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Company party

Have a company party organized by Flitz Events?

If you want to organize a company party with your organization, you may want more than just a fun party with food, drinks and music. Company parties will become an absolute top experience when you let us organize your company event completely. We offer your organization entertainment of the highest level and take everything off your hands. From invitation to cleaning up. We are involved in your organization, creative in coming up with parties and have an enormous network and experience in organizing these types of parties. By using our professional employees and partners, we can organize an incredibly beautiful company party for you, which will be talked about years later and which everyone will remember with great pleasure. Take here contact without obligation.

An unforgettable experience!

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Organization of the company party

From the start that you engage us to organize the company party for your organization, we will work closely with you. For example, it is important for us to know what the target group is how this target group is composed. What is your objective for the party and how do you want it to be implemented, for example, in the entertainment and catering? The organization of the company party is completely customized and, if desired, is completely tailored to your company. Based on all matters that are important to your company, we will devise a complete party and put together a scenario. After the scenario has been completed and worked out, we will go through the scenario with you. This is important because there are still things that can be changed, added or deleted. When you give your approval after this, we will roll out the scenario and engage all necessary parties. We will instruct our skilled professionals to start organizing your company party. During the organization we will always maintain contact when necessary. Your guests will really lack nothing and the whole party will go exactly as agreed.

Company party activities are all kinds of activities that can take place during a company party. They are intended to make the party fun and unforgettable for the employees and to strengthen the team spirit. There are plenty of activities to choose from depending on the size of the party, budget and personal preferences of the employees.

Some examples of activities are:

  • Music and dance
  • Games and quizzes
  • Outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing or hiking
  • cooking workshops
  • escape rooms
  • Creative workshopssuch as painting or glassblowing

Some examples of company party ideas are:

  • A formal dinner or reception
  • An informal barbecue or buffet
  • A themed party, such as a carnival or a Hollywood gala
  • A sports game or tournament
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Christmas outing

Different wishes

Would you like to organize an unparalleled company party with fantastic workshops, a spectacular show or just delicious food and drinks. Everything is possible. This way we can provide a fully catered gala dinner at a location chosen by you. But even if you prefer to throw a dance party with different deejays with an opportunity to eat and drink, we can organize that very well. No wish is too crazy for us and we have never failed to achieve anything. If we cannot fulfill your wishes in any way, we will of course indicate this immediately in advance. But even if you have no explicit wishes and leave the organization completely to us, you can be sure that you will get a party of an unprecedented high level.


When you choose Flitz events to have your planned company party organized, you know that you are engaging an organization that is full of creativity. We now know very well how we can surprise your staff and what we need to do to give them a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Of course our creativity does not stop at just coming up with a theme and location for the party. The type of entertainment and any apparent side issues will also be carefully thought out and selected. But even if you have a creative idea yourself, we can fit it into your party. Let our professional and inspiring crew surprise you and together we will turn it into an unforgettable party.

Organize company parties

Where most companies in the event industry stop, we go that extra mile. Because your organization deserves only the best of the best, we will do everything we can to organize the perfect party for you. It is not for nothing that many companies and organizations have their most important parties organized by us more than once. Organizing events is our core business and therefore we know exactly what to do to give you and your company an unparalleled experience. A party in a very stylish way that you and your employees will talk about for a long time to come. Feel free to contact us to have your company party organized by us.

Organize a company party at your own location 

Flitz events is a professional event agency that specializes in organizing company parties. The Flitz events team has extensive experience in planning and executing all kinds of parties, from small, intimate gatherings to large, spectacular events.

At Flitz events, they understand how important it is to make a company party a success. It is not only a way to celebrate that the company has been successful, but also to strengthen the team spirit and reward the employees for their hard work. That's why they take the time to listen to the wishes and needs of the customer and offer professional advice to make the party a success.

Flitz events has a wide range of locations to choose from, from party rooms and hotels to unique outdoor locations. In addition, they offer a wide range of catering options, from formal dining to informal buffets or barbecues. They also provide entertainment such as music and dance, games or other activities.

If you want to have the company party organized by Flitz events, all you have to do is indicate your wishes and they will arrange the rest for you. They will make sure that the party is organized professionally and that everything runs smoothly, so that you and your employees can enjoy an unforgettable evening.

In summary, Flitz events is a professional event agency that specializes in organizing company parties. They offer a wide range of venues and catering options and provide professional advice and support to make the party a success. If you want to have the company party organized by Flitz events, all you have to do is indicate your wishes and they will arrange the rest for you.

Organize your own company party

Organizing a company party / staff party can be a fun and challenging task. It's a way to celebrate the company's success and to show how much the hard work of the employees is appreciated. It is also a good opportunity to strengthen team spirit and to get to know new colleagues better.

There are a number of things that you should take into account when organizing a company party. Firstly, it is important to find a suitable location. This could be a banquet hall, a hotel, or even an out-of-town venue, depending on the size of the party and budget.

Then you have to think about the program of the party / company outing. For example, this could consist of a welcome speech from the management, a dinner, music and dance, games or other activities. It is also important to take into account the wishes and needs of the employees, so that the party is fun for everyone.

Also don't forget to arrange what there will be food and drink. This can be a formal dinner, or for example a buffet or a barbecue. It is also recommended to offer drinks such as wine, beer or cocktails.

Finally, it is important to send out the invitations on time, so that employees know what to expect and can prepare for the party. It's also helpful to keep a list of who's coming so you have an idea of ​​how many people to expect.

In summary, organizing a company party is a fun and challenging task. By taking into account the location, the program, the food and drinks and the invitations, you can ensure that the party is a success for everyone. It's a way to celebrate the company's success and to strengthen the team spirit.