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The top 10 outings in Scheveningen

April 22, 2024
10 minutes

Discover the Ultimate Adventures in Scheveningen with Flitz Events

Are you looking for a day full of adventure and fun in vibrant Scheveningen? At Flitz-Events we roll out the red carpet for unforgettable activities near the Scheveningen Pier. Dive into our top 10 outings in Scheveningen, carefully curated to ensure everyone from adrenaline junkies to creative souls have a fantastic time.

1. Power kiting:

Feel the Power of the Wind! Let yourself be carried away by the power of the wind during a session power kiting. Under the expert guidance of our instructors, you will learn how to control the kite and experience an adrenaline rush like never before.

Powerkiting Scheveningen3

2. Robinson Crusoe:

Survive the Elements! Dive into the world of Robinson Crusoe and test your survival skills. The Robinson Crusoe is one of the most famous activities in Scheveningen! This adventurous game focuses on complex puzzles, physical challenges and teamwork! It is therefore an ideal activity to do in Scheveningen.

Top 10 company outings - Robinson Expedition

3. Beach sailing:

Speed ​​over the sand. Experience the unique sensation of sand yachting, where you race across the beach, propelled by the wind. A perfect mix of speed and agility awaits you.

4. Cocktail Workshop:

Shake, stir and enjoy! Discover the secrets of cocktail shaking in our interactive workshop. Mix and match ingredients to create your perfect cocktail.

Cool Company Outings - Cocktail workshop

5. Sand sculpture workshop:

Unique works of art. Discover the artist within you with our sand sculpture workshop. Together with professional sculptors you transform sand into impressive sculptures.

sand sculpture workshop

6. Zipline from the Pier:

Breathtaking heights. Experience the ultimate thrill with the zipline from the Pier. Soar high above the beach and sea for unparalleled views and an unforgettable experience.

Interested? Take a look at them on the website!

7. Salsa workshop:

Dance into the sunset. Let yourself be guided by the rhythm of the salsa during our dance workshop on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen. Whether the sun shines or the clouds dominate, the warm sounds of salsa always provide summer vibes.

salsa workshop scheveningen

8. Djembe workshop:

Rhythms that connect! Let yourself be carried away by the stirring rhythms of the African djembe. This workshop is ideal for team building or just a fun afternoon with friends.

9. Gin & tonic tasting:

Discover new flavors. Immerse yourself in the world of gin and tonic with our refined tasting. Taste, experiment and find your favorite combination in the world of these trendy drinks.

10.Beach camp:

Competition and fun on the beach! Test your skills and teamwork with us Beach Camp, a collection of challenging and hilarious beach games.


Not just any activities

At Flitz-Events it is about the total experience. We offer a complete package, including catering options at local beach bars and restaurants. Regardless of the type of event – ​​from company outings to children's parties and bachelor parties – we are ready to organize an unforgettable day.

For more information, program adjustments or bookings, visit our website or direct contact with us. Step into the world of Flitz-Events and get ready for an adventure in Scheveningen that you will not soon forget!

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