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beach tennis Scheveningen
  • Sportive
  • For everyone accessible
  • Fun
  • Teambuilding

One of those super fun outings from Flitz Events: Beach tennis Scheveningen! Enjoy a sporty activity on the beach with your friends, family or colleagues. Beach tennis is an exciting combination of beach volleyball and tennis and of course you play it on the beach. We organize this outing for groups of friends, but also as a company outing. You can also combine Beach tennis with our other great activities on the beach or on the water. Do you want to do team building? Beach tennis is also very suitable.

This is included in the beach tennis

If you are going to play Beach tennis at Flitz Events, we will ensure that your playing field on the beach is in perfect order. You play Beach tennis in Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland, but also at another location in consultation. We start with the reception and the introduction, after which the instructions follow. The whole is led by a professional supervisor who can also keep track of the points for you. Of course we provide a nice prize for the winning team and we provide a cozy prize giving. We can further decorate the event with drinks and snacks, with a meal and/or with other fun activities.


  • For everyone accessible
  • teambuilding


Group from 10 people20
Group from 25 people15
Group from 50 people12,50
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Activity + BBQ + 3 drinks50,- pp

Put together your own package!

From € 12.50 pp
If you are on the road with each other and are going to do something fun such as playing Beach tennis, then it is of course even more fun to eat and drink well. Moments to catch up, share experiences or make plans. Good food and drinks are part of almost every party; whether with family, friends or colleagues. At Flitz Events you can organize a morning, afternoon or evening, but also a whole day. We provide, of course in consultation with you, delicious food and drinks. Coffee and cake, an extensive lunch, drinks or dinner and even a barbecue on the beach are possible.


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Collect on location
Short introduction
Start Beach tennis tournament
Short break
Award ceremony
End of program

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Peter van Wallen
November 4 2021
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Very nice, I never expected to do this!
Linda Wijgers
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Had a great day with Flitz events at their Winter Games!
Charlotte van der Boeg
November 4 2021
Icon check green
I really had the feeling of team building with my colleagues!
"Really great fun, never expected that I would do this!"

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  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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Beach tennis (2)

  • With how many people is beach tennis played?
    Beach Tennis is played with a maximum of 3 people per team.
  • Where can I play beach tennis?
    We provide beach tennis on the beach at various locations of your choice

Where can you play beach tennis?

Would you like to try beach tennis or are you looking for a location to practice for a tournament? Come and play beach tennis on the beach of Scheveningen

Game information Beach tennis

Beach tennis is played in doubles with a beach tennis pallet without strings. The game is played on a sand surface of 16 by 8 meters with a net at a height of 1.70 meters. The ball, slightly lighter than a tennis ball, should not bounce and the scoring is similar to the classic tennis game, but at 40-40 you play the decisive point.

How do you play Beach tennis

You play Beach tennis with two groups (or with 2 or 4 people) who compete against each other. On a field of 16 by 18 meters with a net in the middle. Pretty much like regular tennis. Each participant receives a special beach tennis racket that is played with. The scoring works almost the same as with regular tennis, so it's simple. The rules of the game will be explained to you in advance, but the game is not exactly complicated so everyone can participate immediately. Very exciting! Very nice to play with the family or as a bachelor party. You can easily combine Beach tennis with beach volleyball or Boeren Beach Golf, but you can of course also do great activities on the water. Of course we also organize a snack and a drink so that you are sure of a very pleasant outing.

Beach tennis as a bachelor party

Being sporty with each other is in great demand bachelorette party. Logical because playing a game together guarantees fun and sociability. Beach tennis is suitable for bachelor parties for men but also for women. Want to have a nice drink or something to eat afterwards? We are happy to arrange that. You can also play other beach games or take to the water for even more excitement and fun. Got tired? We also organize great workshops, both indoors and outdoors, such as painting, making jewelry, building a mega kite or a cocktail shaking course.

Beach tennis as a team building outing

Due to the combination of playing together in a team and the teams competing against each other, Beach tennis is very suitable as a team building outing. Very nice to do with the entire department or with, for example, a project team. This way you get to know each other quickly and also get to know completely new sides of each other. Who is good at working together, who takes the lead or who can motivate others very well? During a team building outing, these kinds of characteristics can be revealed more quickly. In addition, it is of course good for the group feeling to do things together and to share a bit of fun with each other. Feel free to contact Flitz Events if you want to organize a fun and sporty teambuilding outing. In addition to Beach tennis, we have many more suitable team building activities. How about escaping from a trembling environment, for example? Or play the very popular Robinson Crusoe on the beach where all possible parts are on the program.

Playing on the beach

The beach is the perfect place to play together. For example, making sand sculptures with the sand itself during an awesome workshop. The beach is also ideal for sporting games. Beach tennis and Beach volleyball are great fun to play in groups, but kiting is also fantastic. Check out the Flitz Events site to see what is possible and contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to organize the perfect outing for you.

Get to know beach tennis Scheveningen

Beach Tennis is a fun and popular sport that is gaining popularity. It is a variation on the classic tennis game, but played on the beach. In Beach Tennis, two players or two teams are pitted against each other on a smaller court with a lower net top.

There are many benefits to playing Beach Tennis. First, it is a fun and relaxing activity that anyone can do, regardless of age or fitness level. In addition, it is a good way to promote team building because playing Beach Tennis requires cooperation and communication.

Playing Beach Tennis on the beach also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful sea view. This makes playing Beach Tennis even more appealing and a great way to relax and enjoy nature.

There are several ways to play Beach Tennis, such as in a tournament or scrimmage format. This offers the opportunity to mix different levels of players and make sure everyone stays engaged.

All in all, Beach Tennis is a fun and unique way to enjoy tennis on the beach. It is an activity that everyone can enjoy and is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who take part in it.

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