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Do you want to organize an original company outing on the beach? Then you are at the right place.

The summer season is starting again and many companies are allowed to organize their well-deserved company outing.

Cared for for years Flitz events beach events in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hook of Holland. Sporty, creative and adventurous beach events and activities along the beautiful South Holland coast.

The beach is what is central to Beach events. On the beach with your bare feet in the sand, Flitz event will provide the company outing that will remain etched in your memory for a long time!

On Scheveningen beach you will find our unique beach location with cozy light blue houses and a large atmospheric terrace. Experience the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the different company outings yourself.

Beach events activities

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beach events:

Are you looking for an adventurous and challenging outing for your staff party, company outing or bachelor party? Do the words sun, sand, fun, sports and relaxation appeal to you? Then you are at the right place at Flitz events!

Flitz-events is specialized in awesome beach events tailor-made for you. Flitz events has been providing events for companies, families, bachelor parties and friends for more than 15 years. This way we can provide a suitable beach event for every target group. We offer our beach events in different ways, a proposed beach day package or your beach events completely composed for you.
Why a beach event as a company outing?

Looking for a suitable company outing remains difficult every year. Every year you have the same questions and thoughts, does everyone like this enough? Is there room for everyone? Are the activities accessible to all colleagues? Of course, these always remain some minor pain points when organizing for your company outing.

  1. That is why we have a number of reasons why you should go for a beautiful beach event!
    1. Feel free!
    Nature has a pleasant effect on everyone. Feet in the sand, view of our beautiful North Sea. And of course get a breath of fresh air. What could be better than being outside?
  2. The Holiday Feeling!
    On the beach away from the daily grind, just nothing. During this beach event, that free holiday feeling just comes along for 1 day. Rest for mind, body and soul!
  3. The best events
    The beach is the perfect backdrop for fun events such as a sporty beach volleyball tournament or a challenging Robinson crusoe survival challenge. The beach offers endless possibilities for team building or a fun creative challenge. Do you dare to take the raft and brave the North Sea? Or rather enjoy a cozy cocktail workshop with colleagues!
    Your beach event can contain all kinds of fun! Accessible to everyone, sporty as well as non-sporty. Choose from multiple activities to keep every participant happy.
  4. Beach festival
    Your beach event is of course not completely complete without a nice dinner or a delicious BBQ. We work together with various beach clubs and restaurants to put together the perfect package for you regarding snacks and drinks.
    Enjoy a cocktail after a sporting activity or a nice satay from the BBQ. Everything is possible on the beach! Of course your beach event does not have to end after dinner or BBQ, we can also provide a nice ending through a nice beach party!
    Together with you we take up the challenge to take care of your beach event down to the last detail.
    You wonder: What does such a beach day look like? We have put together a number of sample packages. Not completely satisfied yet? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we provide a day to remember!

Enthusiastic? Below you can find some nice beach events.
Sun and Fun Package
Soak up the sun with a fun beach volleyball tournament, competing against other teams to win. After the sporting tournament, we transition into a fun creative challenge with a graffiti spray workshop. Of course, the order of your beach event can also be determined. Starting with creative and ending with sporty is also possible!
Sporty and creative optimally combined so that each participant can contribute.
Relax and enjoy package
We start the day with a fun creative activity: sand sculptures, after everyone has released their creativity on a beautiful sand artwork, we continue with a relaxed cocktail workshop.
Who doesn't want to enjoy the sun with a homemade cocktail?

Get hard, play hard package
The name says it all: Work hard, play hard.
We start the day with a challenge Robinson Crusoe activity, in different teams you compete against each other with this wildly popular game. Will you be the Robinson of the beach?
After everyone has survived the Robinson, we move on to an activity where fun is of paramount importance: The Pub quiz show! Your participants will be divided into different teams where they will receive all kinds of difficult questions and crazy assignments. This guarantees a high level of fun. During this beach event you can also enjoy a snack and/or drink. play hard!