state of relaxation and calmness. With a yoga session you give your team the opportunity to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience a moment of peace and relaxation.

Promoting well-being and health

Yoga has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. The gentle movements and poses stretch and strengthen the body, improve flexibility and promote good posture. In addition, yoga helps to regulate breathing, reduce stress and calm the mind. Practicing yoga regularly can help your team members experience better overall health and well-being.

Stress relief and mindfulness

Work-related stress is something many people deal with. With yoga, you can provide your team members with the tools and techniques to manage stress and find a healthy balance. The combination of movement, breathing and mindfulness helps to calm the nervous system, relax the mind and reduce stress hormones. This contributes to a more positive state of mind, clear thinking and better concentration.

Team building and connection

Yoga can also serve as a team-building activity that strengthens bonding. Participating in a yoga session together creates a sense of belonging and togetherness. Sharing the experience, supporting each other in the different attitudes and working together towards a common goal promotes team spirit and a sense of belonging.


A smaller group means more room for interaction and collaboration, making these activities the perfect choice for small teams. You can trust that Flitz Events will provide a memorable experience that promotes collaboration and fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities does Flitz Events offer for company outings with small groups?
    Flitz Events offers a diverse range of activities that are perfect for small group company outings. Think of interactive team building games, creative workshops, sporting challenges, and thematic treasure hunts. They are designed to increase interaction and engagement within the group.
  • What are the advantages of a small group company outing?
    A small group company outing offers an intimate and personalized experience. It enables participants to work more closely with each other, receive individual attention and build strong bonds. In addition, the activities can be better tailored to the specific needs and interests of the group.
  • Which locations are suitable for company outings with small groups?
    Flitz Events has a wide range of locations available for small group company outings. This can vary from inspiring city centers and beautiful natural environments to atmospheric indoor locations. The choice of location depends on the preferences of the group and the type of activity chosen.
  • Can Flitz Events adapt the company outing to the specific needs of our small group?
    Absolute! Flitz Events understands that every group is unique. They can fully adapt the company outing to the specific needs and wishes of the small group. Whether it concerns a specific activity, a certain theme or a special duration, Flitz Events ensures that the company outing fits perfectly with the group.
  • Does Flitz Events also offer catering options for small group company outings?
    Yes, Flitz Events cooperates with various restaurants and beach bars for catering during company outings with small groups. They ensure that the participants can enjoy delicious meals, snacks and drinks at attractive locations that perfectly match the setting and theme of the company outing.